13 December 2009

and the wiener is...

#4. Reed Tomes
We used the random number generator to determine the winner
(if you don't believe us we can email a picture of the screen)

Thanks for participating in the give away!

This product should excite you...it's magic

Just sprinkle a little directly on your hair and mold however you like. If you have a sweaty head, it won't drip on your face. It has a nice natural matte finish and won't look crispy. This will add texture and volume to your hair to make you feel like David Bowie in Labyrinth

Picture obviously taken from google

Here's the rest of your stuff still working on your mixtape (cd)
with love from Bueno Bueno!
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Kassi said...

oh bummer i think i was one away from winning! darn.

congrats to you though, reed! i think the david bowie do will look great!

thanks for the chance to win a fantastic giveaway ladies! :-)

KC said...

How do you make the polaroid pictures on your blog?
- KC

kelbo brite said...

nice. and who doesn't wanna feel like david bowie in labrynth? ;) kick a$$ brandi, fun reading the comments, etc -kelly

BuenoBueno said...

hey guys thanks for participating!
Dont worry I'll have more giveaways soon!

poladroid.net is how i get the polaroid images! its so fun:)

David Bowie rocks!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your lovely blog and than I've found this post with the title "and the wiener is", which made me laugh out loud, since I'm from Austria and people living in Vienna (=Wien) are called Wiener :D
anyway (I have a strange sense of humor)
Lovely greetings from Austria