14 December 2009

my christmas list.

I have been dying to see this for sooooooooooooooooooo long! I cant wait to get it! (Hint Hint Jacob.)

how cute are these. Kelly and I are working on Bueno Bueno paper dolls.


i went ahead and bought this! it was only $14

the lil earphones that go inside your ears never fit bc mine are too small. I want these Neff ones bad!
more film for my instax! i love my camera!

I want another added to my collection.

Gocco please.

Stamps from BRANCH i registered here when we got married last year bc  this site has tons of wonderful things. These items are under $30. Wouldn't these make great stocking stuffers.

You can never own too many pairs of Toms shoes. Good Cause. You buy a pair and a child somewhere in the world gets a pair bc of your purchase! We love this concept so much that we even wore them on our wedding day. Sorry Mommy.
I don't care if I dont recieve any of these for Christmas because that's not the point. My favorite thing about Christmas is Love, and Giving, Hot Cocoa, Christmas songs, Joy, Family, The happiness in the air, putting a smile on someones face, Getting the perfect gift for someone, lights, decorations, making gingerbread houses, friends from out of town and most important Jesus!

 I just made this post for fun and to give you some ideas of whats out there for your loved ones.
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Kassi said...

i LOVE your wedding pic at the end! and i love the stamps! great gift ideas, great post.

my favorite thing about christmas is being with family and the joy that is in the air during the season... and most importantly that a child was born to save us from our sins.

i'm hoping for a sewing machine, boots, a coat and some fab hair products that i recently just heard about ;-)

i'm making, some coasters, tube scarves, phone cases, brooches, sunglass cases and lots and lots of ornaments... i'm not sure what i'm buying yet. i'm the ultimate procrastinator!

one of my favorite traditions is eating chocolate covered cherries and drinking lots of champagne and sparkling cider (for the kiddos), i also love making my famous gourmet nine cheese mac and cheese.... sooo good!

fun post brandi!

my name is lauren. said...

ummmm... first.... bueno bueno paper dolls sound amazing. can't wait to see them.

also...i want those rubber stamps. so cute!

your wedding pic is beautiful! love the toms. love the dress. love everything. you are adorable.

as for your questions:

*my favorite thing about christmas is watching the looks on people's faces when they open a gift i've put a lot of time/thought into.

*i am hoping for a lot of things clothing related, but we're not doing christmas presents, so it's not in the cards

*i'm making french press cozies, headbands, tote bags, and gift certificates for the "baked good of the month club" (all baked goods baked by me!).

*my favorite tradition is going to watch a movie on christmas day and eating way to much clam dip prior to christmas dinner :).

thanks for this. enjoyed your list!

my name is lauren. said...


you're officially an award winner....a silly one i made up. it's on my blog. check it out!

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

So, I am wondering about your instax?! Which one do you have and would you recommend them?! I have been DYING to find a camera like this b/c I think they will be fun one day when my sons are older and then can look back at these pictures...sorry...I digress :) Okay...instax?!?! Do you LOVE it? I need to tell my husband ASAP if I am going to get it!

My fav thing about Christmas is telling my 2 1/2 year old about what Christmas really is and him actually getting it! I have a feeling it will be watching him open his real guitar on Christmas morning too...and then watching my 2 1/2 year old tell his little brother about Jesus' birthday! It'll melt your heart, just wait till you guys have your own!

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

PS: I'm making these embroidered kitchen towels (simple birds and a last name on them)...I also made some ornaments with my son-he painted them and we will be giving them as Christmas gifts! He wanted to decorate the tree with birds this year...I couldn't find our ornaments so...I made some little birds to put all over the tree in he and his brother's room (Eli and Noah)!

Your list is awesome! Next year I need to do that...my hubs would be very thankful! :)

BuenoBueno said...

i hope yall get everything yall want!
we were not going to do presents either but then i cracked...i always buy things for my loved ones!
And yes I love the instax. totally worth it!
i have the one in the picture. its white and i got it at urban outfitters.
girls i just love that yall are so creative!
im so hungry now!
love Brandi