10 December 2009

my usual do. how to get beach hair without the beach.

this is my favorite look. simple, pretty, fast, texturized, beachy waves.  My clients keep telling me that they can never get their hair to look like this when they attempt it.....so maybe this will help.
1. after letting hair air dry or blow out pour dime size amt of moroccan oil into palm and rub into hands before applying to ends of hair. DONT APPLY TO SCALP. We have enough oil there.

Grab random small sections of hair and curl from top...you may leave ends out for more edge or curl all the way down for softer look.
Curl away from face. Other areas can be curled in different directions.

I spray this sea salt spray all over my hair before and after bc im obsessed!
It adds texture, volume, and hold for various hairstyles without the nasty feeling. Creates the" Beachy Look" smells amazing! Travel size aquage products save my life!

Last step(optional) sprinkle Osis dust it waxing powder (i call it magic dust)
you can mold your hair however you want with this, or make it as big as you want!
The guys love this product on their hair too! I love this bc you know when you wash your hair and its fluffy and too clean? well this helps with that problem!

A lot of my clients travel as much as I do so it's important to have travel size products for them. Its also a good way to try a product out before buying the bigger size.
Hope this helps you guys out when getting ready for your day. I think I'm going to do more of these how to's along with how to videos on different simple hairstyles.
Only a couple more days to enter HAIR PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!! We will announce winner this weekend.
Im working all day so Ill post my california trip soon... It was super fun and productive just what I needed!
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Kassi said...

okay. i'm buying all those products! what is the second one called? and where do i buy all of these? i want, i need, i have to have!

glad you are home safe! looking forward to the pics!

my name is lauren. said...

glad you're back!

your hair looks awesome! you need to do some youtube video action for some of these tutorials. these products sound awesome though. i need to try these.

Lindsay said...

Love it :) Confession: I stole ocean water to spray in my hair. Man, move your salon to Phoenix. I'll be the first in line... for a do and an application!

Jamie said...

yes please more instructions on how to do hair!!! i loveee this!

Cristin said...

oh man, i love morrocan oil! my mom gave me a bottle over the summer and i would have to list it in my top favs...now i need to enter in your giveaway!

Rannie said...

I can't decide which is prettier... you or that new tatooooo.
duh.. you!

S and O said...

oh that hair style is so neat! gosh I've been looking for something new to do with my hair, gonna have to try this for sure!!
Thanks for sharing:)

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks guys! the 2nd one is Aquage sea salt spray. I love it! You can buy them in salons or maybe ulta not sure...i buy mine at a place where i get all my supplies and you have to have hair license:(
If you cant find them in your area let me know and you can paypal me an ill ship them!
Stealing ocean water! genius! I was just in pheonnix but at the airport only.
I will def be posting more of these:) being a girl is fun dont ya think!

CaL said...

okay...i'm so buying allll of these! you've inspired me to grow my hair out again too! i loved my beach blond hair! great hair tutorial! =)

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