20 January 2010

coconut records video contest.

i love coconut records music.
 when i heard there was a music video contest i called my friend micah of serial box studios to see if he wanted to help with it. PROJECT! i love projects. he called back excited and brought our friends trey and ryan along for the fun. i told him to write down three songs he liked and i would do the same to decide on the perfect song. we both had the same song for our first choice and kinda told each other what we envisioned. so there you go. that was easy. we all wanted it to look like an old video (think wonder years). there was only 3 things i specified
1. campfire sesh
2. my uncle doing a handstand on a skateboard and us just hanging out skating.
3. and a lil shot of the barber shop that was in the movie rushmore. (by the way the owner of that barber shop was so rad. he even showed me on original board that he found)
the rest of the ideas came easy and it was awesome cause we all just fed off of eachother.

so i called my family up and asked them to come over for a grill out sesh and they were in. all i had to do was a lil decorating like.... made a teepee with random sheets and scraps that i had, used huge  stencils for the song title,  put up an old christmas tree that was lying in the back yard, hung knitted garland, played instruments, hung up lights and wore feathers. we just had the cameras rolling while we sang, danced, hung out, ate yummy grilled food. best night in a long time.
tee pee inspiration from rachels blog over at smile and wave. her's is legit!
next day we all went skating in the heights, got kicked off a highschool lawn. boo. super fun!great footage. some people couldnt come bc they had to work but thats ok. and jacob didnt get to skate with us bc he was off to atlanta with trav. next time, next video guys.

I hope that i get to do more projects with serial box and hopefully they will let me intern with them so i learn their mad editing skillz. trey, ryan, and micah thank you so much. y'all filmed & mashed this up just as i imagined it!
I hope you enjoy this video. please let me know what you think. if you have any questions just ask:)

***for 2 extra entries on giveaway blog or tweet about this video:)****
we would love it if you could vote for our video. im not sure how the contest works?
VOTE HERE PLEASE. I am young music video.
you have to click on "join group"
which means sign up for a youtube account if you dont already have one
then click on the "discussion" button under the video
to the right of "info"
then a link pops up that says" love it" or "hate it"



taylor said...

good job b! and your duders did a good job too. hope ya win.

Lindsay said...

Awesome! :) Your group of friends seems great, I wish I could hang out with you all!

We want to do a video for our save the date. I hope it turns out this good.


Dani said...

B-That was AMAZING! loved it! I'm a Coconut Records fan too, so I hope you guys win this!

Pretty In Pink Boutique. said...

waaaapowwww! me likey!

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Well im freain impressed you guys are amazing! loooved it. You gotta make more! i love it! and that song is amazing too! Booyaaa!

Amanda Pearl Shires said...


BuenoBueno said...
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BuenoBueno said...

thanks so much guys!
we ahd a blast
not sure how it works but if you could vote maybe that would help our chances:)
yall are the best!

Kassi said...

oh my goodness brandi! i love it! dan and ty just watched it with me and dan was like 'did she film this? did she come up with this?' he was quite impressed as am i!

what great family and friends you have... but you already know that.

i hope you win! where/how/can we vote? maybe i missed that part of the post... i'll go back and read it again.

great job! love love it!


chelseybell. said...

so beautiful :).

you guys would totally have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up. Great music,greater camera work, but the greatest acting ever. 5stars!!!!

Danica. said...

WICKED video!! I loved it, so rad!

Eden Marie said...

wow, it seriously turned out great!!

BuenoBueno said...

i was wrong. this is how you vote.
ou have to click on "join group"
which means sign up for a youtube account if you dont already have one
then click on the "discussion" button under the video
to the right of "info"
then a link pops up that says" love it" or "hate it"

sorry:( if your not too busy xo
thanks for the encouragement!

my name is lauren. said...

i ♥ your video. so rad.

KC said...

This video is amazing! I love the skateboarding theme which carries through with the rest of his videos. I think you should win! I don't know if I voted correctly I don't have a love it/ hate it link but I rated it a 5. Let me know if that's correct because I want to make sure you get my vote!

- KC

KC said...

Nevermind I figured it out! You got my vote for sure!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

That looks like it was so much fun, and I love the campfire party!

Cristin said...

This is awesome! You guys looked like you had a great time at the cookout also, what a fun time with friends! Reminds me of summer nights with our friends hanging outside with the guitar...

Rannie said...

Amy looks adorable!! as does everyone else.
Wish I could have been there x 1 million.
<3 <3 <3

RachelDenbow said...

Umm...blogging this today! SOOOO good.

BuenoBueno said...

I agree, Amy is stinking cute!

This was the so much fun to do. I'm so glad I have a fun family.


BuenoBueno said...

hey guys i decided you can gain 2 more entries on giveaway if you blog or tweet this:)

just let us know by sending a link.

Rachel im glad you like it! yay! still i wish my tee pee looked like yours.

Kara said...

Awesome video. I love Coconut Records :) Hope you win!!

my name is lauren. said...

i just signed up for a youtube account for the sole purpose of voting for your video. cause i love it. but mostly i just love you. thought you should know :).

p.s. i love that we have our mixie heritage in common!

A "cheery" disposition said...

wonderful job! Turned out amazing.

sandy said...

that was sooo great. it made me smile big time!!
seriously, i want to come live with you!
you, your friends and family are all lovely!!!!
i hope you win!!!!!

Dawn said...

okay, just call me lamo, but who the heck sings this song?? I must be missing something. I love it, video rocked. From someone who ain't young no more!

BuenoBueno said...

thanks guys the singer is
jason schwartzman of coconut records.
im glad yall like it:)
yall are the bomb!

misskristal said...

i love it! good job!