15 January 2010


It's that time again!
I love giveaways and I actually Just won a giveaway from Sandy's Blog so I thought I should keep this  giveaway streak going! 
This giveaway will include the following:
maybe you will get a fun little feather like the above photo of me and kel. just maybe.

3 Bueno Bueno Felt Polaroid Magnets. 

1 Bueno Bueno Feather Wrap. (variety of colors)
Clip it in your hair. I pin it around my pony tail or pin it to the hair near the back of my neck.
Wear it on your back belt loop.
Wrap it on your purse handle.
dangle it from your rear view mirror so you never forget it!

and last
Special Bueno Bueno Mix tape (CD)
P.S. i make really awesome mix tapes!!!!

1. MUST be a signed in follower. 
2. leave me your name, blog and email address 
3. tell me your favorite song/band
If you tweet this or mention it in your blog you will gain extra entries.
just send me a link and let me know you did so.
thanks for reading guys, you rock! i hope you love the items in this giveaway
i picked them out just for you.
oh and Kassi thinks i should post my you tube videos on here but i'm not gonna post them all because i don't want to scare you off.
videos give you a better idea of who a person is right?
this video is from a couple years ago in my old house. 
this is a typical hang sesh with me.
the back story is my landlord at the time saw this video somehow
and left me a me a voicemail telling me she knows i skate board in the house.

this is one of those so tired your delirious moments.
maybe ill post another next week.
if you have you tube videos sned me the link.

GAIN 2 more entries by blogging or tweeting music video.
you guys are seriously the best!


Dani said...

I'm eye-balling those Polaroid magnets. I love Polaroids! I blogged this and put it on my twitter b/c I'm weird like that.



MaryBeth Hughes said...

i love that first photo of you guys!! you're right, it is like the "camping" post i did the other day. love the feathers. happy weekend!

Green Feet Fitness said...

Cute blog ladies! I miss you, I will be coming to Houston in March (2nd weekend) let's meet up that Thursday the 11th if possible. Take care!

I want a feather! Maybe I will win your Giveaway!

One of my fav songs is Van Morrison : into the mystic

Violet Bella said...

that is hilarious, that looks just like me at home, except im usually alone!

im a dear follower!!!

oh, and my favorite song, that is a hard one...

Out on the weekend by Neil Young

Violet Bella said...

oh, and my email is:

and my blog:

A Perfect Peach said...

those polaroid magnets are brilliant!

kelbo brite said...

i hope you were duly punished for skateboarding your house. lol

my favorite song right now is called the mystery tide by my band bells and hunters

i don't have a blog although i have a blogger account so i could have one someday *kel

i'll retweet the link at bybutterflylite

Kassi said...

ahhhhh you posted a video - you're the best! post more! i love them... it gives such fun insight into the life of brandi and co... love it!

fun fun giveaway - i sooooo want to win!

OF COURSE i'm a follower...

do we post separate comments per entry?

i'm going to.... so this is the first

amy lapi said...

ooh super mucho cool!

Kara said...

My favorite song of all time, ever, is the Beatles' Ticket to Ride. It just brings back such awesome memories of hanging out with my dad when I was little.


Kara @ sunshine-cupcakes.com

Larissa said...

my favourite Band in the moment is Owl City and A fine frenzy- well maybe its more than ONE band. I´ve got no idea... my favourite music changes all the time :)



PS: I want to win! I want tooo !!

Lindsay Kling said...

What a great giveaway! I love the feathers, I want one hanging from my jetta's rearview mirror. :)My favorite song(s) would have to be Van Morrison, Into the Mystic, or, maybe Fleetwood Mac Gypsy.

Thanks so much for tagging me. My first tag! Woot woot! I'll post my random facts later this evening.

Happy Friday from Atlanta!

Lindsay :)

Kassi said...

entry two

i have a ton of favorites... but the one song i get SO excited to hear is Tainted Love by Soft Cell.... the BEST song to dance to, karaoke to, and just sing in your car to. i've loved it since i first heard it in the early 80's.....

BuenoBueno said...

hey ladies!
thanks for participating!
im excited to check out your favorite songs!
and remember to email me a pic of your favorite outfit!
for a post next week. ill link your blog to it:)

you will be seeing photos of the campfire sesh until i post the video we made...we have had so much fun with this music video contest!

Meghan said...

oh my goodness that video makes my heart ache with missing an old pal. thank you for sharing! i also lust after your teepee bonfire party!

i want the feather wrap! and i love those polaroid magnets. perhaps i'll get lucky?

i'm meghan.

my blog will not be up and running until feb., but when it is, i shall let you know!! it's going to be all about my thrifting adventures here in the midwest. very fun!

my favorite band? i adore classic rock, but it's hard to pick just one band and one song: i'll say tom petty, no second thoughts, tho.

thanks for all the inspiration!

. s h e r r y * said...

Those Polaroid magnets are CUTE. :) I follow through my Google account, but I don't use my blogspot anymore. (Blog link below!)

Current favourite song: Empire State of Mind. Makes me really want to go to New York...


Kassi said...

entry three

i blogged about your giveaway!

name is kassi
blog is bacwoodsfern
emai is kassiunderwood@hotmail.com

ps. you have great legs

Mich said...

SWEET giveaway!! I follow your blog on Google Reader but became a follower as well.
My favorite song/band - right now? I would say Bad Body Double by Imogen Heap.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Oooh, such a fun giveaway, and I really like the picture of you guys at the teepee! I've been a follower for a while now.

My favorite song of all time is Immigrant song by Led Zeppelin, and my current favorite band is You Say Party! We Say Die!, but that is subject to change every few months.

I'll be back later for my second entry after I blog about your giveaway!

theblondeonewhohikes said...

I love that first picture! So cute!

-Anndd I have A LOT of favorite songs but one that sticks out for some reason right now is "I Still Remember" by Bloc Party. :)))

Lindsay said...

Yay this is so awesome!!!
1. I'm of course a follower
2. Lindsay
Blog: http://www.bearypixie.blogspot.com/
E-mail: mezmerized814@aol.com
3. My fav band is not really a band but a singer, I LOVE Lady Gaga :)

Micaela said...

i'm delighted to have found you through danielle at Dinosaur Toes.

One fellow texas girl to another... j'adore your blog! and those Felt Polaroid Magnets are must-haves for my new home.

Micaela http://dolcevitamicaela.blogspot.com

favourite artist and man i have wanted to marry since 10 is ROBBIE WILLIAMS.

but recent favourite song is "make a name for me and you" by Rachael Cantu.

fabulous giveaway xo

my name is lauren. said...

you're cute.

you know my blog address, but my e-mail is:


this giveaway is the bees knees (stole the phrase from kass...i rather like it).

also...i think i was supposed to write my favorite song. my fave ever is:

"brick" by ben folds five. kinda depressing, but i'll always love it.

marisa said...

haa i just died laughing from your video! so fun.

my favorite song at the moment is "green butterfly" by maria taylor..so pretty!

i'm a follower, and i tweeted here...

oh yes, and email address is marisa.gonzales@gmail.com.

good luck everyone <3

Dani said...

Oh gosh, I completely forgot to tell you my favorite song/band! so sorry. My favorite band of the moment is Phoenix, but current favorite song is Wooden Arms by Patrick Watson. This is always such a hard question for me, I love so many bands. I have a top 5 that constantly rotate in the #1 spot.

lydia. said...

bahah, i love that your landlord called you about it.
cute video. you guys seem so fun. :)

i'm loving this giveaway.
such neat things!
i would have to say that my favorite song of the moment is "the world should revolve around me."
by little jackie.
it's just really empowering, all about knowing you are a special woman, and you don't need any crap in your life.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Entry #2. I blogged about your giveaway, even though I want it all for myself!

spicklebee said...

you look soo adorable in the that first pic. super cuteness.

hmm...favorite song is so hard for me because I love so many different bands for different reasons/moods. right now I've been loving "shelter from the storm" by bob dylan.

i seriously need a feather!!

woo hoo

chelsealocatelli at gmail dot com

biscuit said...


i like the song hello seattle.

Erika said...

I recently started following your blog after I was searching for mix CD swaps and stumbled upon it. It's pretty awesome to say the least.


My favorite song at the moment would be "Vox Celeste 5" by Deerhunter, but my favorite band is Pavement.

Tweeted about it here: http://twitter.com/Neon_Emulsion/status/7810082267

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Oops, I forgot to leave my email addy. It's kissparrotkiss@aol.com

taylah_ said...

i just found your blog, as in about 3 minutes ago, and i must say, its pretty AWESOME. ;)
Florence and the Machine is my favourite artist at the moment, and my song would be Dog Days Are Over, by her also.
That photo is so funa aswell, i love those headbands.

-taylah =]

sandy said...

ah the prizes are amazing!!! the feather is lovely!!!
here is my first entry:
I am for sure a follower!!!
my blog is http://whimsicalmee.blogspot.com

MissV said...

Yay for the mix tapes and polariod magnets!! I'm listening to Imelda May right now.. favorite song is Falling in love with you... again.
So sweet!

Amy said...


can't wait to win some fabby prizes, huh? my favorite song right now is Hallelujah, sung by Rufus Wainwright. I blogged about your givesaways right here: http://theartofhappy.blogspot.com/2010/01/giveaway-at-mucho-mucho-bueno-bueno.html
anddddd, my e-mail address is amy@cupcakemagazine.com


sandy said...

here is my second entry!!
picking a favorite song is a tuffy!!! but I would have to say you can call me al by paul simon is for sure one of my favs. I listen to it everyday to put myself in a good mood or to cheer myself up.

madison said...

Let's see my favorite band right now..... Oh yeah! Sonnymoon! they have this really funky sound and I'm friends with one of the people in the band! You can get their album for free here:

(i also blogged about you.)

I love those headdresses!!!


Marta said...

This is a great giveaway... I love my felt polaroids & could always use more...

no blog yet.. workin' on it

Favorite band/song.. tough one. how about earlier in the car I was feeling funky and listening to Brenton Woods - Oogum Boogum..

Chelseabird said...

I am definitely a follower!

My favorite band is Copeland (song will always be Coffee).

So excited for this!



KC said...

Hola Bueno Bueno!
My name is KC
No blog.... yet...
Favorite band? Wow this is so hard to choose one so I will list a few
Right now I really like Lykke Li, dance dance is my new theme song
Long time running favorite not really a band but two Dj's The Chemical Brothers (if you have not watched their videos you should really see The Salmon Dance, and Galvanize)
I love Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins album Rabbit Fur Coat
and just a few others
Wu Tang Clan always get's me going
Modest Mouse
I could go on forevers so I'll stop here.

jackiek said...

aw love your blog!

my favorite singer right now is Joshua Radin. so amazing <3

i'll be blogging this and putting it on my twitter!




thanks love! jackie

chelseybell. said...

oh man, loving the feathers.

my name's chelsey, i'm already a follower, my blog is chelseybellblahg.blogspot.com, and my email is cah425@live.missouristate.edu.

my favorite band would probably have to be pearl jam, and my favorite song of theirs is betterman.

Makenzie said...

Loove the feather!
Blog: peaceandquietandcupcakes.blogspot.com
My favorite song at the moment is "Tables and Chairs" by andrew bird. It always puts me in a good mood.
<3 Makenzie

Red Boots said...

Ooh, enter me please! I'm your newest follower, and loving your blog, and all the cute photos on it!!


Favourite song? Ooh, tough call! Somedays it's Naive Melody by Talking Heads. Other days it could be something completely different!!

Red Boots

carly said...

i'm a follower!


favourite song (currently):
the calculation by regina spektor


Eden Marie said...

awesome giveaway!!!

I'm Eden. =]
my blog is edenmarie44.blogspot.com

My all time favorite band is Green Day. I've loved them since I was little and have been to multiple concerts.

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Oh my GOOOSSSH im in love with the magnets. How the hell are you people so creative! i got screwwwwed! okay, so i laughd when i watched your video, because i am weird like that, i have a few weird videos like that myself. Lovve it. you guys are too funny! but, my blog sucks and i have no idea how to Link things or anything, i have like 3 followers hahaha. sad! so I would enter butI dont know how! Sheeeeesh. I do have a link to your blog though? haha. i need some teachage for sure!

Cristin said...

So much fun! i'm a follower!

cristinrae (at) gmail.com

Favorite song: (this is so hard as i have quite a few!) Ray LaMontagne- "can i stay". it was our first dance at our wedding and i just love it so much!

Anna said...

yay, i want to have a fun teepee night! that looks like fun!
my favorite singer at the moment is Jack Johnson.
love :)

Anna said...

p.s. i am a little bit obsessed with indians (as you can see by my profile picture) so i am extra excited about this giveaway!

BuenoBueno said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna said...

1. i posted your video: http://whatannaloves.tumblr.com/
and i tweeted you :)

oh & my all time favorite jack song is him singing Girl I Wanna Lay You Down with ALO.

i am reading all your past posts, loving the blog :)

BuenoBueno said...

gain 2 more entries by blogging or tweeting music video!


i am loving yalls favorite songs by the way!
i love that everyone is different!

Tarver said...

Those magnets so are so cool!

- Tarver



oh gosh, right now I'm loving cigarettes and wedding bands by Band of Horses!

emilia. said...

once again, too cute. those are just brilliant.

XO. emilia.

fav song? pretty much impossible to say...
but i've listened to I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers about a million and a half times. (probably because it's from my favorite move--benny & joon)

chelsea rebecca said...

love this!!
the video is too funny.

favorite band: i have to go with sufjan stevens. because i believe he is my soul mate. ha.



the girl said...

i am in love with the feathers! my favorite artist right now is sufjan stevens! i love his song 'to be alone with you.'


Emily Anne said...

Mmm fun! Enter me in. :)

My favorite song right now: Dance or dieee. :)

Xoxo- Emily

emilia. said...

blogged the video! love it.



Kelly Merrill said...

the teepee looks soo fun!

let's see, you can find me/my tweets on twitter at twitter.com/kellymerrill and my blog is dashpinchsmidgen.blogspot.com. I don't know that I have a favorite band right now, but i really like Justice. my email is tachee@gmail.com and I am becoming a follower right now. :)

Sarah said...

Of course I already follow and love your blog. :) My favourite song right now is "monkey" by kurt vile. Love the '90s vibe. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Sarah from http://sadiedesigns.blogspot.com

sadiedesignsca at gmail dot com