30 January 2010

will you marry me?

kelly and i decided to start a wedding inspiration series starting now...
its almost that time that jacob and i will celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary! woo!
and im making him a special video so ive been going through all our footage and pics. im gonna share some photos the day we got engaged, some of our photo shoots, parties leading up to it, the wedding day, and our 2 week honeymoon. i always love hearing peoples love stories and seeing their special moments. this will be the engagement post.
i think this will be fun. i hope you join in on the fun! here goes.

so jacob and i went to san francisco the week we got engaged. i thought we were going for rannies bday but jacob had other things in mind. his tattoo and proposal. so much fun! was i in for the surprise of my life! it's very hard to surprise me...i figure things out. in fact before this trip i was nosey and he said you just pushed back your engagement a couple months bc your snooping! ha ha ha!
 AUGUST 2007
yay for taking pics on the plane to san fran. this is 1 of our distraction techniques so i don't get sick during take off.
first night. we came to san fran for this lady!
so excited to be in san fran again! still had no idea.
day two we found a leaf walking around san fran so we decided that was the trail of leaves jacob would get from our friend henry lewis. i am going to get the same leaves to remind me of this trip.
august 27th rannies bday! 
we went to a german retaurant and drank beer out of a huge glass boot then went to karaoke! little did i know they were scheming.
august 28
we walked around all day, took the typical bridge shot, rented a prius, drove to sausalito, ate at horizons on the water. pretended that we lived in a huge house and walked through the neighborhood. i still had no idea! bc he didn't ask here.

we drove up to the highest point of the city so we could watch the sunset on one side and watch the fog over the bridge on the other side. this is when he started to get weird. we parked and walked to this secret area (best view ever), then he forgot the cooler so he went back to the car to get it, then he opened the cooler and said, "crap!!" haha he had forgotten glasses and i said i didnt mind drinking wine out of the bottle. he was acting nervous and usually he is so silly so i went exploring and took a ton of pics when he said, "can you please stop taking pictures and come here?"

this is how i remember it..
 he hugs me, gets down on his knees, hugs my waist, tells me how lucky he is, that im his best friend, that we are lucky and rare, and that he has the best times with me, thanks me for being me, thanks me for watching the sunset with him, and asks..." do you think you'd wanna watch a million more sunsets with me?
"yeah....."(very puzzled)
"well do you think you'd wanna be my wife?"
"um ask again!"
"will you be my wife?"
he then opens the cooler and pulls out the DOM PERIGNOM that henry and rannie got for us.
and we drink DOM out of the bottle! hahahaha.
WE ARE ENGAGED!! this was the first photo we took after the question.
this was right after he proposed. sorry it was super windy.

how were you proposed to?
was it magical?
were y'all alone?
If you are not married or engaged how would you like it to go down?
do you like surprises?

you have to watch this and see the most creative way to ask your wedding party to be in the wedding!
liz is a dj on the radio and dk proposed to her at the station so all her listeners including us could be a part of it!
next post will be our engagement shots and other engagement shots we love.


Jacky said...

ok that was just too darned cute I had to comment - and I don't comment on blogs. Brandi, I only hope one day to find a husband I can call my best friend, with whom I can have as much fun as you and Jacob seem to have. Blessings, friend. ::jacky

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Awww, you guys are so cute, and you got engaged in the best city EVER!!!!!

Chris also proposed to me on the top of a mountain watching a sunset. He hid the ring in a rosebud because he knew I'd sniff it and see!

Kassi said...

i love this post brandi... so fun.
i just wrote our whole story down but it ended up being just as long as your post so i deleted it. if your interested in knowing i can email it to you though... it's a great story.
i adore my husband.
yay for love!

my name is lauren. said...

i love this! i love that you were surprised too. i feel like a lot of people aren't. i also love that you drank straight out of the bottle. the perfect end to a perfect story :).

i think i will blog my story in the next couple of weeks because it's our engagement anniversary/ our 8 year dating anniversary. it's kind of funny. i was being such a punk that day.

oh....and kass! i wanna hear you & dan's story too!

Ashley said...

This is so cute! I absolutely love reading engagement stories! I'm not engaged or married but I love really creative proposals. I hope to have a story just as sweet someday!

Micaela said...

sooooo CUTE!!!! what an amazing view.

as a newley engaged girl, i'm looking forward to your series.

(kassi, i wanna hear all about your proposal! & yours too lauren)

ps. i LOVE your husband's leaves tat.

Jamie said...

awww so sweet! i love love! you brought tears to my eyes!
yay loveeee!!!

Carol Anne said...

awww I love hearing how couples get engaged! My husband made a photo contest and we went around and took photos that was supposed to eventually clue me into what was happening but being clueless me I didn't figure it out on my own... at least not as first! Maybe I should write about ours on my blog! Thanks for the idea!

crissy said...

Ok, that was cute, and you are beautiful.

My engagement was interesting and somewhat unusual, as it was unexpected by both of us. (3.25.06) We had driven down to Moab to look for camping sites, because I wanted to go camping for my birthday (4.8). We ended up just spending the day there, driving around, admiring the red rock, and talking. We had this really deep convo (that I wish I could remember,) while walking around Dead Horse Point. All of the sudden this idea came into my head. I told Cori to pick out a shrub, and once he did I went to the shrub and said "Hello, Shrub, we have just gotten engaged and you're the first one we've told" (its actually a line in a book...) and right after, probably nervous as ever, Cori turned me to him and asked if I'd marry him.
We didn't tell anyone until Mother's day (5.14 that year) when Cori gave me my ring.
And we never did go camping for my bday....but that's alright.

(Sorry if this is really long...)♥

Jill said...

BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you guys found something so rare. It really is special. Being best friends will keep you together, even when times are tough. That's the glue I think.

My proposal with my husband Todd was beautiful. We were in Cancun on valentines day. I had just broke my sandal walking back from dinner (where my brother in law tagged along). The night was over and I felt kind of sad because I kind of hoped this night would be THE night.

Then we went into the room, There was candlelight and rose petals everywhere (even in the hot tub). He pulled me out onto the balcony and (while the band played below) asked me to marry him.

Those times are unforgettable in our lives. It's nice to revisit them every so often.

Love your blog!

Lindsay said...

wow this is the sweetest post ever. You guys are so cute!! What an amazing proposal!! I really enjoyed reading this :)

BuenoBueno said...

awe guys yall are so sweet!
Jacky i feel special thanks! and you will find your best friend. just don't settle. Be picky:)
Danielle- you should write about your story! sounds wonderful.
Kasi! OMG loved your story! i want a scavenger hunt!dan is awesome!
Lauren- yes pleae do! i love these post bc now you can always go back and read it! especially when your mad at them! haha
Ashley- im sure you will get a creative proposal one day...there are a lot of magical creative ppl out there!
jamie- awe im glad you liked it:)
tears yay!
carol anne! yes you should! photo contest! wow!
crissy- how did you keep it a secret that long! oh my word! were they mad at you? sounds perfect in the desert land! i sent a text to everyone and my parents were yupset that i didnt call them first.:( i wasnt thinking.
Jill- cancun? i love mexico! and on vday! wow:)
you got a winner!rose petals and candles i mean come on! he is a romantic to the max. lucky girl:)
Lindsay- thanks pretty! your the sweetest!
im so glad you guys shared with me!
now go post your stories on your blog:)

Amy T Schubert said...

so sweet! ... My boy proposed by making and surprising me with a scrapbook page that said 'Will you Marry Me?' ... complete with a blank spot for a photo, a little handwritten note in an envelope (on the page) and a little tag that said 'Say Yes' .... and then he cried.
cause he's the cutest!

crissy said...

It was hard to wait, but I didn't even have a ring yet. Plus, Cori wanted to get my dad's permission. I was there when he asked my dad. He was so nervous, told my dad he'd already asked me, but would still like to have his permission. Dad said ok.
Nobody was mad or upset. We didn't really even get any crap for moving fast, or being so young. (We'd almost been together 4 months when we went to Moab, and just over 5 when we announced. We married after just under 9 mo. of being together. I was 18 in Moab, 19 when married, he was 21.)

Eden said...

ok, so that is so adorable. I really hope that when my boyfriend and I get engaged it can measure up to some of the stories I've heard. :)

You and your hubby are so cute!

xoxo, Eden

Cole said...

That's such a sweet engagement story.
I already blogged about my engagement so I won't rewrite it all, but here's the link
I can't wait for the rest of your series!

lydia. said...

i am loving this series!
seriously, it's so inspiring to me, as i'm soon to be engaged and married and all that wonderful, exciting business. :)
you and jacob have such a beautiful story!

so, since i know that i'm going to be proposed to in the near future, i'm not going to be surprised in that area, but i'm very excited to see how josh goes about it. i can't wait!

Jessica O'Brien said...

oh my cuteness. just found your blog and loooooved this post.

i was engaged on 6.13.08. we rented a beach house in a nearby county, as a way to get some quality time in before we launched my husband's new business (http://www.thegreenlifeco.com)

on our first night there, we took flashlights and went for a walk on the beach. we stopped to sit on the sand and started kissing. i could feel him fiddling and could tell he was distracted - not paying attention to the kissing - and i KNEW something was up! he pushed the ring into my palm and i couldn't breathe.

he said, "so...???" before he even asked the question! so i made him ask. i actually said, "you have to ask the right way!" and he got on one knee and said the full, "will you marry me?"

i love that the proposal was in a beautiful spot we can revisit for years to come, but was done privately and in a simple manner, which is totally us. not a huge romantic gesture.

we were married 9.19.09.
best wishes to you!

Maggie said...

Long story short, I am a photographer and he is a web design/graphic artist...

Rob proposed to me by writing the proposal with light. you can see it here:

Getting ready for a fancy dinner date I was in the shower, he stepped outside to make a call. He called my dad to ask for his blessing..
We had a fantastic dinner date out with appetizer, cocktail, wine & dessert.. and then he suggested we take long exposure photos on the beach.

He has waited for the right tide, a low tide, to execute this night perfectly.

That was July 10, 2009
We are getting married this August 28, 2010

littleBIGchris said...

Gorgeous video of you both up in the clouds. Your husband has the coolest hair, btw.