18 January 2010

working on my fitness.

the weirdo( left) on the multi colored towel is me
so its that time again. the time i wake up at 4:15 am for 5 am bootcamp! last year i joined for 5 months so that i could be more toned and ready for bikini season and i had a blast. it was a success, i felt good, i was healthy, i was firm, and i was happy. so why did i quit? i have no idea? laziness i guess. so 5 months later here i am. ready for a life change. i dont just want to look good in my bikini, i want to be healthy and feel good. i want to be the best that can be. there is no excuse anymore. 5 am bootcamp is not for everyone. i need it bc i like group excercise and i like someone telling me what i need to do(only in workouts). 
i also will be doing the mari method. its a mix between yoga and strength training. try it out. your body will  feel so good, and mari anne provides healthy recipes and tips.
if fitness was one of your 2010 goals and you just hate the gym there are plenty of things you can do on your own. i put together some ideas for you and i hope you try them. maybe we can all help eachother out by keeping one another accountable. i will be posting my progress once a week for you.
when jacob wakes up ill have him take a photo of me, and ill take my measurements. i don't really keep track of weight bc muscle weighs more than fat.
 Lets do this! small changes make a difference. big changes make a dramatic difference!
things to try:
do push ups when you wake up or before you go to bed to keep your arms strong & toned.
go longboarding or ruuning in the park

go on fun dates that include excercise.

dance with your friends. take a dance class. when you wake up dance to three of your favorite songs.
dance in the sun on a boat.
throw dance parties on the weekends.
put on yor friends hockey gear and run around and act crazy.
go on more bike rides.
go bowling with your friends instead of sitting around watching TV.
it's super fun and the more you jump around and dance each turn...the better:)
march 2008 hawaii surf. looks like a lake.

go surfing, run around in the sand, go for a swim

long walks on the beach with your camera are great for your legs and your photo album.
run for a cause. this is a fun activity do do on the weekends with your friends and family.


put your swimsuit on once a week in the winter months to motivate yourself to get your fitness on!
its so easy to get squishy. i should know. im looking foward to toning up, and losing some boobage.
all photos are from 2009 except
photos 5, 11, 12, 14 are from 2008.
check out the roxy blog for music, cute workout clothes, and little workouts.
free music download once a week.

i think i am going to start a food journal too just so im aware of how much food and what kind of food goes into my body.
plus i just ike writing in journals.
Q.what excercises are you doing?
Q. what are your favorite songs to work out to? please let me know. i love new music to work out too.
Q. what kind of body changes are you hoping to see? 
i want a nice booty playlist
so what
single ladies
don't stop til you get enough
heads will roll
hey ya
sexy back
shut up and let me go
just dance
thats not my name
drop it like its hot



Lindsay said...

wow these photos are so cute!!! I love them! This isnspires me to go work out!

jackiek said...

i love swimming! such an awesome workout.
i have dance parties all the time (mostly by myself because no one else wants to join in) they're so much fun.

i also like yoga, biking, and running. but i hate gyms. i have to be outside getting active!

my playlist includes a lot of your songs, and also:

All Time Low
Gwen Stefani
London Bridge (Fergie)

which is funny... because this is so unlike what I listen too when I'm not working out!

Kassi said...

good for you!
love the photos!
love your motivation and excitement to get healthy!
i think you're tiny and beautiful already... but you're right, it is easy to get squishy... even if you still weigh the same or wear the same size clothes.

my exercise:
just about everyday i.....

i alternate between the tracy anderson method post pregnancy dvd (which really focuses on the abs... so good workout for anyone... not just post prgo's) and the tracy anderson method mat workout dvd. both are a combination of pilates like exercises and muscular structure work. i love it and get so toned from it (smallest i've ever been!)

i also jump/dance on my rebounder (mini trampoline) for an hour a day for my cardio.

for fun exercise:

swim in the ocean
surf in the summer
walk with the kids/dog

i used to work out to black eyed peas a lot and i love dancing/jumping to the soundtrack of days of strange and modern collective (surf films)

fun post

lydia. said...

as always, super cute pictures!

i'm super excited for you, and i hope you have tons of fun with this.
very inspiring to me!

lately, i've pretty much just been doing speedwalking and biking. nothing too crazy yet...
i've been slacking off for the past few days, tho.
so this was just the little kick i needed to get back into gear. :)

i love listening to the dj girl talk while i work out.
his mixes are incredible.

Shea Posey said...

Great pictures!!! I love what you wrote about trying on your swimsuit once a week during winter. I'll have to look and and try the mari method. I've always loved yoga so I bet it'll be good.

theblondeonewhohikes said...

"when you wake up dance to three of your favorite songs."

I love this idea! thanks for posting!!

when you wake up dance to three of your favorite songs.

Rannie said...

I just ordered a pizza.

Nicole Marie said...

i've been trying to workout everyday. but i agree the best workouts are the fun ones, biking, swimming, skiing etc

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I like all of your ideas to go along with the pictures, so cute! When it's about 60 or warmer, I love going outside and jumping on my trampoline because it's fun and it's a great workout!

Eden Marie said...

I'm totally with you as far as needing to keep it fresh. I love doing different things. My college has a hugeeee variety of group fitness classes from hip hop cardio to yoga to extreme abs. They keep me entertained and I'm' never bored.

These are great ideas too!!! =]

xoxo Eden

Iva said...

such a fun post!!!

Dani said...

I know how you feel, I am currently doing the same. I've been running (my mom is trying to talk me into training for a full marathon with her) not sure if I'm going to fully commit to an over 26 mile race yet...but the running has been doing wonders for me. I'm also big into yoga. I have a 2 year old niece that loves to dance, so every time I watch her, we dance, dance, dance!

As far as music goes, I have some choice songs for running to. I even turned my mom onto them:

3. The Lemonheads (feat. Kate Moss)/Dirty Robot
4. Paris Combo/Moi, mon me et ma conscience
5. Camera Obscura/French Navy

Those are my top 5. Not what you would typically find on a workout play list, but they all make me so happy and want to just move. I round out the rest of my list with fast pace techno for running.

Robyn said...

Have fun with it all. I think the impromptu dance party is my favorite fitness activity.

my name is lauren. said...

ummmm....you are seriously dedicated. i tried early a.m. workouts and the only thing i achieved what wanting to kill my hubs. not usually a good thing. i hit the gym after work. it's nice to go and get re-energized after a tiring work day...at least for me. then i get a shower right before bed, and i'm all nice and clean and tired and ready for sleep :).

as for your questions...

Q.what excercises are you doing?

*zumba twice a week.
*eliptical once a week (for 1 hr. -intervals)
*trying out water aerobics this week
*boot camp once a week

i take advantage of my gym :). oh...and when i don't feel like going i just do videos on exercise tv. i also have carmen electra's aerobic strip tease videos i can bust out...they're pretty hillarious :).

Q. what are your favorite songs to work out to? please let me know. i love new music to work out too.

i love "don't stop 'til you get enough" and "that's not my name"....good workout choices. another one i love is:

*time bomb by beck. it's got a great beat for running. i can't remember any of my others right now :(.

*i also love daddy yankee

Q. what kind of body changes are you hoping to see?

*i want a lower # on the scale....not gonna lie. but i also want less "hi and goodbye" on my arms and some abs. the abs will probably never happen... i've never had them no matter how hard i worked, but being less squishy in the tummy would be ok.

i loved reading all your fitness inspiration! keep up the good work!

A Perfect Peach said...

great photos! i have been contemplating boot camp for awhile - I need to seriously dig in!

BuenoBueno said...

ill keep posting my songs i workout to each week. i like checking out your tunes too!
we can all keep eachother excited about workouts!
kelly and i are in a contest now! we measured our bodies tonight! AHHHH!
now thats motivation!

Stephanie said...

you're the cutest! I'm going to start doing P90X again. I did it for a month in November and I felt great! I really like working out! Makes me feel really good, tones me up, and those videos are distracting enough to preoccupy my for an hour to an hour and a half. I also really love yoga and walking/jogging.

yometrics yoga for weight Loss said...

Brandi - you're just the cutest! fun post with lots of great ideas for staying active.

about your and Kelly's contest - my bet is on whichever one of you does yometrics the most since it will trim you up faster than anything else.

Caroline said...

This was the best post I have seen on fitness.. love every bit of it!!! :) Love how you live life!! xo

Leigh-Ann said...

you're awesome!

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