24 February 2010

how do you feel about dancing with yourself?

remember when i said paris wasnt that big of a deal. well kelly, jacob, and bobo loved it. and i will admit i did have fun dancing in the subways and hanging with some locals. we even ran into and hung out with my client cliff one day/night.

BIG EXPENSE from trip: jacob got me a loius. his reasoning is that i buy way too many purses so if he got me a really nice one i would save him money in the long run. WRONG. bc i still buy purses, now i just have a designer purse to hand down to my future daughter (someday)

enjoy. whats your favorite vacation spot? whats your least favorite vacation spot? and why?

this is a lil video of our trip.

check back later for alans weekly music post!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Hahahaha, I couldn't stop laughing at your video! Your dancing was so funny, and I love Jacob's breakdancing at the end!

I too am a fan of random dance. I like to start doing it in parking lots because it embarrasses Chris!

My favorite vacation spot is San Francisco and my least favorite is camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's fun for a day trip, but more than that is boring.

Thanks for sharing your moves! xoxo

Sarah said...

Dancing with yourself (or with friends!) is better than therapy haha. I just posted about that a couple days ago and included a couple of my favourite songs to dance to when I'm all alone. :)

Very sweet video! And camping is always my favourite kind of vacation, anywhere with a lake/ocean to swim and some comfy grass to pitch a tent on.

MannMom3 said...

You guys are AWESOME!!!!

and so cute too!

and yes, my hair is easy to style, seeing that I don't style it..but I want too..but I need you to come over and style it for me..;-)

no curling iron yet either..

lydia. said...

i love all the dancing!
so funny and cute.

i've actually never really vacationed.
but i think that's something that josh and i plan to do a lot of after we're married.
so that'll be exciting! :)

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Oh My Gosh
I feel about dancing, ALL the time. Ha! That sounds Hilarious, But I do. I loove dancing. by myself, around people I dont know, Up the street, Down the street. In the rain. You guys Look SOOO fun. I mean FOR Real! Cant I just come and Play with you guys?! It looks like you have SOO much fun!!!
I love to visit This place in San Diego with my man, of course last Year is Femur was broke so he couldn't surf :( And I definatly Dislike....Hm, Wait. I dont have any, I love going all over!!

my name is lauren. said...

hAha! This is why I don't spend a lot of $ on shoes or purses cause I know I'll just buy more and therefore spending even more.

I've never been super stoked about France. Except for the food. I think I'd enjoy that. Glad to hear it's kinda overrated so I won't feel like i'm missing out on anything.

kelzone said...

um i want to go back to paris so bad and this video doesn't help!
and it made me even more stoked to live with my sister in the summer--you guys seem to have so much fun together.

favorite vaca spot: cinque terre, italy or pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean.

BuenoBueno said...

hahah kelly and i do have fun together but we also fought a lot on this trip as any sisters would sharing a bed with 3 people right? hahaha thats what we did on this trip and i was psycho about everyone taking off their shoes when we entered our rented house. GERMS!
hahah and Lauren you aint missing out!
i love the carribean and SF! and i want to go to italy!

Caroline said...

I dance wherever I can!! LOVE LOVE DANCING! And, Love this sweet blog! xo

Micaela said...


my favourite vacation spot is ITALY!!! hand down. Magical.

it's fun to be "new" to my new city and exploring it still.

least favorite? hmmm... Vegas? but only because it was the first holiday i took with my ex boyfriend and it was a great one... i think if i ever went back it would be kind of sad you know? wow. random :) please, it's SIN CITY right? haha

The Kitten and the Bear said...

This video absolutely made my day!

Laura Loo said...

BAHA!!!! that was UH-mazing. you guys have *killer* moves!! how fun. I didn't know y'all went to France! how nice! i love dancing like a weirdoooo!

Lindsay Kling said...

So cute! I love hearing you guys cracking up in the background. Makes me want to go to Paris and dance in the subway station too.

Em-Jae said...

Omg - hilarious! I am pretty much a professional random dance/spontaneous dance fiesta started. It's my night job ;)

Haha -- looks like you guys have sooo much fun! I want Paris/Madrid/Rome to be my fave vacay spot, alas, I have never been...