22 February 2010


was the day jacob and i said "i do".
we started dating june 2005 and got married feb. 22, 2008.
 one of the best days of our lives, we get so emotional looking back bc everyone spoiled us during this most precious time.
our families and friends made sure this was a magical day.
here are some fun moments on our wedding day..
if you click on photo they will enlarge.
we wore toms to our wedding.
he wiped my tears and some of my make up off (on purpose)

we wanted to see eachother before the ceremony. so we did.
we took all our photos before the actual wedding.

i had 10 bridesmaids. each and everyone are dear to me and have made a huge impact on my life.

jacob had 9 groomsmen. we love them all and 2 are responsible for us getting married.  1 groomsman didn't show up. true story.

finnegan played before and during the ceremony.
taylor( my cousin/bff) and sara sang "Jamocha"
a special song taylor and i wrote taken from my vows.
they just recorded it so that i could give it to jacob today.
my cousin might get mad bc he isn't finished with the song yet.
my beautiful sister kelly was my maid of honor
and jacobs best friend travis nunn was the best man.
i walked down while finnegan played "is this love" by bob marley.
do you know the dialog from THE PRINCESS BRIDE wedding scene? thats how the ceremony began.
this is also why we were cracking up. 2 of our friends married us.
our bridal party gathered around to pray and bless our marriage.
while jacob's dad sang THIS SONG by dave barnes.
tear jerking.
 when they said i now pronounce you husband and wife
THIS SONG came on.
our first dance as husband and wife. our first dance song was called  "let us" that our lovely friend sara van buskirk wrote for us. you should check her out! her new cd is now finished!
my dad and i danced to "take on me" by aha.
it's been our song since i was little girl.
my dad flew my good friend Dave Pacho (kid indie) in from New York to DJ at our wedding.
and dave did it as a wedding present to us. i couldn't believe that!
Dave is the best! everyone danced all night! no slow songs! yay!!!

my mom made me get a "real wedding cake" (see in the back). im glad she did bc it was amazing! 3 different flavors. for the grooms cake we wanted ding dongs. i saw this in a ready made magazine and fell in love. jacobs mom made it happen.
for our guest book, my cousin gina took polaroids of our guests and stuck them in a plain black scrap book.
we also had fabric squares that the guests wrote messages on ( for a quilt)

the guys took jacob away from the reception and said they wanted to pray with him...LIES!!! they took off his pants and attacked him with permanent markers. obscene things. it was hillarious bc those obscene drawings ended up on the hotel sheets. looked like stamps all over the white sheets.

i didn't want to leave yet bc i was having so much fun dancing!
we even had that TV MOMENT where all the guys were on one side and the girls were on the other...then two would dance down in the middle. it was our FOOTLOOSE moment.
and another reason i didn't want to leave was bc i was nervous.
super personal but ill share.
when jacob and i started dating we agreed that we wouldn't have sex with one another until we were married.
and we kept that promise. super big deal. we were very proud of ourselves.

if you want to see more photos of our wedding day 

the next day our friends threw us a pool party (sat)
then on sunday we left to hawaii for 2 weeks!


i did a lot of DIY for my wedding, my dad didnt want me to bc he wanted it perfect but i talked him into letting me so that it was more us and just  personalized.
so feel free to ask me anything!


Caroline said...

Stunning and so so beautiful!! My husband and I were married in Sept 2008... so 2008 was such a good year!!I I love your photos!! xo

Kara said...

So beautiful!! I love that your wedding looked fun, full of character and like a huge PARTY. Such inspiration for my own, one day :)

Jacquelin said...

what a beautiful story. Seriously sounds fun and I just melt seeing your slide show. So awesome. I can only hope and pray... one day.

Oh... and I think I'm growing my hair out - at least until my bday in May, if I absolutely hate it. Will def be seeing you to get it tamed and looking good soon though!

my name is lauren. said...


your slide show totally made me tear up. you guys are so sweet, and i LOVE the song. what a great idea. craig wrote a song for me on our first valentine's day, but he won't let me put it on the blog because he's embarassed. is that you singing?

i love all the personal touches you put on your wedding.....the toms....the ding dong cake.... i love it all.

and that's hillarious that the guys wrote all over jacob. i was nervous too when we were leaving our wedding. people kept freaking me out about sex. glad it wasn't too scary :).

happy anniversary friend!


Laura Loo said...


I love that it was so unique and true to you. And how special you are to have such personal things like personally written songs!

I love your feathery dress, you look great! and I love the B&W photo from far of the ceremony and your white dress just draped perfectly on the ground. gorgeous!

the butt obscenities stamped on the sheets is hi-lar-ious! ps i see crack!

kiki said...

happy anniversary to two of the most amazing people i know. I love your wedding and i love the stories behind the pictures. The only bummer is I didn't get to be there...but i would've had we been friends. love you!

Michelle Kim said...

Hello friend to the second (or third?) degree! You do not know me but I hear about your wonderful self whenever I hang out with Chloe and Haley (which unfortunately is very sparing). I am gonna have to make sure I meet you next time you're in SD. You guys seem to fit among the top 10 raddest couples of America in my book. Happy Happy Anniversary!

jackiek said...

your wedding looks amazing! you made such a beautiful bride and i love the fact that you wore toms shoes :)

Carol Anne said...

Wow! Your wedding looked amazing! And you were a beautiful bride!! Your dress is so pretty!

Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You look GORGEOUS, your dress is stunning! You guys look like you had a blast!!! What a magical day! The pics came out beautiful.

JMay said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I saw your slide show, absolutely adorable & awesome to see all the fun pictures too.

Is that you singing the song!? Beautiful!

Seeing your wedding pics got me excited for mine...all the stress of planning sometimes takes the fun out of it...but after seeing your pics, I know it's all worth it.

Hope you two have a wonderful day!!!

JMay said...

Ok I just finished reading...your cousin's voice is so pretty :-)

I can't believe a groomie didn't show, was it for good reason!?

Also, you guys did the "Mawwwwwage" seen from the Princess Bride!?!??! AMAZING!!!!!

Jamie said...

This looks like it was soooo much fun!!!! & Perfect! Happy Anniversary! You're both a gorgeous couple! Such awesome pictures and memories! I love it all!

Joseph said...

Still can't believe I missed the wedding. Well 95% of it anyway. Thanks Cleveland weather for delaying me.

Rannie said...

Happy Anniversary!
Such a fun wedding!
One of my favorite memories was when the football game in the next field scored a touchdown, and we could hear everyone in the stands cheering during the ceremony! Just the comic relief most of the bridesmaids needed bc we CRIED THE ENTIRE TIME. haha

love you guys so much

Cole said...

Your wedding was gorgeous! It looks like so much fun! Your dress is beautiful!
Happy Anniversary!!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

beautiful! and i love your dress!-kellie

Anna said...

this is a beautiful post! i just read it 3 times in a row! your dress is so perfect, i love it. everything about your day looks absolutely mazing!!!
Happy Anniversary!!
(that is alot of exclamation points!)

Anna said...

oh and I can not believe a groomsman didn't show up! are you guys still friends? because I am pretty sure I would have had to restrain myself from hurting someone.

Violet Bella said...

so beautiful and fun, thanks for sharing!!!

Kassi said...

oh brandi i hope you and jacob have the most fabulous anniversary today! you two are one of a kind and i admire the marriage and love you two share. love you guys!
okay, that dance with your dad totally brought tears to my eyes. i loved it. what a great moment!
and all of your photos are gorgeous. you were on beautiful bride!
love this post

Kassi said...

ps. i love that you and jacob saved sex until the wedding night! love it!
daniel and i did the same thing... obviously, i wasn't a virgin... but dan was and after receiving Christ as my Lord and Savior i decided to become a born again virgin.... i'm so glad we waited too!

okay, i just really love this post and i can't get enough of your gorgeous photos!
x to the o

CaL said...

That was so magical & so amazing! You guys had the best ideas & such a pretty wedding! How fun! Thanks for sharing...wedding stuff always makes me all warm & fuzzy inside. =)

kelzone said...

that makes me happy you guys wore toms cause that's what i've had in mind since i've really thought about my wedding. (not sure how into the idea my husband will be, but I'M going to wear them).

i love you pictures and cake and dancing and everything. it sounds like such a party!

p.s. to lauren and you...i'm SUPER nervous about the sex part. i'm not getting married soon but my best friend is and told me all about the gynacologist...

lydia. said...

sooo beautiful!
and completely inspiring.
the two of you seem like such a sweet, fun couple.
just love you! :)

also, i was just watching your slideshow (tearing up, btw.) and i finally realized who jacob reminds me of.
it's craig. from degrassi.
don't know if you ever seen him...buuuuuut just saying.


paige said...

Sooooooooooooooooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing that lovely story. Your gown is amazing. Congratulations and blessings on your anniversary. You guys make such a beautiful pair.

Natalia said...

HI! I love your blog, your wedding was amazballs!!! love it! I love reading your blog, u have awesome scene of humor!

stephanieesstar said...

Looking at all of this was sooo sweet! I loved your dance with your dad--too cute!

BuenoBueno said...

hey guys thanks so much! this day was perfect to me. ias im sure your day was perfect to you! and for you who are planning a wedding im sure its going to be amazing bc yall are all so creative!
still having fun with the boy right now so ill come back by later to respond more:)
yall are the best!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Your dress is gorgeous!

Not sure if I ever want to get married (again), but I could pick out dresses and decor all day long! I definitely agree that the key to a wedding is personal touches!

You both look so beautiful and I LOVE the lights and palm trees. So pretty!

BuenoBueno said...

thanks chels!
my uncles put up the lanterns for us! they were awesome! the lanterns really made it romantic.

:) erin said...

your dress was so similar to mine, crazy. I just LOVED my dress. And the photo of you and your bridesmaids-perfect!!thanks for sharing

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Happy happy happy anniversary! I was going to say I hope you two had a good day, but your life always look like so much fun, so I'm sure you had a wonderful day!

I love looking at your pictures, and even though I've seen the video of you and your dad before, I just had to watch it again. I was actually telling my dad about it yesterday!

I hope you two have one hundred more years together!

Love you, friend!

lexylou said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photo's. You were a gorgeous bride! I LOVVVVE your dress.
Love all the details, thanks for sharing your special day!
The Darkness song you guy's walk down to as hubby and wife is just so RAD!
I love reading people's wedding stories, as I am kind of obsessed with weddings and help my girlfriend out with her wedding planning business.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness it looks like such a beautiful wedding!!!!!! Everyone and everything looked stunning!

Congratulations on the anniversary. :)

Amber said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love reading about other couples weddings. I got married last July but find myself still looking through bridal magazines at stores. I just love everything about weddings.
Yours seemed amazing and I loved your dress. The phots are stunning!
Happy Belated Anniversary!

Anna said...

wow your wedding was just beautiful! happy second anniversary!

dhyana said...

wow such a beautiful dress!! absolutely loving it :)

Anonymous said...

I love it all!! What, if anything, would you have done differently? How long did you plan your wedding?

BuenoBueno said...

i planned it in 5 months, i procrastinated...
when we renew our vows i will do a destination day wedding:)
thank you!