21 February 2010

HEY FELLAS/// Stylish Men

I (kelly) was super excited when I came across Backyard Bill today. Have any of you been to Backyard Bill? It is now one of my top sites to visit. I snatched all these photos from the site because I was so impressed by the style featured on the site. 

i love this look best...the beanie, the ripped jean, the boots, the open top. very heath ledger
classic chuck bass right?

Ladies, don't you wish you saw more of this from guys? I do. 

Backyard Bill features both men and women and (BONUS) does a quick Q&A with the stylish folks.



my name is lauren. said...

I dig stylish men :).

Craigs pretty stylish but I don't think he'd wear feather bling. I don't think he's that bold. But I love thelook and those are definitely manly feathers.

Happy Sunday friend! Hope your family photo shoot is a success.

Kara said...

Love stylish men :)

And also MANFEATHERS!! Fantastic!!

Dani said...

I love me a stylish man! The man-feather-bling in genius, I know guys who would LOVE it.

Laura Loo said...

yes! I have always had to MAKE my guys stylish, haha, buy them clothes. my ex-boyfriend wore basketball shorts and a gray tshirt EVERYDAY and it drove me crazy.
your husbands shirt is cute. and that redhead guy is cute! i love the quirky tie nice shirt thing, it reminds me of the 60s.

Anna said...

this is a cute post. i always try to buy Josh more stylish clothes but he always shuts me down. Ever since I the Blues Clues shirt episode I am wardrobe probation. I swear it was adorable, and striped, (and yes 100% looked like the guys shirt from the cartoon). But he actually dress like the guy from Backyard Bill, he just does it as an everyday wardrobe out of necessity. Rockies, levis, carharts, flannel, camo, etc. (We live in the country)
Your husbands style is cool, i love that he rocks the feathers.
Excited about the shop update this week!!

danielle said...

i love these feather wraps and cant wait to add this to my feather accessories collecttion! and i cant wait to carry them in my store!

ChloƩ said...

i love the feathers! awesome! i don't think sean would ever wear one, but i still like them :) sean is very low-key with his look.. maybe someday i will get him to branch out!

iheartkiwi said...

totally digging their styles... that feather is pretty awesome.

kiwi is quite the stylish man... he and his brother actually run a custom menswear company in their spare time! his closet is bigger than mine.

i don't think i would ever catch him in man bling though... unless cufflinks count.

echo said...

yes to stylish men. my husband is most handsome in a flannel. his ripped up nudies, a beanie and vans.

you know, the i dont care what i look like, (but really do) look!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I dig the grungey hipster man the most. My husband actually is really clean cut, but I try to dirty him up a little! I also love the geek chic look for guys.

Your feather dangles are awesome, and I think that they look good on guys or girls!

Brandi, I'm ready to do some animal hater punching with you! I may be small in size, but I pack a mean attitude when I need it! I hope you and Kelly have had a fun weekend together! xoxoxo

Laura Loo said...

p.s. i think the photo tag game is supposed to be on your page, share the photo with everyone else, tag who tagged you, and tagged 5+ more people! its the cirrrrrcle of liiiiife!

BuenoBueno said...

yay! im glad you like the feathers.
it does take a certain man to wear them..the family photoshoot went great today even though the sun wasnt really out. might look cool actually. lil ryder was in a daze...so cute.
yes so its agreed...we all like the "i dont care but i really do scruff look" and the "classic chuck bass geek"
love you guys!!

Kate. said...

love the masculine featherssss

Joseph said...

Yea sorry, I got too "daaaang grrrr" and couldn't wait for you to make one. I have mine on almost all the time. I normally wear mine with my black levi's 511, there's something about the black on black that I really dig.

CaL said...

Those photos & those men were so awesome! & that site! So fun! I seriously dig stylish men & those feathers...so great! I'll be buying one as soon as they're in the shop! I'm sure my guy would rock the feather bling! Have a good one!

lydia. said...

stylish men...love!
i'm also completely digging jacobs light blue suitcase.
GIVE. :)

Stephanie said...

TIME OUT! Is Jacob really carrying suitcases WHILE skateboarding?! That silly!