01 February 2010

working on our booty...i mean fitness.

wake up wake up wake up it's the first of the month! ha ha remember that song! happy february!
download super cute feb calandar FREE
or 2010 calendar here.

i don't know about you but i work out better when i wear cute stuff. haha. it's true. i just found out about aviator nation and i am wanting all of it! the bright colors, the soft cotton, the retro feel. this is my kind of  brand. paige mycoskie, a texas girl helped make this brand happen. to find out more about aviator nation click here.
today jacob and i are gonna start running together. i am better now and im excited to get my cardio on!
ive been doing mari method all last week bc i could do it in my room, now its time to add some running in, along with boot camp and mari method.
music is a major part of my work out. 
what about you?
what do you wear while working out?
do you have a goal?
jacob wants to go to cali in march so i wanna be able to run around in my bikini 
it really helps to have a goal!


Jamie said...

super cute clothes! they DO look just like your style!

i don't wear cute clothes to work out...just whatever shorts & tshirt i grab first. i want cute clothes though...i feel icky in what i work out in.

are you signed up on the mari method website? i'm adding pilates to my running schedule tomorrow:)

BuenoBueno said...

yes i am signed up! i love it bc it has a brain train section and eating right and recipes, workouts and you can see others results!

dressing cute really does help bc then yo have to work out to get your moneys worth on the clothes:) hahah

lydia. said...

josh and i are planning on taking a cruise soon.
and then in june we'll have our honeymoon.
so i guess that's my new motivation to workout!
and i seriously needed it.
i still need some sort of little kick tho to get myself moving. i've been so lazy!

i love all that cute gear.
in need of all of it now! haha.

Caroline said...

Going to France in June... and my husbands family is super active... they live on a dairy farm right outside of Geneva Switzerland in a small little town in France. So, the last time I was there they made comments to my hubby like wow.. Caroline is athletic, of course this was in French, we went rock climbing, spelunking, parachuting, hiking etc the whole sha bang,,, so really my goal is to be able to keep up with them!!! I did a power yoga class last Friday and loved it... especially because it was heated. So, I am just trying to get back to the swing of things. Love these fitness posts of yours... they really motivate me and make me happy!! Well this blog really makes me happy!! Much love!! xo

my name is lauren. said...

you would totally rock all of these outfits. they're so you.

i don't look nearly that cute when i work out. i wear yoga pants and a ribbed tank most every time. i wear some cute metallic-y asics though. those are fun. and one of those grippy headbands to keep my sweaty bangs off my forehead.

i want to go to california in march! when/where are you guys going?

oh...and what the heck is this mari method? can you send me a link?

glad you're feeling better love. hope you have a great day today!


Kara said...

So cute! Good luck with your fitness :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

The clothes are cute, and look comfy, but what I really want is her abs! Oh my, I'd have to give up cheese pizza and blueberry muffins for abs like that!

Eden said...

i totally love all of those clothes. for me i'm totally the same way...sometimes (like yesterday hehe) i treat myself to a new outfit or shoes to motivate me! in march i'm going to playa del carmen in mexico with luke's family...it's my current motivation, but overall i just want to have a healthy lifestyle!!

Rannie said...

that girl's abs are hideous.

susan said...

i don't like how that girl is almost showing her chocha in those clothing- not classy or cute!

but you (and andrea leon talley) have motivated me to work on my workout wardrobe.

i need (and want) new shoes- and most of them are SO UGLY and will not be helped by a pair of neo laces...

what do you wear on your FEET my dear?

now i just need some goals..

spicklebee said...
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spicklebee said...

very cute stuff. you definitely picked out the cutest pieces. not sure about $85 for a pair of shorts though.

I will say that her abs are motivation too! we are going on a cruise through florida to the caribbean in april so that's my motivation right now!

I totally agree that cute workout stuff is motivating! So is having a cute workout partner. My honey is super athletic and every time we workout together I always push harder and he inspires me to try new things! and I love the neon laces idea. the laces on my trail runners kept coming undone yesterday and I thought - that's it, time to go get me some neons!

now I just need some extra motivation to stop eating the dark chocolate bagel thins from Trader Joes that are lurking near my desk...

Elizabeth said...

Very cute...there's a girl who comes to my yoga class and I'm so jealous of her wardrobe. I want to ask her where she gets it all, but people don't talk in my yoga class. That should be changed.


Kassi said...

cute clothes and totally you!

but seriously, brandi, you have a much cuter figure than her... her tummy looks funny to me... but i would die for her thighs!!

i used to only work out in yoga pants from anthro... and their comfy tops (most expensive work out wear ever) but now i work out in whatever i have... still a lot of anthro comfy pants but i also love my volcom... i agree that if you have cute things it makes it a lot more fun to work out - especially if you are going to the gym or running at a park or something...

okay, so, we love the cd you made me! dan loves track 4 and i love track 11 - still don't know who they are... i would so love it if you could email me the artists - thanks my friend!

skype date again, yes please!
x to the o yo!

christine said...

wow I love those clothes. just my style. too bad they are mucho $$. someday...

BuenoBueno said...

lydia- i love cruises! food is so good!!! the honey moon is the best way to stay motivated!!! awe im so happy for yall!
caroline- france!!! on a farm wow! i didnt like paris so much bc it was too city but farm land so pretty! you can keep up! and i love hot yoga!!! its amazing for your body!
lauren- i think we are going to encinitas to see the nettles and sebrees and hopefully huntington beach for a day to meet up with kass and dan:) that would be awesome! we should go at the same time!
heres the link to mari method http://www.marimethod.com
kara- thanks cutie!
dinosaur toes- i want her abs too but dont give those things up just have a cheat day!!! you deserve it:)
jacob makes amazing blueberry whet pancakes.
Eden -im with you on that! lifestyle not diets! i love mexico!
mara-im jealous of that body too! its possible though!
oh rannie and susan! hahaha
suzie on your feet i wear nikes but my bc trainer said to get asics if i want t o run. so im getting asics!
spickle bee! i love trader joes!
and i know these items are expensive but then i would wear them all the time!!! it would be those peices you have forever!!! having a partner is always more fun!
elizabeth- go ahead and ask her after class. break the silence! she may end up being your bff!
kass- i emailed you the playlist!
and i do not have a cuter figure but i love you for saying that! hahaha! when are yall available for skype? so fun!!! and i love volcom and anthro:)
christine- yes they are mucho $$ they will be a reward...gotta make goal to get 1 item!!! MOTIVATION!!!!
You guys are great and i hope the monday posts continue to push you:) lemme know if you have a specific thing you want me to share on work out mondays!

CaL said...

i love love love that brand! i'd get super pumped to work out in them! they're so SoCal! & if you come you gotta hit the beaches with a rockin bod! the foam playlist is great...another great workout sidekick! love love love you blog!

spicklebee said...

brandi - I totally agree that they are worth the dinero if you wear them alot. And agree that its a good goal thing for motivation. Like, if I work out everyday or eat well or whatever (for me, its no sweets :( I <3 love them!) then you should reward yourself with some hot workout gear that makes you feel fierce. Raaaar!! Bring it!

MacKenzie said...

Music is the only thing that gets my butt off the couch and working out. Thinking about a full 30-60 mins of pure tune indulgence makes sweating my ass off completely worth it :)