16 March 2010

2 things i love around my home. the perfect bath.

it's that time again for y'all to take a peek into my home. today i have 2 things i love around my bathroom. more photo's of our house click here.

1. my wonderful bathtub. its perfect. after a long day at work, jacob usually has this ready for me (he even boils water so it's extra hot) this is how i relax.
i took this photo 2 weeks ago. i since have replaced the flowers with a snake plant.

2.  my cabinet full of magic.
all these items make up the perfect soak.
cabinet from marshalls.
wooden owl from jamaica.
lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub from emma jean and willies (gift from jacob)
keihls face scrub, body scrub, and lavender foaming relaxing bath.
oatmeal (handmade) soap from jacobs cousins.
mop lemon grass  shampoo and conditioner.
glass rose (gift from bruno)
candle from urban outfitters.
oils for bath (spearmint is my favorite) from whole foods.


CaL said...

Oh I'd LOVE to have a huge bath tub like that! How perfect! & boiling the water for extra warmth is a must! I have a tiny tub but you've inspired me to pamper myself tonight! & the homemade oatmeal soap is pretty rad!

crissy said...

That looks so nice. I never take baths (only showers) because our tub is so small. I hope we have a nice tub like that if/when we have our own house.

my name is lauren. said...

now i want a bath so bad! i haven't had one in ages. it's not quite as enticing because it's not as large and lovely as yours :).

i miss you too! let's ichat soon. perhaps this weekend? or maybe next tuesday? the rest of my week is pretty full. let me know!


Kassi said...

love the bath... and all your products sound amazing... i wish i had the time to take more baths!
you have three columns now! how did you do it? email me and let me know por favor - i have been wanting three columns on my blog forever - love it!
thanks for playing along and i'm praying i win your giveaway ;-)
x to the o yo!

Carly said...

LOVE bubble baths!

Stephanie said...

I used to have a giant bathtub when we lived downtown. It was awesome. I took yummy bubble baths at LEAST once a week. How nice of Jacob to draw your baths for yoU!

tiffany said...

love your bath! and i'm SO envious of your cabinet of magic.


Helen [In Elegance] said...

I always take baths on an evening if I want to relax, with candles around the bathroom, lavender scents and some nice relaxing music playing.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

That's really sweet of Jacob to have your bath ready. I've always wanted to have a shelf at my tub to sit little pretties on. I like it!

I meant to answer your question about the terrarium jars earlier, but I forgot. Chris' aunt and uncle own this company called Evidex and they make these kits to test for biological and chemical stuff (like anthrax) and those glass jars come with the kit and are for specimen collection. If one of the jars is cracked, they have to throw the whole box away, but I got lots of them to use for projects!

Anna said...

we have a huge tub like that in the new house, I can't waiting for amazing baths!!

Olivia Carter said...

Thanks for the comment! I looove your bathtub!!! How relaxing :)

Kara said...

Wow, I'm super inspired to go draw myself a super hot bath and fill it with yummy smelling things. I checked out pics of your house on flickr and I LOVE how you guys combined your style in your house. It's super chill and definitely has personality. Love it.

Kara said...

P.S. I don't think I said "super" enough times in that last post so I felt the need to say it a few more times. Super! Super? SUPER!

lydia. said...

now i want a bath!
so jealous of your beautiful tub. that's amazing!
we have a nice one here at my parents' house, but the plumbing downstairs isn't working now. :(
missing the jacuzzi tub. boo.

now i have to convince josh that when we get a place a nice bathtub is necessity...

monica said...

how cute is your bath tub?

answer...super cute...and im jealous.

thanks for stoppin by my bloggg

can't wait to follow you and read more


Micaela said...

I'M IN LOOOOVE WITH YOUR BATH TUB!!! perfection! ugh, you have the cutest little place.

Amanda Brown said...

Your bathroom really looks amazing! I wish the tiles and the grout in my home in Melbourne were so clean! :D
I'm not much of a cleaner, but it looks like you definitely work on the shininess on your bathtub!

Amanda Brown said...

Your bathroom really looks amazing! I wish the tiles and the grout in my home in Melbourne were so clean! :D
I'm not much of a cleaner, but it looks like you definitely work on the shininess on your bathtub!