30 March 2010

2 things i love around my home.

first of all today is tuesday which means i get the pleasure of watching my nephew ryder. he is the cutest, most adorable, smartest, funniest, craziest, just awesomest kid ever! jacob and i have a lot of fun with him. we wake up in the best of moods on tuesday mornings and we say "its ryder day!" today our mission is to work in the garden (ryder loves flowers and being outside), get some baby toms, go to the park, and just make this baby boy smile! photo by "our perfect sister". to see more photos click here.

 thing i love around my home is my head cozie made by erin from happy owl. i won a giveaway awhile back and just forgot to show y'all! i love it! its the perfect color. burnt orange is one of my top 5 colors. and the head cozie helps in the cute department when i wanna be lazy with my hair.

 thing i love around my home is all my little succulents. i can't kill them! this excites me. i had a trial run with my plants at salon. i haven't killed them so now i get to have them in my home:)
i used my pyrex teacups and see the tall blueish wine glass in the back? it chipped and jacob was going to throw it away and i told him i could figure out a way to use it and i did! its too lovely to throw away.
it was a thrift find a while back... i still need to find 3 more for the rest of this family.

i hope you all have a great tuesday! i hope you join in on the 2 things i love around my home that i joined from kassi's blog. this has become one of my favorite posts, so thanks kassi!!!

ooooh oooh don't forget to hop on over to laurens blog for her awesome giveaway! le creuset baking dishes!


michabella said...

I need to get some of those succulents! I always manage to kill my plants!

With Love, Jamie said...

I looove succulents! My fave. And Erin rocks, that headband looks super cute on you! :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

"I can't kill them. This excites me." Hahaha, I had to laugh at that! My grandma is so bad with plants, I swear she even kills the artificial ones. You're not that bad, I'm sure! I love your little succulents. Once it gets a little warmer outside, I like to dig up a few violets and plant them in teacups, then sit them in a window.

Have fun with Ryder today! XOXO

my name is lauren. said...

your little head cozy is so cute! and i love your plants.

oh...and as for your comment about not being able to kill succulents...it's totally possible.

i've killed the following plants:

-bamboo. yes...you read that right.

i have the blackest thumb EVER. succulents are actually a little easier though...my problem is that i just over-love my plants and water them too much.

oh...and i wanted to tell you (not sure if you got the reply i sent in response to your comment on the giveaway), make sure you go back and leave 3 more comments on the giveaway post, because i can't separate them because i'll be using random.org.

leave one for each:

-being a follower

tell kelly to do the same!

hope you have a fun day with your little ryder! he's so freaking cute!


Caroline said...

Oh this post was perfect and your nephew is adorable!!! MUCH LOVE! xo

biscuit said...

oh my gosh, you are so beautiful!

Kassi said...

at first i thought ryder was one of your two things!
he's so stinkin cute
love the color of the headband
and i love how you've done the plants - they look great. jade is the only succulent that i haven't killed... and i love how you can pull a piece off and plant it and that it does well.
pretty pretty display.
thanks for playing along my friend!
x to the o!

Kara said...

Ooh, succulents! I keep telling my boyfriend that we have to give those away as favors (table decor) at our wedding. I think they're the prettiest <3

elsiee said...

love your two things - I'll be posting mine later this week, better late than never I guess!

much cuteness with the headcozy BTW!!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

nephew is adorable and i think i need to get some succulents because my plants just keep on dying.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

your nephew is adorable and i think i need to get some succulents because my plants just keep on dying.

Thankyou for visiting my blog :)

my name is lauren. said...

oh...and p.s. you should post a photo of those baby toms. i adore them. i think i might have babies just so i can put them in baby toms :).

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

adorable nephew :)

Anna said...

my favorite days are the ones i get to spend with my 5 nieces and nephews. Ryder is so precious.
that headband is the perfect color orange, looks great on you!

Cherry Tree Lane said...

the succulents look so stinkin' cute in the mug. love it.

Amy Renee said...

I love burnt orange! My couch is burnt orange! It's not my favorite color but it's one of them. :) The head cozy looks awesome! Your Nephew is A DOR A BLE.

Britti said...

Your nephew is adorable!
That headband is great!
Have a nice day :)

Pennie said...

I notice I' m doing this a week late - but, better late than never? Love your head cozie! And succulents - never had one - may have to now!

Anonymous said...

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