04 March 2010

hair tips for happy hair.

so we all know that hair makes all the difference. if we are having a bad hair day we don't wanna leave the house, right? I'm going to give you some tips on how to NOT have a bad hair day. i am not judging you so do not take offense i'm only telling you these things to HELP you.

- do not expect your hair to be happy if you are using pantene, or any other grocery store shampoo and conditioner. cheap shampoo = bad for your hair. it leaves resido, and a waxy build up, and will definitely  weigh your hair down over time. even the professional products sold in grocery stores( be careful), sometimes, most times they are the defect products. i will tell my clients to use a grocery store shampoo when they have dyed black hair and want to strip it out. it makes the color fade super fast.

- do not complain about your hair if you went the cheap route and got a cheap haircut. you get what you pay for. i get so many calls from new clients because they need me to "fix" their bad haircut from _______ ,_______& ______  i won't name the places bc thats not important. but those cheap places want you in and out and don't pay attention to the details.  Just think about this when your not wanting to spend the money on a haircut. YOU WEAR YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. money spent on a haircut is totally worth it. you could start being that person with the HAIR, that everyone talks about. i provide my clients with free bang trims and neck trims to maintain their look a little longer.

- i understand if you are pinching pennies but when it comes to hair try not too. if you want a great color job don't do it yourself, it will fade faster, you most likely will ruin/stain something in the process, waste time, and DAMAGE your hair. the store bought color usually have 20 volume developer, you don't want to keep using that over and over if your just depositing. thats so bad! they have professional products for a reason. i also get a lot of clients who go to dark, or mess up and you end up having to pay way more for corrective color. corrective color usually starts at 100 dollars are there is no guarantee of you walking out with your hair fixed.

i like to reward my clients. they walk around town, people like what they see and end up coming to the salon. so when my clients send me 3 people i provide them with a free haircut.  many of my clients don't even have to pay anymore because they just keep sending 3 people before they come in again.

i also like to treat color clients to a deep conditioning treatment from time to time to keep their hair in amazing condition.

***if you have color on your hair check the ingredients on your shampoo and conditioner. use a sulfate free product. sulfate strips color out of the hair.

* if you have highlights don't even think about applying heat to that pretty & delicate hair without a heat protectant. (that's when breakage happens). try moroccan oil on ends then flat iron or curl.
this is the face i make when someone calls me crying because they tried to cut their own bangs or melted their hair by using bleach themselves. DON'T DO IT! this is how it starts
me: Hello?
client: Dont be mad at me!
me: what did you do?
client: my hair is falling out! i tried bleaching it on my own...

Have you ever taken matters into your own hands and screwed it up?
kassi we know you did and it looks great. that is rare.
have you destroyed your hair in someway?
if you have happy hair send us a picture!


Caroline said...

Keep the tips coming!!!! I wish I lived closer and I would have you do my hair. So I live pretty darn close to San Francisco and I know you said you have a friend up there who is great... can you send me their info... I want to make an appointment!! Much love and thank you for these tips. Oh and I cut own bangs in Kindergarten.... I looked pretty cool with crooked bangs and big purple glasses. XO

Kassi said...

haha... you are so cute! yes, i did my own hair but if you were here i wouldn't have... if i could find someone around here like you, i would get my hair done professionally and not try to do it myself.
i totally want to schedule a 'date' with you when you come in june so that you can cut, highlight and make me pretty! i hope you bring your scissors! :-)
i love these hair tip posts.
since last week i have only been washing my roots and conditioning my ends and my hair actually behaves better! now, i'll start buying the professional shampoos and conditioners and stop using suave haha
love you mucho! thanks for this post. you're the best!
x to the o!!

ps. to answer your question, yes, i have screwed up my hair one too many times... and i hope to never do it again!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

I love these posts! Brandi- you are awesome to be giving us so much free advice!

I think I have pretty happy hair, even though I am way overdue for color. I've been trying to go longer in between since I'm blond and I don't want the bleach to wreck my hair.

I have worked in the industry for long enough to know somewhat how to take care of my hair. When I started as a receptionist at a salon at 19 I had a terrible "chicken fat yellow" as my bosses called it from trying to bleach my hair myself. Never again!! Even though I was never a hairdresser, being around stylists has helped alot!

I do have a confession though, my mom cut my bangs the other day...I think they turned out pretty cute and she's good at it.

I'll email you some pics of my so-called happy hair. I'll leave it up to you to decide!!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

and ps - you look amazing in that last pic (even if its supposed to be your mad face)!

CaL said...

i love love love your hair posts! your tips seriously help me...i'm very low maintenance with my hair (except for cut & color...i'm talking style wise) & your beach hair posts are the best! i always LOVE your product recommendations & wish i had a stylist as amazing as you!!! if you know anyone in socal that is any good...i'd love to know! you're just lovely!
p.s. my wordless wednesday has some inspiration from you in there! check it out if yah wanna! =)

Rannie said...

i can't wait to see your popular girl hair tomorrow!

Kara said...

I'm highly, highly embarrassed to admit that I frequently give myself (bad) bang trims. What's worse is that my aunt cuts my hair and she works at a really nice salon...I've pretty much learned to avoid haircuts til bad trims grow out :/

Stephanie said...

BRANDI! I use grocery store shampoo and conditioner! I didn't know it was bad!!! What should I use instead?!?!?!
AND- what kind of heat protectant should I use? I just put frizz-free serum on the ends... does that work?
I love you hair tips. :)

PS- I took your advice from last week and have only been shampooing my roots and conditioning the ends, and the texture of my hair has improved! I have more wave to my hair!

Stephanie said...

OH, and PPS your hair looks ROCKIN' in that picture! Love the front braid! :)

Micaela said...

i always cut my bangs and hate them. I never learn my lesson lol when i was younger i would try and cut my own layers too... what was i thinking? never again!

and OMG yes about DIY hair coloring! my hair is naturally really dark and i've dyed it so many times that in high school i thought i'd fix it and start over by using the hair dye strip -- which was SUPPOSED to remove all hair color treatments. I had SPOTS of orange in my hair. It was AWFUL!!! i rushed to my stylist crying and he was able to fit me in, thank god. I looked that bad... but not before give my hands a slap for trying to do it myself ;)

María José Toledo said...

Thank you for the tips! I make every.single.one of the mistakes you numbered now... but I'll try to be a good girl from now on. I've got to look for a decent hairdresser around here first, though. With my kind of hair it's almost impossible to find someone able to find a good haircut for me.
I wanted to know, what brand of shampoo do you recommend? Is L'oreal Professionnel a good choice? I do not have as much variety here in Chile as you do in the USA, so please let me know!

Thanks and good luck!

BuenoBueno said...

good shampoo brands that i love:

these are what i use. and i love each and everyone!

heat protectants
it should say on bottle if it is. moroccan oil is def a heat protectant.
Kara- go to your aunts salon! no excuses! :)
hope these brands work and i hope they have one of these in chile. if not go to a good salon and ask them a good shampoo for your hair type:)
Caroline- ill get the number today!
all girls- thanks for your comments and if you have any other questions feel free to ask just leave me your email address:)
chels- i know what yellow you are talking about! hahaha
cal- thanks!!!! i feel special!
mic- OMG DIY hair color not a good idea and usually not shiny

Jennifer said...

Love this post!!

I'll totally admit that I use suave, but sometimes biosilk or CHI. What kinds on S&C do you recommend? I don't dye my hair, it's natural, but I do blow dry and straighten often...usually 3-5 times a week! I usually use a biosilk or chi heat protectant/serum before using my hot iron or blow dryer though...keep those tips 'acomin!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Haha, Kassi got called out! Her hair looks pretty though, even if she says it doesn't.

I love the face you make when you get an emergency call. How funny! I have to admit, I've been cutting my own hair for a while now because I haven't found a good stylist. If I had a good one, I'd definitely try bangs!

My hair is kind of wavy and a little on the coarse side, but I'd like it a little softer and moisturized, so I was wondering if you had a suggestion for a brand of shampoo and conditioner to try?

Take your antibiotics and get better before your trip so your grandma won't be mad at you!

One more thing, if you cut Kassi's hair in June (I just read her comment), I want a cut, too!


Shani said...

How cute are you!!! I'm so happy you posted this! I haven't had a haircut in a million years because the last time I let someone cut it she took a huge chunk out of the side and I want to kill her for it. I was growing my bangs out for months and saw one cute picture of one cute girl with really cute bangs. The next thing I know I'm hacking my bangs off. So stupid. I wish hadn't. So now I'm back to growing them out. GUH!

Cole said...

I love this series but wish I lived closer so I could see you in real life and have you give me advice.
I think my hair is pretty happy, I don't color it and try to treat it well, it's just a little crazy.
I was using Kerastase shampoo but it got so expensive I started to feel super cheap and used grocery store shampoo now. I need to step up my game again.
Thank you for your email and the kind words about copycat brides, I'm getting over it, it really wasn't that big of a deal in the first place :)

lydia. said...

do you have any particular shampoos and conditioners that you strongly recommend?
i need names, please! :)

i seriously love this series.
thank you so much!

i have done some stuff to my own hair before.
but i've already been reprimanded by my friend corey.
i did my own fringes.
and they honestly didn't look bad. he told me that the way i did it was damaging tho! and he'd kill me if i ever did it again. :)
so that's a no-no!

can't wait for the next isntallment.

Anna said...

i ordered some mop lemongrass shampoo! i will let you know how it goes. maybe some before & after pics :)once again, you are amazing, thank you!
p.s. no idea how i made my blog have 3 columns. no freaking clue.

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Dear Bueno,
I have thin, Fine hair. Its an awkward length, I DO NOT go to a cheap place, But the ladys son is leaving for years and she was ALL sad.Thus, Leaving my Hair, SAD.
HAHA I need help! tell me where your salon is, IM COMING.and, i want one of those amazing feather headbands. You are aaamazing. and I love your hair. Boom,Done. <3

my name is lauren. said...


i'm buying moroccan oil. it's settled. do you know a website where i can get it....i think i asked before, but i forgot where. i'm totally doing it.

e-mail me the link when you have time!

Tori T said...

I wish we could just all create a mini, portable Brandi to come do our hair. I haven't had a cut in six months... SIX MONTHS!! because i'm so scared of them taking off too much. Your tips rule and my hair has been happier since I've been taking your advice. I think I'm going to invest in some Moroccan Oil. When I'm near Houston again I'm making an appointment. Denton and Houston aren't THAT far!...

Anna said...

i'm loving all these tips!

so wishing i still lived in houston so i could get my hair done at your lovely salon today!

karlee said...

i shaved my head a 15 months ago. my hair was so damaged and i was sick of it. it was one of the hardest things and one of the best things i've ever done. hair is important. now it's nearly shoulder length and i have resolved to not color it again. i do straighten though, but i have an awesome stylist of my own who supplies the morrocan oil. anyways that's my story! my hair is mucho happier now.

B said...

keep these hair tips coming, i love them! (: