18 March 2010

how to wear a cute messy bun. 3 steps.

 hi im brandi from sunchild salon. im here to show you how to wear a CUTE messy bun.
pick a cute simple clip. don't wear the ones that snooki wears. those are for salon use ONLY.
gather hair loosely.
wrap around loosely and clip to side.
i call this a happy messy bun.

ok so sometimes clients tell me that they can't get the side swoop.
before you think that you can't, try. have you tried to train them?
do this when your hair is wet. mine took awhile to train bc i used to split my hair down the middle.

* when you are at home. grab a bobby pin or clip to train your bangs which direction to go.
sad half way done hair.
this is ONLY okay for around the house or at the gym but KNOW that you are better than these.
i promise. i hate when i see someone dressed all cute and then their hair is up like this...
it just has no life to them. and trust me i have worn my hair like this and i look back and want to hit myself for being lazy about myself. it's so easy not to make time for ourselves, especially for moms, but moms you deserve to feel great and look great!!
kelly even challenged herself not to do this during the summer, but to take the time and fix her hair.
* when i don't have time to fix my hair ill add a braid, a hat, a cute happy bun, feather headband, fixed pony tail. but i have made a pact to myself that i will make more of an effort while getting ready.

more easy HAIR how to's coming your way next week:)

i hope i didn't offend anyone. i'm just trying to help.
and is there anything you have a question about? anything you want me to share with yall about hair?
just let me know.


Anonymous said...

You offended me! Just kidding!!!

I love your hair how to's!!

I should make more time to do my hair..I suppose..but it'll just get all ruined when I workout..

So can I have cute hair and workout??? :-)

By the way..I'm already planning my next Sunchild visit..thinking about it anyway.


MaryBeth Hughes said...

love this post and messy buns! if only my hair were a little longer. i'm working on it!

CaL said...

How do I get your bangs!? Seriously...I love how simply easy they look...I have the regular side swept right now...but I'd love to have them a bit more free & messy...how?! Haha! I love your hair posts!


bad "me" picture...but good bangs picture, to show you what mine are like...maybe they're just too long...I don't know...lol! Yelp!

Oh & ulta doesn't have moroccan oil...just macadamian oil...? & no sea salt spray...is amazon worth buying these from?

Thanks for all the great hair tips chicka!

Kara said...

Super cute, I love this post. Lately I've been a fan of what my dad calls "the school marm look" with a bun twisted up and pinned back at the nape of my neck. I love a cute bun.

Looking forward to more hair how-tos!

Eden said...

love it!! :)

daniela said...

My hair is always in a messy bun by the end of the day!!! But I always use a hair tie which probably damages my hair.......?!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE this post!!! I really should stop just sticking it in a pony tail. I need to train mine now to go to the side. I have it down the middle. Thanks for all the awesome tips. I need to take a little trip to the salon!!

Britti said...

I love your happy messy bun!
And I totally agree with you, women deserve to look and feel great!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

You can't offend anyone, you're too cute! I love the way your bangs look, and is your hair darker or is that just the picture? Either way, it looks pretty!

You probably would have smacked me if you saw how I had my hair today. Not in the half ponytail, but I had it put in a bun with a pencil. It was too fluffy down, so I had to make the fluffiness disappear!

I can't wait for more of your how to's!

Love ya, pretty lady!

Helen [In Elegance] said...

Oh yes I'm a messy bun wearer too.

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

sweet messy bun! I have to say you look smokin' hot in the Step 2 pic!

Good advice on the bangs. My straight ones are nearing the cut or grow stage. Thinking I wanna grow them out but they need training!!

@danielle - I feel ya. I wind up tying mine up in a knot when I get busy at work. Although no pencil, I just tie it in a knot :(

Caroline said...

I learn so much from your blog!!!! Wishing you a lovely day!! XO

Andrea said...

I love it! As a mom I so hear you on not taking time for ourselves! I started a little mommy fashion segment on my blog once a week. I highlight a favorite fashionable yet functional outfit. I hope it shows other mommies that they can have cute style still too. It really doesn't take any extra time to put on a cute pair of jeans versus a pair of sweat pants, and a colorful tank versus a drab t-shirt. No what I mean? :)

buffy sunshine said...

loving the hair blogs. loving.

sometimes i use hot rollers for a little body, but it only looks fab for about 20 minutes. would you suggest hairspray or mousse or what? i'm also looking for a good product that will hold my five year old boy's hair in a messy mohawk all day...???

thanks for the messy bun!

tinypaperheart said...

how cute are you! :)

Laura Loo said...

must say that the 'train your bangs' pic is THE BEST. haha amazing one googly eye..

Katherine said...

oooh, i am definitely a messy bun fan!! i am particular, though.
1. it has to be high on my head
2. i start with a ponytail then wrap my hair around around and either pin or secure with an elastic
3. all of the frizzy wispy junk at the back of my neck needs to be smooth.

and, a giant P.S. My hair is pretty long, SUPER thick, and (eeps!!) has not been professionally cut since December 2008. HORRIBLLLLLE!

i actually thought for five minutes about flying to texas for you to cut my hair, but that would be a pretty expensive haircut. :)

P.S. I wish you had been able to get the cameras! BOO!

emilee said...

love your hair, love your how-to posts. this hairstyle-challenged girl thanks you.

:) erin said...

cute, thanks!
congrats Ashley.

my name is lauren. said...

glad you're doing these hair posts b. they're great. oh...and as for your how to...a video would be great. what did you think about the bangs idea? just let me know. i'm excited to see whatever you come up with!


lydia. said...

i love this bun how to!
when i try to do my own, they typically look dumb.
and when i have done it, i pretty much knot my hair up in a ponytail.
and i've been thinking that's damaging.
is it? just curious!
i'm doing this one from now on tho!

the girl said...

haha, train your bangs! i always do that, and my roommates always ask me why i do! it works, though!

Stephanie said...

SO smart about train your bangs! I am guilty of the half-ass pony tail don't.... what are easier ways to do second-day hair when I'm in a hurry?

PS- where to get that clippy thing you used in the messy bun look?

Kassi said...

i love this look and have been doing it ALL week because of this post... it's so easy and fun. thanks b!
x to the o yo!

BuenoBueno said...

i got the clip from forever 21. its gold colored and has some rhinestones on it. pretty and simple.
yes hair ties cause breakage. i use them when i work out though.
cal- you can order them online:)try the real site. amazon hair products might be defected.
buffy sunshine- try dust it for your lil one!
and hairspray can be your best friend sometimes. i use mop.
im glad yall are liking the hair posts! and trust me i don't always fix my hair! i'm trying to make more "me" time. xo