17 March 2010

i need a home. new in the etsy shop.

updating the shop this week. here are a couple new items. they need a loving home.
shop bueno!


Jamie said...

I love them both! Awesome goodies!!!!
Happy day to you!!!

:) erin said...

SERIOUSLY, that owl is so PERFECT! I am sure that will go in seconds.
p.s. love the NY posts, comments and photos. I need to make a trip.

Miss Koree said...

AH! I seriously LOVE these! The owl is adorable!!

my name is lauren. said...

That little owl is so cute! Good finds lady. Hope you are having a lovely day and I hope you do something fun and exciting tonight for st. Patricks day...I figured you wouldwith the exciting life you lead :). Ha! Love you!

Genevieve Gail said...

Just adopted the owlie from your shop! Woo whoo! He will look perfect on my mantle ♥

Caroline said...

Oh I love owls!!! Wishing you a great day lady!!!! :P

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

That looks like the same color blue my dining room is painted!

Are you going through your personal treasures to make room for new things ? ;)

I hope you're having a good hump day.


Anonymous said...

i think both of these items were on fossil finds. vintage is my heroin. im drunk. i miss you.

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

love them both, but the mushroom had my heart. I just had to buy it, can't wait for it to be mine!!