06 March 2010

new york friends.

rannie. susan. me.
so my first night in the big city we stumbled upon a photo booth at arrow bar. love it! it was a weird one though because it doesn't tell you when the first photo's about to be taken. dang it!

right before these photos i cut rannie's hair. i should of cut my bangs. i need to cut them. ok, problem solved. i just cut them.

later in the night i tried to walk the streets barefoot because my feet had blisters. high heels suck!
but rannie was yelling at me, telling me i could get a disease, so i put them back on and she ended up making fun of the way i was walking. i can't win!

i always forget something when i pack. i forgot my cutting cape so we went to ricky's (it's like a sally"s) and they sold moroccan oil products, bumble and bumble, and had the supplies i needed to highlight my friend kelle's hair. SCORE!

how has your weekend been so far?
name a song that would be appropriate for these photos.
just curious what comes to mind.

be looking out for my post on rannie's apt.


Rannie said...

I look like a freakin' Avatar in that first photo!
gee whiz.

Caroline said...

These pictures are ADORABLE...hmm a song... let me think... Sugar Sugar by the Archies ... haha!! Any who hope your weekend has been lovely!! XO

my name is lauren. said...

you and your friends are beautiful ♥.

the song that popped into my head was "girls just wanna have fun"....and actually also "cousins" by vampire weekend, but that's mostly because it was the last song i heard.

i hate walking around in heels. no bueno. i walked barefoot around downtown portland the night of my best friend's bachelorette party. i had already had like 4 drinks at that point so i didn't really consider getting diseases. thankfully i didn't.

glad you're having fun!

susan said...

Hi rannie! Hi Brandi! glad y'all are having fun! my pic song pick is "There she goes again" by The Velvet Underground. Such a good new york song!

here ya go!


Diana said...

aw...i miss ny! i spent 4 weeks there for my honeymoon. i can't wait to see all your pics!

lydia. said...

i love these pictures! so lovely.

i need my bangs cut, too. desperately.
normally in this situation i would probably do something drastic. ha. but until i am actually taught how to properly handle this, i'll wait for corey.

my weekend so far is good.
josh and i are becoming a one car family and we're selling his car and getting a super cute scooter instead! we're so excited.

Annette said...

These are adorable.

:) erin said...

girl time is always good. and i love that your friend told you to put your shoes back on. I was thinking diseases too. ;)
song, hmmmm...."Proud Mary" by Tina Turner (and don't ask me why, that just popped into my head)

Kellee said...

you are with me right now doing my hair. yay!

Kassi said...

pretty pretty girls!
cute haircut rannie!

sound like you're having a good time, b!

my weekend has been full of mold talk, praying and house hunting.
girls just want to have fun and for some reason... tainted love by soft cell comes to mind...

enjoy your time with your friends

x to the o yo!