26 March 2010

photoshoot at sunchild salon.

more photo's from last weekends photoshoot, i can't wait to see all of them!

i love when i get to do whatever i want with someones hair! lindsay was cool with the big hair, messy braid, beach waves, and feathers incorporated with it all! and seriously everything i brought for her to wear fit perfectly! everything she is wearing: thrifted. except for the head of feathers...bueno bueno made.
this was all the outside we could get, it was freezing, rainy, and windy. but that couldn't get us down.
i think the ones on the couch like this are my favorite!
all jewelry and clothing : bueno bueno vintage.
head piece: bueno bueno made

location: sunchild salon
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rainy days make for good shots too. im loving the raindrops on the windows.
boots: vintage
vest: vintage
denim shorts: a & f (almost vintage)
swimsuit top: american apparel
jewelry: vintage
beautiful cutie model: lindsay slott 
where have you seen her: americas best dance crew
make up and photography by johnny rendon
johnny recently quit working at nylon magazine and is working on his website so ill let you know when that is up and running:)

im posting this video bc this song seems perfect for this shoot.
1. i love joan jett
2. i love rock and roll and this song makes me go crazy
3. i can't wait to see runways! what about you? are you going to watch it? have you already?

so what are your weekend plans?
today i'm helping my friend fix and decorate her new room (for waxing and facials)
i have another wedding tomorrow:)
my friend jace is coming in to town
and more gardening with jacob.


michabella said...

Wow. I love everything about those pictures! The feathers, make up, outfits! Ah! <333

Becky Farley said...

Those photos are so awesome! I love them!
I am going to the Renaissance Festival here in Tampa -it's always fun! All the crazy people dressing up, eating turkey legs, just having fun!

I'm excited for my feather necklace ;)

Caroline said...

This post was amazing!! Joan Jett Rocks. I love all of the photos in this post, and her hair. WOW!!! You are oh so talented!! Xo

CupcakeSniper said...

absolutely love!!

BuenoBueno said...

thanks pretties!
michabella i wish i could do my hair like that everyday but i don't!
becky- thats sounds so fun! i want to go!
caroline- joan jett is the coolest!!!
and thanks:)
cupcake- yay! i love you!
yall have fun and be safe this weekend!

Jamie said...

amazingggg pictures! you're style is awesome...i loveee it.

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

what a great set of photos! And yes, Joan Jett is amazing!! I can't wait to see Runaways!!

The styling for this shoot is so awesome, great job.

We are going camping this weekend and I feel like I seriously should have had some bueno bueno flowers in my hair!!! Might have to order some for my next camping adventure...

CaL said...

Those came out so great!!! My absolute favorite was the one where she's staring off & there's rain drops in the background! So serene! I love the head piece you made!!! Everything lovely! & that song! I'm excited to see the Runaways! Is it out...am I behind?! This weekend I'll be doing a shoot @ Joshua Tree on Saturday & a birthday party on Sunday (when I should be cleaning & crafting!) Have a great weekend!

Tori T said...

love her hair. love her clothes. shooo cute, brandi bear!!

Elizabeth said...

Her hair and makeup are incredible! Love the feathers and her boots too...it's very new Native American :)

jadiebird said...
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jadiebird said...

wow those are great! everything was perfect: the hair, makeup, jewelry, styling. great job lady!
oh, what is that gray shirt she's wearing? i think i may be in love with it. :)

Kelly said...

I love these! I wish a salon here in Bham would do something similar so I could come take the pics!

JenniferBirge said...

so beautiful!

lydia. said...

i love this shoot, so much.
that girl is absolutely gorgeous!

i'm excited to see the runaways, too.
i just read an article about it and i found out that it's more about the front woman of the band, played by dakota fanning.
i'm super ready to see it, tho!

tenthings. said...

Wow! What a great photo shoot! I love it! You know me and feathers...