20 March 2010

surf shop + coffee shop = saturdays

while hanging out with dave in new york he mentioned going to saturdays for coffee and then i remembered reading about it in foam magazine. i was really excited to check it out and i hope if you live in new york or if your visiting you check it out. grab a cup and hang out with lola in the back patio.

we stopped by after closing one night and didn't get to try the coffee but since they were friends with dave we got to take a look.
the next day i came back to try the coffee and hang out in the back.

i loved the vibe, it was so chill, and they are so welcoming.

i love this board bag and i really want it:) its funny bc rannie had just shown it to me that week online.

cream and sugar anyone? i would love to have a wall in my house like this. bench, coffee bar, photos....they did an awesome job with this place!

sip your coffee while you shop:) oh and the coffee is good!

mmmm. i love the smell of surf wax, every time i see one i have to pick it up and sniff.

"her name is lola!"
really it is. she was the cutest dog ever. such a funny personality.

looking up and taking in how inspiring this city is.
if i lived in soho i would be at tis place all the time.
happy saturday friends!
if your bored rummage through your closet and go sell some clothes at buffalo exchange.
jacob did that yesterday and got $85 bucks. and they didnt even take a lot.


lydia. said...

that place looks so neat!
i get a nice vibe just from the photos.
i'm not a surfer or anything, haha, but i'd still want to go to check it out.
and meet lola, of course! :)

bella vintage said...

buffalo exchange is great..the ones here in l.a. are overloaded so you don't get the best deals but my friend gets mega deals in San Diego and i have a bag full when i go next time..

biscuit said...

oh my gosh, i miss manhattan so much. (pouts) and now you are making me miss california. (cries)

Kassi said...

ooh i love that board bag too!!
looks like a fun little place to hang out.
we love the smell of surf wax too - we always have it in the car and it smells so good and every christmas i get it for the boys and i love the way it smells up their stockings... dan always rubs it on his feet before he surfs and he has the softest feet in the world. ;-)
lola is too cute.
love your shoes.
love you.

Helen [In Elegance] said...

Interesting place.

my name is lauren. said...

i love that photo of you with lola. the composition is great and you look pretty. i want to go to new york someday and when i do i will most definitely have to go get coffee there :).

BuenoBueno said...

lydia- yes it was neat!
bella vintage- yes this is true and they are cra cra at the L.A. one!
biscuit- "don't cry dry your eye" hahaha SNoooooop.
kassi- i think we all need a chat session soon! its way over due! what day?
helen- yes indeed.
lauren- what are the best coffee places in portland? can you give me a list of cool things to give to my friends?xo
you ladies rock! i hope yall are all having a wonderful weekend!