04 March 2010

travel light. going to new york. any suggestions?

 i actually took this photo in paris. but it's perfect for this post.

i am pumped. i am pumping myself with vitamins, water, and antibiotics because nothing is stopping me from getting there. i've been in bed 4 days now. had to cancel a week's worth of clients:( so i am GOING, and i will have FUN! i have many friends to see! many strands of hair to cut!
 today i plan on sleeping a lot and packing for my adventure to the big apple.

last time i was in new york. april 2007. it was a short trip and i didn't get to see much.

ronald are you ready to spend 7 whole days with me? ha ha

HELP ME!! suggestions???

not taking a purse because i wanna travel light. so i got out one of my fanny pack's. 
(i use them a lot.)
1. denim fanny pack- miss sixty
2. smith's minted rose lip blam (anthro or sephora)
3. film for diana camera- does anyone know where i can get this developed?
4. pens/sharpies
5. sunchild pin
7. amber oil-i get mine at whole foods.
8. gum-cinamon
9. eco friendly sprint phone
10. billabong wallet.
11. ipod inside handmade pouch from kassi <3
12. lipgloss: kat von d "party animal"
&  bare escentuals buxom lips "krystal"(sephora)

nylon magazine - how original huh? im also going to get the new FOAM if its in.
the last song- my grandma so desperately wants me to read more so she bought this for me. i'm totally going to read it.
sketch book and sharpies- these are a MUST!

things i plan to do while in N.Y.
take it all in.
hug my ronald.
take lots of photos.(be ready for street style post)
have brunch with friends.
cut some peoples hair.
have a jewelry making day.
pretend i live there.
check out some salons.
be inspired.
people watch.
eat some pizza.
please let me know of :
any shops, cafe's, or thrift stores i need to check out in williamsburg.

awe jacob left me a little note. im gonna miss him so many too.
( just a phrase we say. )


Kassi said...

i pretty much love this post
love all the photos
love love the fanny pack
and all that you are putting inside it
love that you use the phone case i made you!
i love that your grandma says you should read more
i love that you are going to pretend to be a new yorker
i love that you and jacob say 'i love you so many'

have a blast! i've never been to new york so i can't help you out in that area...
and it looks like you are bringing all the must-haves.... i can't wait to see your photos when you return!
i'll be praying for fun times, many adventures and safe travels for you!
mucho love!
x to the o

Kara said...

Oh lawd, that is one cute fanny pack. I'm not sure I have the cajones to wear one but you should def take outfit pics with that on and post them for my sheer enjoyment.

I haven't been to NY since I was 14 so I'm fresh outta local tips, but DEFINITELY have pizza!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I can't wait to see your street style post! How fun!

Looks like you've got everything covered. I'm guilty of bringing too much stuff I don't need, so I'm certainly not a good person to give advice.

I love that on your to do list you have "pretend I live there." I always do that when I go somewhere, and I always have to tell Chris, "you look too much like a tourist!"

I hope you feel better before you go, and I can't wait to see pictures when you get back!


ash said...

you can get your medium format film processed at sam's club. (at least the ones in utah). i don't have a membership there, but you can buy things at the food court without one. i just pay for my film with my churro!

Houston Blog Blog said...

You've got to check out Mcsorley's! It's the shit! http://www.mcsorleysnewyork.com/

BTW, you've been listed as a featured blog on the houston blog blog: houstonblogblog.com.

jackiek said...

i get my film developed at the local walgreens... i'm sure you can find one (you'll see a ton of Duane Reed's in NY... you might be able to get it developed there!)

i've never been to williamsburg, ny but i go to soho all the time. i do have a list of places i want to check out in the city though, and a few are in williamsburg!

thrift store- beacon's closet (88 N 11th Street) and Buffalo Exchange (332 E 11th Street)

bowling alley: the gutter (200 N 14th Street)

plus there's a ton of great art gallery's and music venue's there to check out!

have an amazing trip!! xoxo

:) erin said...

just adore that fanny pack. and that you are going to be a local...so fabulous! hopefully you will find some killer thrift store finds. Can't wait to see...
love the hair tips each week. happy hair= happy me!

biscuit said...

check out my blog! you may have won something! :]

Poison Oak said...

Moto is by far the best place for brunch or any time of the day- I swear I'm not biased because it's down the street from me. It is heaven. It's very small, but most of the time there is a jazz band playing softly in the background.

Another great spot is in Greenpoint- the Manhattan Inn. It's stunning. There are tables around a piano.

Both very relaxing places! Enjoy!

I'm all for the fanny pack.

. s h e r r y * said...

<3 <3 <3 I really want to go to New York... Have so much fun!!!

lydia. said...

so excited for you.
i miss new york so much. i really need to go back.
i hope you have the best time, lady!
i love the fanny pack, p.s.


Lauren @thelittlethingswedo said...

this is a wonderful wonderful post.

i loved getting to creep on all the stuff you carry around in your purse....errrr...i mean...fanny pack. and i think i want some of that osis dust it stuff.

and i love what a good packer you are! i ALWAYS overpack. it's kind of ridiculous. you should've seen me on our honeymoon.... an entire suitcase dedicated to the lingerie and sexy heels i barely even wore. good thing we didn't fly anywhere!

i SO wish i could go to new york. i've never been there...or really been much of anywhere. i hope you have so much fun and i can't wait to see all the photos and read all about your adventures!

love you B!

Rannie said...

I am SO ready to spend 7 days with you. And you know who's even MORE excited? Franki.

P.S. We are not allowed to drink alcohol OUTSIDE here.. because, apparently, that is against the LAW! and we can't go around getting tickets for that stuff, because i ALREADY DID TONIGHT.


see in tomorrow. xo

madison said...

get on the F, get off at 7th ave, and walk to the best diner in Brooklyn. Donuts!!!

ps-SOOOO jealous you're going! I would love to get away from school for a week!!!

Lindsay Kling said...

have a fabulous time in NY! I'm going in May with my Mom & Sister (girl's trip!) and cannot wait. What is the name of the Amber Oil you get at Whole Foods? I'm going to have to check it out next time I'm there. ;)

crissy said...

I'm pretty jealous. I've been to NY once, and have dreamed of going back since. Hope you have a great time and a safe trip :)

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