29 March 2010

what do you wear when you go to a wedding.

so i always have a hard time trying to figure out what to wear to weddings because
1. i prefer the casual look
2. i feel like an idiot in a dress
3. heels hurt my feet and i hate tight fitting clothes.

so the past two weekends i had weddings to attend, a day time wedding and an evening wedding.
this is what i ended up wearing.

day wedding - outfit#1
denim strapless dress that i folded into skirt: h&m
lace tank with chains: kimchi blue
purple belt: thrifted
buffalo head necklace: thrifted
footless tights: target
gold shoes: forever 21

hairstyle: loose waves with a little side french braid.

to dress it up a bit more i added a pin stripe blazer.
i felt better with the blazer since the weddding was in a church.
PROUD OF MYSELF because i didn't have to buy anything to wear. this was all stuff in my closet.

evening wedding outfit #2

this is my sisters LBD (little black dress)
i have worn it to 2 or 3 weddings now, different groups of friends so no one else knows that.
this is the dress she wore in my wedding or to the rehearsal i forgot.
anyway its perfect and flattering.

dress: white house black market
hooded fur jacket: vintage treasure

hairstyle: not sure if you can see that well but for my hair i teased it and bobby pinned the side. the bobby pins were my accessories. i arranged them neatly so it actually looked cool. click on photo to enlarge.
i also wore
footloose tights: target
bronzy colored heels: steve madden
little miss plum (james daughter) from bleubird vintage put my orange lipstick on, took my heels and wore my fur.
it was so cute! 

all in all both outfits worked great, they were comfortable and i took off my heels while i danced. i felt like myself which is really important.
 and ladies be careful while dancing strapless! i swear i flashed people a couple of times! whoops!

what do you wear to weddings? i wanna see!
do you ever feel silly all dressed up?
i love when the nights over and i get to throw on my comfy harem pants and a hoody! now thats bliss!


OH and i found out late that you are NOT suppose to wear white or ivory to a wedding (if you are not the bride). sorry jam! she never said anything to me but a few years after i did that i read in a magazine that thats a no no!! oops


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I love this post because I'm having a wedding outfit dilemma! I have a hard time dressing for weddings for all three reasons you listed. My sister and I are going shopping on Friday so she can buy a dress for her friend's wedding, but I really don't want to have to buy anything, I'd rather put together stuff I already have in my closet, but I'm afraid it may be too casual!

Oh, and I'm totally copying that side french braid!

Katherine said...

i have this issue, too! i am not one who looks forward to dressing up......

my friend is getting married in october, and although it won't be completely casual, they are having a punk band play at the reception--WTF do i wear to that?!?

JenniferBirge said...

Love the outfit! I usually wear a similar casual style to weddings. I've heard you never wear black ivory, or white. If I know the colors of the wedding I try to coordinate those into my outfit so I match. :)
Oh and I love your tats on your arms. I want to get one on my inner arm but am kind of scared it's going to be horribly painful. Of course tats are painful, but some spots are worse than others. Was is unbareable?

BuenoBueno said...

danielle-im sure whatevr you put together will look awesome! try jeremiah weed. its tea flavored vodka that you mix with water! so good! and tastes so light...you cant taste the alcohol!
and you can copy anything i do!!! youll be way cuter!

Katherine- hahah! dress madonna like from that 80's movie suddenly seeking susan? is that what is was called? sounds like a fun unique wedding so im sure you can wear whatever!!! tutu? froo froo, lace gloves!

BuenoBueno said...

jennifer- THANK YOU! sorry i was typing while you were commenting!
oops i wear black to weddings eek double whoops!
you learn something everyday!
and tatoos arent that painful there for me. they do hurt but its weird not too bad. a brazillian wax job hurts a million times worse.

JenniferBirge said...

brazillian wax job, ekk! Worse experience of my life..I thought I was going to die, have an anixety attack, cry, and scream all that the same time. NEVER again. Razors work just fine for me. lol

With Love, Jamie said...

Love this post :) You look amazing!

Katherine said...

brandi--i forgot to mentionthe wedding is in santa barbara and has a fiesta theme. i have an awesomely ridiculous vintage skirt with handpainted cacti, maracas and fiesta dancers on it. so far it is outfit choice #1!!

BuenoBueno said...

thanks MAra! ur hawaii post made me miss it so much!
jenn- omg yes i know...special occasions and vacations are all i can handle...razor the rest of the time.
jamie- awe thanks love!
katherine! omg! fiesta! wow coolest theme ever! jealous of your skirt! my friends mom had these vintage boots with cacti on them cool not tacky.she was going to give them to me bc her daughters didnt want them until jacob and his big mouth said "woah those are the coolest boots ever!" then one of her daughters wanted them. :(

Katherine said...

see for yourself:

tenthings. said...

today I'm loving Brandi! you made my day!

and i love the feather tattoo.



oh, and wear what you can dance in...weddings are all about dancing. start in sexy shoes, if they hurt, take 'em off and tear it up barefoot!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Almost all of the weddings I've been to - I've been IN the wedding so finding something was never really an issue. Until recently. My boyfriend's brother got married 2 years ago and I went on a bender trying to find a dress - I was mostly worried due to pictures and meeting the whole family. I bought 2 dresses. One for the rehearsal night get together and one for the wedding. And then a third back up which I didn't end up wearing at all - thankfully I had it on hand for my friend's wedding last year. I felt a bit silly wearing black to a day wedding but it was chilly out so I tossed on a bright aqua cardigan to make it seem less evening-ish.

Your outfits were adorable - I wish I had the flare to dress and throw stuff together like that!!!

I have a wedding reception to go to in May and I'm totally just going to purchase a maxi dress - I'm taking the lazy way out.

P.S. The family wedding that I went to - my heels were killing me but I always am sure to bring spare flip flops for dancing. They worked out great!

biscuit said...

i have literally only been to 1 wedding as an adult. my sisters and i was the matron of honor! if i have to go to anyone's wedding it's because i'm involved or shooting the photography! :]

BuenoBueno said...

kerri- yes i agree about the wear what you can dance in! haha and hells always get kicked off! xo
kelly- whats a maxi dress? im a stupid for asking?
yes jacob brings me flats and flip flops in his car so i wont have blacl=k feet at the end of the night!
danielle- oh i am in 2 weddings this year. i go to lots and im in lots! i love weddings, just not the dressing up part:( i look weird.


Laura Loo said...

i dig dig your first outfit lots! the denim skirt/dress is super super cute, i really want one!!! wheres it from?
i also love the combo of purple and teal/sagey green.
and your hair is super cute! i can never figure out how to do a braid thing like that.

i love weddings! and dressing for them! i LOVE wearing dresses, so it's a perfect excuse for me.
I actually had a family wedding this weekend, and you can see my outfit on my blog. I got that dress at Target (Liberty of London line), because I loved the print, but I was iffy on the fit... the way it cinches in the waist instead of under the boobs just makes that big poof pocket making a huge uni-boob, and it just is unflattering and fattening I think, looking back. Grr.

Kara said...

How amazing are your outfits and your hair?! I seriously LOVE the french braid. Amazing.

Anna said...

both your outfits are super adorable. i have a lbd i always wear (if I don't have to wear a bridesmaid dress). everyone always loves it, & it cost $4 on the clearance rack at sears. i say anything goes except for jeans! my mom is a caterer & you would be surprised by all the people who show up in blue jeans.

Anna said...

oh & your braid pretty much rocks!

Carly Anne said...

You've chosen some classy alternatives to traditional wedding gear; nice work!


All this is Grace and Charm

Ashley said...

Both of your outfits look great! The last wedding I went to I wore a dress that was ivory on top and black on the bottom...oops!

I wish I could do my hair like you did for the day wedding! That french braid is so cute but I think my hair is too thin! :(

Rose said...

thank you so much for your sweet comment! :)
i am so jealous you get to plan outfits to go to weddings! i am 22 and still have NEVER gone to a wedding, ever! i am waiting for one of my friends to fall in love, so i can wear a cute dress and give a toast at a wedding. :)
great, creative post with lovely photos!
xoxo, rose

my name is lauren. said...

i love your wedding outfits. i usually just go with an easy dress, a cardi and heels. it works for most every affair.

as for the not wearing white thing, i always stick to that. although there was one time i seriously considered it because i really thought the dress was perfect and not even remotely "bridey", but i just stuck with tradition :).

kittycat said...

aw i have only been to weddings when i was younger. and only like two but i can't wait until it all begins! you look wonderful in both outfits!

xo tiffany

Micaela said...

ha i laughed at the warning- my cousin wore a LONG white sleek gown to my sister's wedding and ya... we were all like wtf, crystal really? haha

I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS!!! those gold shoes (must have!) and the fun hair.. you're stunning! and your work outs are totally working! seriously, i want your arms.

you're GORGEOUS!

i'm always in a dress so weddings are pretty easy... the trick is finding something flowy enough to enjoy the eats if there's a reception ;) ha

Micaela said...

ps. so orange lipstick... def. going to have to try me some now!

V said...

hey there. thanks for the comment. i dig your blog a lot. great stuff.


ps. following.

susan said...

SO i have to go to a black tie wedding in May at the friggin' Houstonian! ACK! i am considering wearing one of the fancy silk saris i bought and wore the the wedding I went to in India... is that too weird to rock in Houston? I would have to go to a place in Harwin to have them dress me, but it would be super fancy and fun to wear again.. what do you think? Also- for black tie men are supposed to wear tuxes. so is it okay if Brett wears a black suit, funky bow tie and brand new black chucks? ack! dilemmas! black tie changes everything! I want to wear sari!

marisa said...

I the braid in your hair! i wish my hair was long enough to do that

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

your hair in the day weeding looks amazing and the second outfit is so cool!
I always dress up a bit more to weddings, but thats also part of the fun for me :)
Thanks for you lovely comment, love your blog and your blog name! so cute!

lexylou said...

Those outfit's rock dude! I love them. You are so stylish!
I love your tattoo's, very cool.
The fun is yet to come is very true, when you have kids you will see.... Life just seems so much more rad.