29 April 2010

in the crowd : coachella 2010

must haves for the day:
spf 30- to prevent skin cancer and mega aging. you will still get a tan people.
chapstick with spf-to prevent blisters.
shades- so you don't get cancer in your eyes, or wrinkles around them. i have mirrored ones so i can stare at people.
bandana -to soak with ice water and keep you cool. also at night use as mask so your allergies aren't too bad.
schedule-so you know the order and stages that your fav bands play.
cash- bring it or else you will die.
camera- to snap all the great outfits and the not so great outfits...and the bands duh.
phone- so you can run off then meet back up with your friends...also to tweet. follow my tweets @sunchildsalon
water- stay hydrated all day long, i have never drank so much water in my life!
fanny pack- to keep everything in:)
we were surrounded by these and mountains, couldn't have asked for a more beautiful festival.
surprisingly the service was ok with cell phones.
hey girl! i think you got some poop on your leg.




pull up your pants boy!
no comment.

they just look famous.

you could rent these out for the weekend...my friends did.

we did it like this. old school.


this was the FREE water station. lines were always long!



click on any photo and it will take you right to my flickr page where there are hundreds maybe thousands of photos from coachella.


Kara said...

I'm loving these Coachella posts. It makes me want to go camp and make my OWN music festival with a boombox and a bonfire :)

CaL said...

I love all these photos! This just makes my urge to go camping that much stronger!!! Also...that girl in the hat & floral dress looks like my girl MoeMoe...hm. I must see what she wore @ the festival... Ah, Coachella..why did I miss you?! =)

lexylou said...

I am just loving your coachella post's. They are hilarious.... The peep's of coachella take the cake. You should have your own show brandi, kinda like what not to wear on the street's, candid Brandi version...LOL
I so wanted to go down as my dear friends band, Jet's overhead was playing and plus a million trillion other of my fav's were playing too...

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

hahaha, poop on her leg! in the picture below that, i really like the girl's hippie looking top. it's neat being able to see all the outfits from your pictures!

about the comment you left on my blog... i also think i get the most creative with my outfits when i don't have any money for new clothes. maybe i should tell chris to take my credit card!

my name is lauren. said...

these coachella posts are awesome :). i think i would've been on sensory overload with all the pretty outfits to look at. i'd definitely need mirrored shades, that's for sure :).

love you girl!

lydia. said...

i'm going to have to remember this list for next year.
i just have to go!