21 April 2010

record store day. (at coachella)

record store day at coachella!
record store day
record store day

so how excited were you about record store day? did you go to a record store on april 17th? 
WE DID! we were at COACHELLA in indio california for the amazing 3 day music fest. i was overwhelmed with how much music was around me and it was so hard to decide which bands to check out and which ones to skip. one thing we did not skip was the skip over the outdoor record store. i wanted to purchase:
beach house
she & him
but i have these on itunes already and i was trying to be smart about my spending so i didn't. boo.

good news is that we did score a SAWEET queen album that we didn't have for 4 bucks. LIVE! woo!
and i super cute red coachella tote. BONUS: we got a free record store day tote with our purchase:)

what did you buy on record store day? do you have any of the albums listed above?



Anna said...

i want some pretty records to hang on my walls! and josh wants some to listen to. we need to find a record store here in the boondocks.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

beach house, local natives and ed sharpe...two thumbs up! i didn't buy any records on record store day, but i did order a karl blau cd, so it still sort of counts because i'm supporting my local small indie record store!

With Love, Jamie said...

I love your photos :)

buenobueno said...

anna- NICE! good luck with the hunt! go to thrift stores too for the wall hanging ones.

danielle- i dont know karl should i? im a dork ill check it out!

jamie- thanks doll:)

i heart record store day!

CaL said...

GREAT choices!!! Woman you have perfect taste in music...to my ear's standards... =)
On record store day I bought Bjork Voltaic & The Doors self titled album...both on vinyl from a new record store I found in my grandma's town! So fun! I love finding new stores! Coachella looks like it was a blast...such a great experience for you!