08 April 2010


my outfit yesterday:
bahamas tank - $9.99 urban outfitters
navy bloomers-american apparel (jacob makes fun of me for wearing these)
belt pack- fossil (gift from kelly)
feather headband - bueno bueno $30
fishbone sculpted creatin- susan made
chrisrann wraps - obsessed with everything chrisrann!
other cuffs- thrifted


do you like my pink sculpted scarf creation? my good friend susan made it out of a vintage tee and beads. she even braided it fishbone style. when i saw this at our pop up shop i had to buy it! i wear it all the time!  if you would like to order one email her at tsuzikew@gmail.com this is a way cooler way to recycle don't you think?

1960's + cross process

oh the weather was amazing in houston so i got up early went to breakfast with liz and tif at baby barnaby's then we went to scope out the area where liz is having her wedding!( i still need to get my dress!)  and i am thrilled about the location (outdoors) it's perfect for them! i am not thrilled about the tickets we got! we ran 2 min over the parking meter and got 25 dollar tickets. UGH! REALLY!!!?? after that i went home to see jacob and to go longboarding for some exercise and sunshine! no allergy medicine either hip hip horray! that is rare! but then after the fun in the sun  i went to work which is still fun:) i even got my hair did bc it was so bad. my roots are nasty in these photo's. so when i got there i mixed the formula, dan applied color to my roots, and grace added some of my "sun kissed highlights" but all underneath. team work! thanks ladies!!!

infrared film

after work my cousin taylor met up with me at craft salon bc they were having a pop up shop along with free drinks and a taco truck parked outside! isn't that awesome?!! after that we headed over to poison girl with our friends for more hang time.( jacob had a gig so he didn't get to join the fun) i did a no no last night too, i am ashamed...i ate whataburger. #8 chicken strips, toast, fries and gravy. oh it was so yummy. this is why i don't like being out late at night bc i always wanna eat whataburger before i go home. it's totally mental!
oh and you must watch this video!! please! if you love to laugh! watch here. i promise!!!

hope your joining me in going barefoot for a day!
i hope i don't get hair splinters in my feet!

are you on weardrobe or chictopia?
you should! let me know if you join!



michabella said...

You are so stylish! I am totally loving that shark necklace! <333 Michelle

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

i love this look!! so great.

Kassi said...

you are hot.
seriously hot.
oh if i were a guy...

love the outfit
love the braided scarf (i've made one before!)
love the look
x to the o yo

CaL said...

You are so friggin cute woman! & that scarf is pretty dang rad! Your days sound so fun & awesome...I can't wait till I work for myself & have free mornings for random bike rides & fun times & I still need to get my hands on a longboard...I must! Anyways cutie, that video was insane! Have a great Thursday!

katy said...

oh man the 2AM Whataburger binges! I don't think anyone who's not from Texas understands...so hard to say no!

i love that scarf!!

Rannie said...

yay for susan's braided goodness! I can't wait to get mine!
double yay for #8 at whataburger! it's what late-night dreams are made of...

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

you are super adorable. I am loving the bloomers (sorry Jacob) and the scarf is awesome. I was just recently thinking I have some old Ts that are due for some cutting. scarf and headwraps - hello!?

and yes, I finally decided to get on weardrobe. I haven't gotten my code for posting pics yet, but soon! what is yours?

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

oh yeah, and YES to the Toms barefoot challenge. Actually I love being barefoot!! Even though I'm addicted to high heels - I take them off the minute I get home and go barefoot the rest of the day!! woohoo!

lydia. said...

okay, i didn't watch the video you linked here, but i'm assuming it's the one you posted on facebook related to this post.
soo funny.
"it's quite peculiar!" haha.

you are soo lovely, brandi!
you look great.
reminds me...i thought you and jacob were starting a fitness blog?
is that still happening?
i was so excited!


Olivia said...

Oh I am so ready to wear this kind of outfit!! it's still rainy here in Portland. LOVE this city with all of my heart but I always wish that summer came sooner.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love your style, and you hair looks so long and pretty! those bloomer shorts are too cute! i actually have a skirt a lot like the bloomer shorts, and chris always says it looks funny when i wear it. oh well! also, you probably hear this all the time, but your eyes are BEAUTIFUL!

i hope you're having a good day, friend! xoxo

my name is lauren. said...

those bloomers are so cute on you. i could never pull them off though and craig would for sure laugh at me.

i kinda want to start a weardrobe account, but i think i'm too boring for that. a lot of the time i just wear jeans and a sweatshirt because i know i'll just be getting boogers and paint on my clothes anyway.

oh...and i totally wanted to go barefoot today, but my boss would've freaked out, so i opted out. also...i think people would just think i was a crazy, portland hippy because there are people here who go shoeless just for fun. actually...craig used to ride his longboard to class in college barefoot. so strange, but hey...whatever works.

i love you friend! hope you're having a good day!

Cole said...

love the outfit. so fun! I'm really loving headbands right now so I need to go check out that site. :) cute blog!


With Love, Jamie said...

Dude you are the coolest ;) & that board is awesome!!

With Love, Jamie said...

Oh & i think i would have to say your blog is my current fave!! ;)

biscuit said...

i love love love your shorts! you are the cutest thing EVER! i went barefoot at work for awhile, but health code permitted me from entering the grocery store without shoes on... oh well. :)

Lanie said...

love your outfit! and the shark necklace. :D

Kara said...

You have the best style ever! I'm so in to that headband it's not even funny.

BuenoBueno said...

ladies seriously your comments are the best bday present ever!
before my trip i will post the giveaway i promise! and i made it all day without shoes! i took pics of everywhere i went. it was not that easy.
and yes fitness blog is still in the works!
thanks for being our friends!