11 May 2010


so we can't take credit for this super fun project. i was going through all of my old magazines for inspiration and came across this in  FOAM MAGAZINE. its pretty much my favorite magazine so i save all of them:)  i didn't follow instructions exactly the same bc i wanted mine to look a little different. so get ready to reform your old t-shirt into a funky fresh new necklace!


supplies needed.
-old tee(this one had a bleach stain) go with a super soft shirt.
*i went with an oversized tee.
-fabric scissors
cut top of the shirt off. 
cut bottom hem off .
you will be working with mid section of the shirt.
cut mid section

put shirt around bucket.
starting at either end of the fabric, begin cutting it around and around in one long continuous strip. the width doesnt have to be perfect but try and keep it aroun 1 inch.
 start cutting one long continuous strip. 1 inch
in foam's directions they used the bucket to help with this project but my shirt did not fit snug around it so i did this instead...
or put shirt around legs to cut.
this way when i cut the fabric i had better control.
stretch the fabric
once the entire fabric is cut into one long strip, give it a rounded string like effect by yanking and sliding it between your hands, starting at one end and working your way to the other. repeat 2-3 times.
i chose not to use the bucket as a loom, instead i gathered the fabric around in different lengths, for a more layered look. when finished tie 2 loose ends together.
use that foot of fabric to tie it.
cut off 1-foot piece of the fabric from end. now wrap it around knotted area of the neckline to conceal it, tie loose ends together and trim any excess pieces. once again give it a few pulls to reinforce the rounded shape. you will want to keep doing this on occasion to refresh fabric.
i think i might add some more knots and maybe even some beads to add more texture for a funkier look.


 i love this!!! and this is something i would actually wear. see?!
it's like in the same family of necklaces... 

what do you think? is this something you might try?


susan said...


happy owl said...

oh super cute! i will try for sure

Anna said...

Yes! Love it. and I extra love that faded neon green-ness.

daniela said...
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daniela said...

now i know what to do with all of my old tees i dont wear anymore! it would be cool if you could incorporate feathers into it!

Ashley said...

i seriously love FOAM magazine too! its the best, good music, good fashion editorial, usually a d.i.y, and surfing too!

great color for your necklace :)

carolina said...

love it!!

BuenoBueno said...

YAY! I think I'm going to make one :)

my name is lauren. said...

this looks so great! mara on m loves m made one of these a few weeks ago and i've been wanting to make one. i love the color you chose. super cute!

emilia. said...

ADORABLE! love it and i'm going to have to try it soon!

Sarah said...

super adorable! and you are gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

OMG, I made one of these last year! And I wore it all the time while Scamping! I accidentally ruined a yellow shirt in the laundry, so I just cut it up to make one of these. I didn't know there was a DIY for it! Neat! Yours looks really cool!

Every Little Counts said...

i love this. you know, i actually saw a tutorial for this in "body + soul"... a martha stewart magazine, oddly enough. i've been meaning to make one myself but haven't gotten around to it. i love yours though!

Jamie Watson said...

I love it on you! You look great.

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

love this and love the color. I've been in t-shirt heaven lately with a few of the DIYs I've been seeing out there. beads and knots would be awesome!!

Leigh-Ann said...


Machine Darine said...

HEY Brandi!
I found you on blogger! love your photos! Miss you! come to NYC to visit me soon! xoxo

Stephanie said...

I remember reading the article about this in Foam....seeing it again in a different form makes me really want my own! I know what I'll be doing with my day off now!

BuenoBueno said...

thanks guys, yes i have been seeing the t shirt necklaces for sometime now and i finally found one i liked.
id love to see the ones y'all made too:)
thanks for stopping bye, you are amazing!

Trop Rouge said...

OH my gosh..i always wanted to know how to do this!! you got yourself a new follower

Joseph said...

Instead of an old t-shirt, can I use a "vintage" granny panty I found at Value Village. It truly was a value!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

This is super cute. A small store up the street from our house sells these. The woman makes all the jewelry and scarves like this. My boyfriend wasn't convinced it was fashion, I will have to show him, OH YES IT IS! :) Well done girl.

Laura Loo said...

oh thats neato! i would like that...but don't think i could pull it off. theres a lot of stuff i like how it looks on others but it looks silly when i try it on!!

carolina said...

definitely just made one, and it came out great! posted it in my blog!

So glad you made a post out of it.


AmIsTaD said...

Muy bueno!!!! te Felicito amiga.

Paislea Elyse said...

oooh la la! i love it!!!

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