16 May 2010

pannikin coffee

it won't be long til i am sippin some jo and eating a cornbread muffin with my friends in encinitas.


i love this place! i am so looking forward to finding new favorite places in encinitas, costa mesa, and

laguna niguel to add to my hangouts when in california! so if you have a favorite hangout place let me know! 
and i am so looking forward to a special weekend in june with danielle, lauren, and kassi! we are all finally meeting in person and staying with kassi at her home in laguna niguel. how rad is that!? i am so excited! 

have you ever been to pannikin?
have you ever met your blog friends on a trip? 


Kassi said...

so rad!
it'll be fun - i hope... gosh, the pressure is on! ;-)
MUCHO love!

Casey said...

I LOVE the Pannikin, I go there all the time! I was just there the other day!

Lanie said...

I'm from Orange County too! Although I'm not from any of those cities, so I can't help you out on the hangout spots. :/ (I heard they built a Cafe Rio in Costa Mesa though, you should go!)

Caroline said...

I love Pannikin... their tea and chocolate pie is AMAZING!! I just did a post about Pannikin two weeks ago. My cousin lives in Encinitas and we celebrated her birthday with a big family celebration. The hubby and I stopped at Pannikin each day. I could not get enough ... by far my favorite coffee shop. Their Mexican Mocha is to die for. Any who ... I hope all is well and lovely. And, I am planning to make a little purchase from your sweet shop so hopefully you didn't think I forgot ... Love Love the key necklaces. MUCH LOVE! xo

eef said...

I've been there! Did you try their AWESOME coffee cake?

Carly Anne said...

This post makes me SO jealous. My boyfriend is from Encinitas; when I first used to visit him out there, we always went to Pannikin for breakfast. =)


All this is Grace and Charm

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i can't wait, i can't wait, i can't wait! it will be aewsome, and i may not want to come back home!

too bad kelly can't come :(

little ghost said...

have you been to the lab in costa mesa? they have the gypsy den, which is cool, but the one in Downtown Santa Ana (where I live) is better. Its much bigger and they have open mic night on Mondays and Thursdays. Also, The Orange Circle is pretty cool, lots of cool antique malls and The Perfect Circle Cupcakery has the BEST cupcakes i'v ever had. YUM! hope you have fun in OC!

Kassi said...

little ghost is right...
the lab is fun and the gypsy den is great - their mac and cheese is the best and they have tons of other yummy foods... fun vibe too.
i can take you to some fun fish taco places in dana point and laguna... but i'm so new here still that i don't know of too many yet - we'll have fun though - promise!

Maggie said...

Ah!..My neighborhood! Well, I'm in Leucadia, but I could have just as easily met my blog friend there!

little ghost said...

i know i already commented, but i want to hype up downtown santa ana. its where i'm from, and theres so much cool stuff here that no one really even notices. i will admit that the area is pretty ghetto, but once you enter the artist's village, its a whole different vibe. theres galleries and neat restaurants aside from gypsy den (like memphis and lola gaspar) and the art bar is a really great art supply store. i don't know how long you're going to be here, but on the first saturday of every month there's an art walk and all the galleries and stores have open houses and theres music and food and its just really fun to see all the local artists get together and show off their work. hope you get a chance to see it :)

katecreate said...

I have never been to pannikin but I will say it looks like everyone had fun.