13 May 2010

sunshine. longboard. vintage. music

get outside! catch some rays! wear spf though! get some excercise! jam to your top 5!
hands on the board
copper bangles-thrifted
pearl ring- thrifted
owl ring- gift from g-ma (urban outfitters)
coconut pinky ring- from my love
longboard- arbor <3
no looking back
leather vest (sasson)-thrifted very favorite vest, i've had it forever and it never gets old!
tube top- lux
terry cloth skirt- american apparel
high tops- converse
things are looking bright

bueno bueno

lets go

what am i listening/dancing to?
golden years-
rebel rebel
40 day dream-
electric feel-
neff earphones- i wanted these for a long time when they were full price...but i waited and got them for $9.99!!!
my sweet jacob.
vintage tee
shades- o'neil (got them from spy) thanks chloe!

BAHAHAHA! this photo makes me laugh so hard! this is the typical face we make right when stepping outside in humidity. (totally caught him off guard)

1. what's your favorite item of clothing (in your closet)?and how long have you had it?
2. what songs are making you shake your tush lately?
top 5


my name is lauren. said...

love your outfit! and i love jacob's face from walking out into the humidity. ha! it gets kind of humid here, but i'm sure it's nothing like the humidity in texas.

my favorite item of clothing in my closet would have to be this swiss dot green dress i got at ross for $10. it's perfect for wearing to a wedding, to work, or to just hang out. i love it. also, my vintage michael kors belt that i thrifted. such a good find!

i'm beyond excited to see you....

27 more days!!!! ...that's assuming my math is correct :).

oh...and pretty sure i won't be in bikini shape. i went on a shame spiral of binge eating for about a month and gained like 10 lbs!!! so ridiculous. now i'm almost back down to the weight i was before i started the spiral....but still not my ideal weight or anything. it's ok. hopefully you'll all still love me even though i'm totally going to be the fat friend :).

love you oodles! xo!

CaL said...

Love this post! You two are so cute...(especially you!) haha! I think my most favorite item in my closet is my Santa Cruz hoodie...I swear I could live in that thing...except maybe with some sort of bottoms on. I got it on a road trip up the coast & can't live without it! P.S. I LOVE my buenobueno key necklace!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

I have the same owl ring! loooove it!

your converse and vest are so super cute. I love my converse...

favorite items - probably my dark denim blazer. I got it at old navy so many years ago and its just the perfect thing that dresses anything up or down. I also love my frye cowboy boots. pink stitching and a bit of a high heel. a thrifted find that I'll never get sick of.

lately, I can't stop listening to Rebelution. I'm not even that much of a reggae girl, but I just love them. I missed their show in SB last week though :(

Elyse257 said...

loving vampire weekend right now. specifically dancing around to horchata, cape cod kwassa kwassa. also "The XX", the whole album. ps- im going to amusica festival in ireland during my ten days off of soccerthis summer. check out the line up! (oxegen music festival 2010- google). <3

morgan said...

totally digging Caribou right now !!!!

brlracincwgrl said...

I'm loving your thrifted jewelry! Awesome!

My favorite item of clothing ~ hmmm would have to be a simple brown Gap tee, that looks distressed. Can dress it up or down! Love, Love it!

Music, I can't just pick one! I'm really in the search for some new tunes though!

suzy said...

favorite piece of clothing = my jeans.
songs for tush-shaking = anything by mother mother. hands down.

Caroline said...

my favorite item well I would have to say my yellow converse or my north face fleece .... I wear both of them all the time. These pictures are too cute and good god you are adorable. Love your style!! XO

grrfeisty said...

my boyfriend has a very similar eagle tshirt! is it super thing because he wears it so much? and there aren't so much HOLES, but spots where the fabric has just worn away? haha i love my boyfriend's old tshirts :)

grrfeisty said...


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

you always look so cute, and that owl ring is awesome! way to go, grandma!

the picture of jacob made me laguh, because what a face! i know what it's like, though, we have sweltering hot summers and ridiculous humidity around here, too.

BOWIE! he's one of my tops favorites, and i actually had rebel rebel stuck in my head earlier today! i told chris "hot tramp, i love you so," but he didn't get it :)

my favorite article of clothing is a sundress i got from target a few years ago. i wear it once a week (if not more) and i wear it all year long.

i've lost 1.5" around my thighs and 1" around my waist, but i'm still not tight and toned like i want to be (although i'll never be as toned as i was when i was 16), but i've already got two bathing suits in my suitcase! i can't wait! we're going to have so much fun, and i plan to take about 5 million pictures!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Woooooo Bowie!!

Emma Jade said...

i love your tattoos! All of these lovely bloggers with great tattoos, i really need to stop wimping out!
love the red converse too!

Stephanie said...

Hmm...my favorite item in my closet is a black sequined 80s style prom dress....I haven't found the right occasion to wear it yet, but when I do it's going to be epic! A close second would be my zebra print...I've worn that thing so much and I love it.

5 Songs
1.Those Dancing Days-Hitten
2.Camera Obscura-The Sweetest Thing
3.Dengue Fever-Seeing Hands
4.Vaselines-Son of a Gun
5.The Dead Weather-Hang You from the Heavens

Anonymous said...

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Mason Hurd said...

Liked your post. Longboard always live on in my heart, it's what got me into this game!
Thanks for shairng. This is so inspiring!