03 June 2010

bikes, beach, and besties...did i just say besties?

so this is what i have been up to the past couple of days:
loving my fossil luggage from my sister kelly. xo
tuesday went to pannikin with kylle and jacob. (haley was at work)

(wednesday) had to drop off my cutie at 5 am to john wayne airport. bc he was riding standby, the flights were not guaranteed so...i had to pick him up at noon and take him to LAX. he finally made it home later that night. i love him so much! he was such a good sport about it and made the most out of his time by drinking bloody mary's and reading a boerne book. maybe it was his new haircut that put him in a good mood or maybe he was just still beaming from getting to spend time with our friends in encinitas.
as soon as i dropped him off, i dashed back to john wayne airport to pick up liza!i made it on time too! whew:) yay! CARTWHEEL!
while jacob was suffering drinking bloody mary's, i was shopping at pretty in pink boutique.
i love my new shirt so much i wore it yesterday and today:) i did shower!
mandie(my best friend from 9th grade) met up with us at P.I.P. around noon.
we rode bikes in newport, ate at sharkeez and even had a day time dance party. video coming soon:)
dani had to work though:(
 oh well.... tonight we will have another dance party with her:)
i love california.

these are the photos from my phone. i will post better ones eventually:)
just wanted to give my friends and family a lil preview so they don't miss me too much...
or maybe just to make my sister kelly a lil jealous. jk jk jk!

im so thankful i have so many friends spread out here bc they are making this california vacation amazing!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

it looks like you're having a blast already! don't you just love when you get something new and it's so exciting you wear it two or three times in a row?

one more week!!!!!

little ghost said...

yay OC :D

happy owl erin said...

you and your sis are adorable, and love seeing pics of CALi...oh, the memories of the good 'ol Newport days!

my name is lauren. said...

you're already having so much fun! can't wait to join you next week!!!! how many times can i say that??? hmmmm....probably a lot :). oh and cute cute luggage. mine isn't going to be nearly as cute... just fyi :).

Caroline said...

Sounds like the perfect day!!! Love the photos! xo

Kara said...

Um, can I PLEASE have your life!?

VintageVirgin said...

awwww so wish i was you! stuck in tx :( til aug. we should get together when you get back!

lydia. said...

as part of our roadtrip, josh and i went to california.
it was my first time, and i'm totally in love!
we went to san diego, and i was just like, "swoon."
it's amazing!
we're going to LA in a couple of weeks.
i'm so ready for it!

you look like you're having such a neat time.
yay! :)


Jenny Taylor said...

i've been following your blog for the past couple of weeks now and i l-love. it.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow how much fun are you having! Very exciting!

Jessica said...

looks like some fun times! i love that orange bike, very cute.

Green Pickles said...

Looks like so much fun! I want to buy a bike!


z.m said...

i'm a new follower - cali looks beautiful i'd love to visit there! :D

CaL said...

I can't wait for tomorrow & PIP!
I am SO jealous of your fossil luggage! I need that day bag! "f" the purses...I want luggage! =)