27 June 2010


here's a little video to show you what dani and i were up to this past month (when we weren't on the beach) watch carefully, our next giveaway item is in there :)

look at dani's hot pink nails! she paints them different colors and she does her own designs weekly. check out her blog. 

hot nails
i chose neon colors for a fun and fresh summer look.



danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love those effects in your video! i keep wanting to get a movie editing program with all sorts of different editing options.

i loved that store. hopefully one day i can go back!


With Love, Jamie said...

Your videos are always really adorable :)

BuenoBueno said...

thanks danielle- this was with i-movie
i'm still learning i need to get some editing programs bc i love making videos:) not a pro yet. i think we should all go back right now!
jk...texas, virgina, and oregon first

Jamie- thats encouraging...THANKS so mucho:)

Kassi said...

wait, why did i not see your display when i was there? i would have bought a feather dangle and kelly's drawing... bummer!
you guys are super cute and i love love love your feather headbands...danielle looks great in it too!
mucho mucho love!!!

daniela said...

I loved setting up the bueno bueno window it took me back to merchandising days!! but it wouldnt have happened with out the help of Kogi BBq and some good ol Sweet tea Vodk! oh and the amazing 80's mix cd that Mo dj did for the store!!!!!