07 June 2010

inside out day in HUNTINGTON BEACH

so do you remember inside out day? did y'all have inside out day at school? it was one of my favorite days. i still wear my shirts inside out sometimes bc the tag itches, or just because.

well the other day in HB we were waiting on a friend so i put on a wetsuit and went skating so i could get all sweaty.
well beacuse the water is freezing. in texas you don't need a wetsuit in the summer. we were kind of freaking out about getting in the water...so if we were all hot and sweaty the cold water would feel good. right?

inside out.






i didn't even realize i had put it on inside out. HA! my friend came in and was like "what the!" 
i think it looks better this way don't you?


oh and highlight of my weekend. i met kassi and dan in person this weekend! read about our little meet up here.  i love them mucho mucho. and i knew we would all get along perfect! people ask me if it was awkward and the answer is nope! not at all! blog friends become real life friends!!! next weekend danielle and lauren fly in and we are all staying with kassi and dan! im so excited bc we are all meeting for the first time "in person"!

***DO NOT MEET SOMEONE YOU HAVE MET ONLINE ALONE OR AT A PRIVATE PLACE.*** (just watch law and order or the news if you don't believe me.)

i ONLY met dan and kassi (at detroit bar) bc i already knew them from ichat, skype, blogging, mail, and i met kassi's sister keely at my salon in texas. so i knew they were who they said they were.

if you think it's weird or dangerous i respect that. i think its awesome if you do it the smart way! i have tons of friends who have met online...even who are getting married now (myspace)

Q. have y'all ever met anyone over the internet and became real friends? its like the new pen pal!


Carol Anne said...

I have made real friends from my online friends! When I got to meet a ton of my favorite bloggers in March I made some awesome real friendships that I consider great friends of mine!

Shea Posey said...

I made a bunch of friends online. I'm a part of a Marine Wives forum and I met a bunch of the ladies from where we were stationed and they became some great friends and it was very sad when we had to move away.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i think these days, the internet is the equivalent of a penpal, so it's fun to "meet people, then actually get to meet them in real life! i've only met one blogger before (micaela), but i think you ge tto know people well enough, you'll know if you can really be friends. i know we're going to have such a fun time!

oh, and i can't believe the water is cold in southern california! the water at the beach in virginia is warm enough to swim and surf in by the middle of may!

Kassi said...

i have to say... dan looks hot in that picture! ;-)
we love you mucho mucho too - you're the bestest!
i love the inside out wetsuit story... you're a total dork and i LOVE it!
i'm excited for thursday!

danielle, yep, the water is chilly up and down the coast of cali and starts getting warm in july in socal... you can still go in though - it's not freezing!
i hope the weather is warmer than weather.com says it's going to be while you guys are here so we can have a beach day!

Jamie said...

i met my andy online...people did think it was weird, but when we finally met in real life i already knew everything about him, so it's safer really.

it looks like you're having a blast! jealous!

Mari Ann Lisenbe said...

yep, I've definitely got real friends who I've met online. Some of them I've met in person... others not but plan it.

It's a different world. I even have friends who've started businesses, but never even met in person.

Caroline said...

These photos are so great!! The happiness pops right out of your photos! Sending you much love! xo

liz said...

do you give advice on longboards?? :)

CaL said...

That is pretty friggin awesome! I can't wait to go see you Wednesday! Woot! I was swimming in San Diego last weekend & the water seemed warmer than usual for this time of year... I think it's because we get that Alaska water down here. At least you have a rockin cool wet suit to warm you up! =) Wait...Wed is tomorrow! Yay! See you tomorrow! =)

Emma Jade said...

That is the most perfect logic ive ever heard :)

Nope never met a blog friend in real life, but i would love to.. of course with the proper precautions!

Laura Loo said...

Yes! Back when I was in middle school, the cool thing was to go on the AIM Buddy Wizard and find random friends on there to talk to. Kinda weird.

But I made friends with a guy from Ireland, and well we have talked since I was 13 and we met when I was 21! I went to Ireland in 2008 summer and HAD to meet up with him. It was completely surreal!!! totally awesome and WOW weird. and we had an innocent kiss. and he took me to the Guinness Factory! (but yes we met in a public place and i had a friend with me)

I have another friend from Minnesota who I "met" randomly via opendiary.com and I still haven't met him, but we get each other SO well. I'm one of the people he can tell anything to... I can't wait to meet up!

I have another penpal I met on a Sailor Moon chatroom (embarrassinnggggg) and she's from Ohio. We've been in touch for 13 years! I haven't met her yet, but that'd be awesome :)