19 June 2010

my first rose bowl experience.

last weekend lauren and i met up with my my friend/old manager chris and he took us to the rose bowl flea market.  i was super stoked because well, i heard it was awesome and that it was vintage junk heaven! lauren and i ended up splitting up because its hard to keep a group together at that sort of place...you just get lost.
i thought i would share some of the photos with you so that you can feel like you were there with me too! i just love junk! i've always wanted to own a junk store...maybe someday... but until then....
vintage tee's
i was overwhelmed with awesomeness. but $100 for a shirt that isn't soft, thin or the perfect fit...no thanks!
kicking myself in the ass for not getting this.
old school

rose bowl








everytime kelly and i see thermos we laugh. inside joke sorry.







i seriously should of got this shirt for my month in california because i don't know how many times i had to say "I AM MARRIED!"
im a sucker for shades!

$10 dollars a key you must be out of your mind!

Have you been to rose bowl flea market? if not i suggest you make it out for sure! if i lived here in california i would go at least once a month.

7 tips before you go to the rose bowl flea market:
1. go early like 8am
2. bring a lot of cash. haggle the price for sure.
3. don't drink a lot before you go because you don't want to waste time in the restroom. plus they are gross.
4. wear comfortable shoes. i had to buy some there but it's ok because they were 3 dollars and super cute!
5. if you take a friend, warn them that you are going to take your time and look at everything so they better be patient.
6. bring a large tote or cart to carry all your treasures.
7. browse first, then buy...unless it's freaking awesome and you must have it right that second. (i say this because every booth has different price points)

Q. when you go to flea markets, garage sales, or swap meets what do you look for? do you already have in mind what you want?



JAR said...

OMG ...... I would have died seeing all this stuff!!!! I LOVE it ALL :)

gisela said...
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bella vintage said...

yeah it's pretty awesome, one of the plus's of living in L.A....prices are pretty high almost like a vintage store, you would expect better deals at flea markets..but towards closing people are more inclined to give you deals so they don't lug all there stuff back home!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, wow! So many things to see ... and buy! It sure looks like a cool place to visit.


happy owl erin said...

luckily it is only once a month. but it is awesome,fabulous and fantastically overwhelming. You're right you do really have to know what you want, what somethings worth and what you think is reasonable. There are some real rip offs out there.
p.s. so jeolous!!

lydia. said...

sooo incredible.
seriously looks like the time of my life!
when i go to those places, i try to look for things that not only i would like, but other people, too.
i'm trying to get a bunch of treasures together for a shop.
so far, i have a rather large collection of the pretty vintage pyrex! ha.


Anonymous said...

i had a bike exactly like that blue one :) brings back memories...old blue! mandy (broderick)

suzie loo ;) said...

FUN FUN FUN! your cali trip has been amazing! majorly jealz!
hope to see you soooooonnn!! (ps i started blogging again!)

With Love, Jamie said...

Oh wow, this looks amazing!!

With Love, Jamie said...

I live in Cali!! Where the heck is this beautiful place??

my name is lauren. said...

i'm kinda sad we didn't end up sticking together.

i was a little surprised at how ridiculously expensive some of the stuff was though. it was fun, but i'm kind of partial to little junk shops where people don't realize how much they can charge :). you got some great photos though. and i like your comment about warning your friend that you'll be awhile. did christopher not get the memo? ha!

hope you're having a good weekend and that you had fun beaching with kass and her crew. love you girl!


Anonymous said...

i was there that same day. i know because i saw audrey kitching too.

everything i wanted was too expensive. i ended up leaving with a 22 dollar floral dress and a sun burn.

Melissa said...

I just found your blog and absolutely love it! This flea market looks so fantastic -- lots of great items.

Rachel Lady said...

swoooon :) yikes at some of the prices :O

I always look for dolls and owls when I go to antique stores :) and cool bags. and cool stuff in general.

I love the "eat your heart out" shirt, lols.

Lonnie Webb said...

I seriously want to live there. haha this is such a sweeeeet post!