30 June 2010


in a hair rut?

i have a solution

3 summer looks


Do you find the hair posts helpful? i hope so 

because they are here to stay!
if you have any questions about hair feel 
free to ask. 

and just bc i like you so mucho...
click here to download 25 songs. thanks U.O.

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Dani said...

I LUUU-VE your hair posts! I try them all. Keep em' coming!

p.s.-your face in some of the pictures was too cute & made me laugh!

Cole said...

ok this was kind of awesome! :)

kittycat said...

i LOOOVE all of these hairstyles. and i really really need sea salt spray!!

Kassi said...

sea salt spray is my fave!
love dust it too!
the video was fantastic
and so are you!

ha! i rhymed... but seriously... loved the video and it made me miss your face.

mucho Mucho love

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

yay, you used one of my favorite songs in your video!

i had to start over twice because i was looking at all the faces you make and i remembered that i wasn't reading what i was supposed to do with my hair! i love braiding or twisint my long bangs (whichi learned from you, of course), but i need to get one of those fat curling irons.

thanks for the lesson! XOXOXO!

Hope said...


Carly Anne said...

Your hair posts are seriously useful. I second all the positive sentiment about sea salt spray, too! Keep up the great posting!


All this is Grace and Charm

CaL said...

I need some DUST! I love the sea salt spray... & yes, your hair posts are the shiz...fo-rizeal.

Olivia said...

Fun! thanks for sharing! you should do a post on hair products! I'd love to get some new ones but I have no idea where to start!!

rannie said...

This is why I have short hair.

BuenoBueno said...

product knowledge is on the way!

happy owl erin said...

oh girl, I am beyond a hair rut!
thanks for the post. Love sea salt spray, need to order some since it's practically impossible finding any here.

Michelle (michabella) said...

I love you so much!!! Thanks for the tips!!! I def need some bang help! :D

RachelDenbow said...

EEEK! This was great! I can even use some of those products despite having curly hair and I never feel that way!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Hahaha! So many different faces! :) Very useful ... I need a tutorial for short hair, though :( ... pleaseeee???? ;-)

Tight hug!

BuenoBueno said...

dani- thanks i will try and keep you guys happy!
cole- good glad it was helpful:)
kitty cat- yes you should get seasalt spray! its the best!
kassi- im so glad you love the spray! miss you mucho mg!
danielle-i love that song too!
haahah i didnt want to just make a blank stare face or smile face...didnt want yall to get bored.
hope, carly, cal, thanks
olivia- product knowledge is a must! ill get on that!
erin and michelle hopefully i can keep helping with the hair posts:)
rachel- curly hair is so fun! im a product whore! moroccan oil has a curling creme too!
mikis scrapbook- ok short hair post coming soon!!!

i'm glad this was helpful ladies!!!
once a week ill try and inspire or teach y'all something!

Olivia said...

Thanks girl!!! I'm excited

faeriewboots said...

Hey!! I tried the hair out and I got sooo many compliments on it at work! I love the hair posts. Thanks.

my name is lauren. said...

i love these hair posts and you're pretty much ridiculously adorable. i have no idea how you find all these crazy faces to make. i can never think of any.

oh...and i totally forgot to by moroccan oil from you! ...but i found a knock-off from sally beauty that was only $9...i figured it would be crap, but gave it a try. it smells the same and it actually made my hair look really good - i actually got compliments from people who didn't know i'd used something different. it makes my hair more wavy with less tight curls which i like better.

i still want to get some dust it though. is the brand called osis?

Melissa said...

I love your hair posts! They are tons of help!

I have a request for a hair post though. I don't wash my hair everyday, but my hair gets oily fast. I have straight across bangs and I use a dry shampoo on those days, but i still wanted to see if you have some cute hairstyles that I can do that will hide my oily bangs or make them not look as oily during those in between days....

thanks for the help with all the hair advice!

You're a hair guru of the blog world!

BuenoBueno said...

mara your so funny! yes i read your mind!
olivia- your welcome!
fboots- that makes me soooo happy!
lauren- the important thing is that you love your hair! and alcohol is products=bad..it will dry out your hair so check the back. i figured making different faces would be less BORING than watching my blank stare or stupid smile. ha!
melissa- will do. more hair help is coming your way!
i did a dirty hair post on laurens blog...use baby powder on oily scalp then http://thelittlethingswedo.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-toturn-dirty-hair-into-pretty-hair.html