07 July 2010

30 day fitness challenge.

so i have gained 10 pounds since last summer...not ok for my frame. i am a small framed girl and any weight i put on looks AWKWARD. see for yourself. this photo was taken june 2010. 134 pounds.
too much fat
this picture is very embarrassing to post but i am doing this to show you everything!! this is my before photo. you will have to keep reading to see my after (30 days) photo. please do not be offended by this post. we come in all different shapes in sizes but for me this is not acceptable. this is not the best that i can be. this is lazy brandi, and i don't like her!

i will be taking a photo everyday after i workout so that it holds me accountable. but,
don't expect them to be cute. i haven't decided if im going to start a little 30 day blog or if i
will post once a week here combining the weeks pictures? any suggestions?

i want and hope this encourages all of us to feel awesome. and join in on the challenge.
day 1
i wish you saw how wet my shirt is. this is what i should look like every time i work out.

day 1
ok so i've been on and off with my workout schedule and i can't seem to stick to it. life gets in the way...but when i was on a daily schedule with my 5 am workouts i felt amazing and not to sound full of myself but i looked good.
i have decided to dedicate at least an hour everyday to working up a sweat. it's not going to be easy because that means i have to make some life changes. 
reasons i want to be fit
1. so i can feel good!
2. so i can be the best that i can be.
3. so i look good. duh!
4. so my husband gets the best version of me.
5. so i can live a long and healthy life.
6. so my clothes look great on me and i can wear my size 2 jeans again.
7. so i feel confident.
8. so i can encourage others around me to do the same.
9. so i look awesome in a bikini
10. so i can be proud of myself again.
things i struggle with:
1. sugar
2. mexican food
3. not eating often enough
4. eating large portions
5. a bottle of wine
6. margaritas
7. goofing around instead of working out
8. tv....im addicted.
today's work out:
i sprinted for (30 second increments) then jogged, then sprinted, then walked, did walking lunges, jumping jacks, butt kicks, jumped on picnic table, push ups, step ups on picnic table, sprints, walked, jogged, ab workouts...i was drenched and felt so GOOD!
today i listened to:
yeah yeah yeah's-
black eyed peas
jay z
please join in! i want us all to do this so we can help one another! and if you have any tips 
for my workouts or meals that you know of please share!!!!
follow me on twitter for daily photos. @sunchildsalon


shelly said...

i have the same issue brandi. i just started working out last week and i feel great tho. i am not brave enough to post pics of myself tho! hehe good luck!!!!

BuenoBueno said...

Thanks shelley!
what do you do in your workouts! i have to change mine up alot bc i get bored!

Amy Renee Martin said...

I'm right there with you. I want to lose about 20 lbs. I am 5ft 3/4in and I want to be about 115 lbs... not unreasonable. I currently weigh 135. Considering a little over a year ago I weighed 157, I am much better off, but I would like to do better. So I will be rooting you on, while getting my butt in gear too! :) Good luck! (btw, I think you look great even in the bikini picture, but I totally understand about wanting to stay fit, so good for you!)

rebecca said...

i just started working out yesterday! p90x baby. we'll see how it turns out

sandy said...

Your workout sounds similar to mine that I'm doing now and I am loving how it is making me feel!! I also jump rope (so fun) and run stairs (not as fun as jumping rope).

heather hub said...

great post Brandi. I love it when people are transparent, especially when it's hard or uncomfortable. I am excited to watch the progress you will surely make this month! That sounds like a killer work out.

CaL said...

So, Brandizzle...you've met me. & you know that baggy clothes are the way to go. & I am right there with you...in no way am I "fat"...I'm 5'9" & 155...that stretches out some. But those points you made...I feel can apply to me too. I think you look amazing in that bikini (some girls in Cali don't know that they should cover up...so I'm used to people looking like blobs & you definitely aren't one! not one bit). But...my main thing is that I really want to do this with you. I go on vacation in Yosemite this week & come back next Friday. Maybe, possibly, I might join in. I want to be able to run & say I enjoyed it, not run & say how hard it was. No bueno. Good luck with your 30 days!!! Love yah!

Michelle (michabella) said...

You go girl!!! You are beautiful but you do what you gotta do! I am so happy to hear you are going to do something about it. So many girls whine and complain about their weight and do nothing about it.

Killer workout today btw!

I struggle with laziness, especially when I get off work. I just wanna go home and relax on the couch instead of the gym or a bike ride.

I also think you should blog once every week and recap the things you did and take a picture instead of a picture everyday. You have to make sure you journal what you do those days so you dont forget. Just an idea :)

Olivia said...

ooo you're really tempting me to kick my butt into action...

are you going to work out every day??

none of my shorts or capris or pants fit from last summer... hating that feeling right now. I feel the same as you, I just want to be fit and healthy...

am I talking myself into joining you!? idk...

MissAlyssa said...

ohh i want to do the p90x videos so bad but i dont have enough time! i need to loose about 10 pounds myself. i work out 2-3 times a week after work, i go to either my boxing class, yoga class or an abs class. im also trying to wake up every morning to go jogging... ive gotten up to 2 times a week so far! ill be routin for ya girl! it gets hard to stay on track these days... the older i get the busier i get!

Kassi said...

i'm right there with ya - i need to lose about ten pounds but i would settle for six or seven. i fluctuate between 120-124 and last summer i was 113-115. i swear, i turned 30 and gained eight pounds. ick.
for me, it's the eating. i need to stop drinking beer, eating sugar and like you said, large portions due to starving myself all day. i'm going back to my tracy anderson dvds for an hour every day and jumping on my rebounder for an hour as well. we're going camping on the 24th and i really hope to be down AT LEAST five pounds by then. we'll see.
way to go for getting all these girls inspired!
rootin tootin for you.

ps. i love your hot bod... as you know ;)
miss you long time xoox

christine said...

I am there with you! This summer I vowed to workout most days of the week, and so far so good. But unfortunately I have been eating wayyy too much so although my muscles are getting built up, I still have flab covering it!
My struggles are very similar- large portions, tv-induced snacking, sugar, and Mexican too!
I have been running 3-4 times a week and 2 times a week at boot camp. I am going to try and work out 6 days a week for the next 30 days, and try to cut out bagged snacks- you know, pita chips, doritos, chex mix, all those horrible things that make me sit there and eat the whole bag! We can do it!

Lauren said...

the thing that has worked best for is packing healthy filling snacks, checking out healthy food blogs (http://www.skinnytaste.com/ is my favorite), playing the 'is it worth it game,' and having a husband that wont eat anything processed, canned, not homemade or with preservatives.
the is it worth game saves me all the time...it pretty much goes like "oh fajitas. ok well i will eat the meat and veggies but i dont love cheese or sour cream so thats not worth it to me to eat.. i would rather have a tiny bit of creamy jalapeno for my 'fats' in this meal. i do love avocado though so i will eat a tiny bit of that and the creamy and not eat any tortillas." i basically use clean proteins and veggies as free for all foods and everything else is just like junk and i add and subtract as i need to. does that make sense? and also chocolate cake is pretty much always worth it but really only a few bites..if i eat the whole piece it didnt gradually start tasting better or anything so a few bites is fine. i just try really hard to think about what i am putting into my body and make sure any extras are really worth it and that my portions arent crazy (a glass of wine with friends is always worth it btw) also we eat SUPER clean during the week and really really earn a cheat day. a dinner at the friedmans is a light protein and at least three veggies if not more (they dont 'count' to me so i fill up on that...and maybe green tea with fruit and greek yogurt for something sweet. get some kashi frozen meals to keep at work in the freezer and make yourself stop to eat them.

Lauren said...

also i should add that i only used chuys as an example...i ahvent eaten at chuys in like a million years...jason will only eat homemade fajitas to him because not knowing if they were soaking in butter or oil isnt worth it to him.lol. we actually only eat out at like 3 restaurants....georgias organic market for brunch, dragon bowl and maybe houstons if we are getting crazy. and i meant to add that a super filling healthy breakfast is key for me to avoiding the snackys.
i am currently really into frozen banana and strawberry smoothies with a 1/2 cup of raw uncooked oatmeal blended in. it will keep me full til lunch time. good luck brandini you can do it you just gotta find what works for you and your body! remember to be nice to yourself! xoxo

Fawn and Flower said...

I might need to steal this idea. Not for my blog, but just for me, to see progress. And then maybe when I'm a crazy muscle lady I'll make a wicked animation of my body drastically losing weight and gaining muscle and I will put THAT on my blog! :)

I have had a gym membership for about a year and a half and it is really hard to keep myself inspired. Plus whenever I go, there's some rando super hot lady wearing half the clothes I am, working twice as hard and barely sweating, which really just makes me feel like kind of an asshole.

None of those things really answered your questions.

Jamie said...

awww your adorable! in theory i think for your height 134 seems like alot, but i just don't see it on you. i only say in theory b/c of my own mest up views about weight & my own body. my issues are exclusively my own;)

i think i'm at my heaviest now too...i'll commit to 30 days when i get back from montreal. we should meet up at memorial sometime for a workout. i have some weight workouts that are amazing, i saw results quick doing them 2 times a week. weights make a big difference. in the past i also noticed a difference in how my clothes fit, not how much i weighed, with pilates. it toned everything up!

anyway...i loveee my hair!
i think you're beautiful & fun!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

well, you're still hot, but i know it's good to exercise (and i'm typing this as i'm eating a candy bar).

i've gained two pounds in the last few days because we were away from home, and for me, that always means eating the worst shit possible! the only vegetable i ate were two baked potatoes, and there wasn't a fruit in sight! it was terrible (and delicious)!

good luck with your routine, i'm sure you'll kick butt.


Bree Chandler said...

Hey Brandi! Crazy that you did this post! I just did the same thing! i have been doin pretty dang good if I do say so myself, I amm feelings sooo much better about myself, I feel healthy and I am getting my glow back! I know you can do it girl! Yoou already look amazing! But you will feel amazinginside!! YEA BAbbyyy Do WORRKK! <3

shelly said...

well, i tried really hard to be a runner...but i am just NOT. so i bought a bike and i ride the heck out of it every day! i love it. i usually do about 6-7 miles then focus on my abs ( i know they are there somewhere!) and then do hand weights. so far, so good. i can feel my abs coming alive after just 2 weeks...lol! i get bored easily so i have to change it up. i think it's that time of year...bikini time...and everyone is looking in the mirror going "oh my" teehee i look forward to seeing your progress :)

Caroline said...

This post inspires me!! That is how I felt in November after seeing a photo of myself at a 5k run ... I couldn't believe it. I hold my weight in my lower half so it is pretty deceiving so family and friends really just don't understand when I tell them I need to lose weight. And more than dropping pounds it is how I mentally feel when I know I haven't been being active. I signed up for a marathon for this July and have been working towards that. My knee has been giving out though at 16 miles and I am now going to do the half marathon ... any who I just wrote a novel but you inspire me and I can't wait to hear about your workouts because I know they will be creative, fun and will motivate me!! Sending you much love! WAY TO GO LADY! XO

Ashley said...

I want to join in! I have currently turned into a lazy version of myself as well and it's terrible. I definitely need to get into some sort of routine. My problem isn't actually working out, once I start I have no problem with it and actually enjoy it. I just lack the motivation to get started. That is the worst!!!

I'm excited to hear about your workouts. This post has already inspired me to get movin', so thank you!

eef said...

oh, gosh. I'm in the same boat! I actually really like working out, but haven't had time. I'm already out of the house for about 11 hours a day for work/commute, and then I'm tired when I get home and need to work on my business, and it's just kind of crazy.

also, i really like carbs.

i used to be in good shape, but desk jobs are terrible.

*sigh* I look about the same as you though, think I weigh about the same. Not terrible, but we can do better! Let's do it! Let's get in shape!!!!!!!!!

Mari Ann Lisenbe said...

way to go, Brandi! I love your reasons - keep those in your face (and in your fridge and on your mirror). Also, glad to hear that you're doing the bursting exercises. Those should work well for you since they burn fat quickly AND will keep you from getting bored!

Anna said...

yay for you having some initiative. (I have none, unfortunately.)I am skinny fat according to the boyf. skinny but not healthy so maybe this well boost my workout energy.
1. maybe you can do pics on a tumblr blog or as a set on flickr.
2. my fav healthy snack is fat free graham crackers & low fat coolwhip. sooo good.
3. I am way less lazy now that we got a dog.

good luck!!

biscuit said...

DAMN i wish I looked that good in a bathing suit.

my name is lauren. said...

you are hot....for real....but it's important to FEEL hot too, so good for you. i'm on board lady! lord knows i need a kick in the pants myself.

love you!


BuenoBueno said...

wow guys! now im really excited that all of you are on board!
i can't wait to hear your progress, work out songs, work outs and photos!!! we should all seriously do this and make it fun!!!!
we are young and this is the best time to make a life change!

Natalia said...

I was huge on working out, but then i got an eating disorder, which took me back to yoga, and dancing, which for me are more mellow, and less competitive, i stop working out, like 5 years ago, id do it here and there, and ride my bike, but nothing daily. Today i was diagnosed with arthritis on my Im only 29, know more than ever i wanna go back to being fit again but not being a phyco about it. I love my body the way it is, and Im happy with the way I look. I struggle with pastries, not eating for long periods of time, and wanting to go get a beer or bottle of wine, instead of getting on a treadmill, or bike or anything exercise related. BTW you rule at life. and i miss reading your blog, and u have a handsome brother.

Lune Vintage said...

Yeah, I have a lot of the same issues. I lost a ton of weight after I had my son, but it's 4 years later and it's creeeeeeping back. Margarittas and nachos - vice. I already cut out some things like pop and red meat, but it's all about portion control.

Blah blah. I friggin hate diets. I like your workout stamina though, because the thought of running makes me wheeze at this point.


happy owl erin said...

oh girl, don't we all go through this weight loss roller coaster! So glad that you are honest with yourself and what you expect from yourself. Us small framed girls get really upset when we gain 5-10 lbs. People don't get that it's a lot for us :) I am right there with you, and just got my gym membership back!! Woo hoo weightloss.

Health Improvement said...

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buffy sunshine said...

yay for fitness challenges! i'm trying to lose 10 or 15 pounds of "baby weight" (but my youngest child is 2 now... so maybe it's just "fat" and not "baby fat"). anyway, i'm looking forward to seeing you meet your goals. it will keep me motivated!


Cynthia said...

I'm all about wanting to feel better. But don't get down on yourself about this photo... You look great! For reals!

Anonymous said...

i think one of the main issues women have today are body issues. i understand your struggle with weight, but by encouraging smart young women to obsess over gaining 10 pounds, it's taking away from other things they could be doing/thinking about. society has made women obsessed with their bodies and i think it is a shame you are promoting that. stress the point it feels good to work out, not that you are working out to lose weight.

LostInTranslation said...

Wow Anonymous! You really didn't even read her post did you? She did stress about how working out made her feel confident and like she is being the best person she can be. I agree with everything she said, Whether its 10 lbs like brandy or 30 lbs for someone else. The importance is being healthy. If you writing this makes you feel better about not working out or not being healthy then I am sad for you.
P.s- have you ever seen the biggest loser? The show is mainly based on working out to lose weight, and they have changed the demographic of this nation in an amazing way.
Best wishes and B - Keep it up!

Ashlee said...

I think what you're doing is awesome! This is a great way to hold yourself accountable. I don't need to lose weight right now but I do need to be eating healthier and working out consistently. It's challenging, but I love how I feel when I do it. Good luck!!

lydia. said...

oh my gosh!
brandi, i love this.
i'm so excited for you and this journey.
and it inspires me even more to begin mine!
in a matter of about 6 months i went from weighing 120 lbs, to weighing almost 150.
countless times i have said i'm going to change this, and then just given up.
i hate it!
i have a really thin frame, so all this extra weight on me looks awkward and gross.
i really want to make a change and begin something new.
maybe this is a good way for me to be accountable!

good luck! you'll do great. :)


Natalie said...

Be your best, feel your best. You are an inspiration to many and a friend to even more. Your dedication and determination to be the "best version" of you, is what keeps us all on our toes. Can't wait to see your victory- maybe it will push me into gear;) Proud of you!!

Rachel Lady said...

I have been in a personal slump with my image for a few years. I was heavy as a kid and it feels like all the negativity/awkwardness of that time has come back to visit. I want to kick it in the butt and I've tried, but it's hard to stick with it and not get discouraged. Maybe I'll start a 30-day plan, too. Would feel so good to be confident about my looks again.

Miki's scrapbook said...

It's so great that you've shared this with everybody; I like you even more now! Yeah, I know what it feels like to put on weight; it's always been a great issue in my life. I've done everything you can think of only to find out that the only thing that actually works is getting used to eating healthily and getting regular exercise.

Right now I'm in the same place where you are and I hate myself. I hope I can join you ... I'll try.

Thanks for sharing and for encouraging people to do something good for themselves ;-).



W: Home said...

I am right there with you...in no way am I "fat"...I'm 5'9" & 155...that stretches out some. But those points you made...I feel can apply to me too. I think you look amazing in that bikini (some girls in Cali don't know that they should cover up...so I'm used to people looking like blobs & you definitely aren't one! not one bit). But...my main thing is that I really want to do this with you. I go on vacation in Yosemite this week & come back next Friday. Maybe, possibly, I might join in. I want to be able to run & say I enjoyed it, not run & say how hard it was.

W: Home said...

I am right there with you...in no way am I "fat"...I'm 5'9" & 155...that stretches out some. But those points you made...I feel can apply to me too. I think you look amazing in that bikini (some girls in Cali don't know that they should cover up...so I'm used to people looking like blobs & you definitely aren't one! not one bit). But...my main thing is that I really want to do this with you. I go on vacation in Yosemite this week & come back next Friday. Maybe, possibly, I might join in. I want to be able to run & say I enjoyed it, not run & say how hard it was.

Becca said...

Aw, I love your honesty here.
So, you wanna get fit.
That's cool!
It's hard to be open...and to change habits.
That's the worst, worst, worst!

The BEST, though, is feeling good. It feels so good to work out, just for me, so that's my motivation.
Not that I'm your role model here. HA.
But I do really enjoy all the "healthie" stuff...

Anyway, my advice is to find what you like, or at least prefer, what makes you feel the best (even if that makes you super sore tomorrow? hmm...), and make it as fun as possible.
Like, I don't know you at all (I'm Becca! Hi, nice to meet you!) but if you enjoy coffee, that's a great thing to get you up and moving and feeling good!
And happy music with a good tempo. HAPPY music.
That, again, makes you feel good.
That's what this is all about!

And you know...you're definitely going to do it.
I just know it.
This will be awesome.

Actually...I might subscribe now, so I can be inspired.

Can't wait to see how it comes!


BuenoBueno said...

hey guys i posted part 2 to this post! be sure to check it out:)

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