12 July 2010

she wore a single feather in her hair.

this is a typical summer day outfit for me and perfect for an outdoor music festival like coachella, summerfest, or ACL. comfort is key!

feathers and tomsdo you ever wear feathers in your hair?
how many pairs of TOMS do you own? i only own 5 pairs. maybe 6.
levi cut offs
what is your favorite brand of cut offs?
the camera lens fogged up when stepping outside.
hair must be up during the day
my face is sweaty after being outside for only 2 minutes.
it's freaking hot in houston...hot and humid! but you know what? i don't mind it because it keeps my skin moisturized and young looking. that and i'm a big baby about cold weather. 93 degrees outside, 70 degrees inside my house. how hot is it where you live? and what do you mostly wear in the hot hot heat? show me!

do you prefer SUMMER or WINTER weather?
shoes- TOMS
cutoffs- LEVI'S
nude bra- SOMA (best bras in the world!)
batwing burnout top- PRETTY IN PINK
arrowhead earring- F21
seashell earring- BUENO BUENO

tues- hair tutorial
wed- my fitness update (7 photos)


sharlyn emily said...

i don't own any toms (yet, i've asked for a pair for my birthday). that is basically my summer (weekend) wardrobe too! my favorite cut offs are american eagle. they fit perfect and are relatively inexpensive. i'm in Oregon so it ranges from 70 to 100 (today it is 72, yesterday is was 85, friday it was 102).
i'm excited for the hair tutorial!

Byn said...

You're gorgeous!
It averages around 80-90 lately, it sucks. I hate hot weather ):

Btw: I joined kickboxing! Idk why I wanted to tell you but you're def an inspiration to me so yeah (:

Becca said...

Okay, I'm so glad you mentioned a hair tutorial post. That was the firsst thing I thought of when I checked this out..."NEED to know how she does that!!!'
My hair is...
well, you can maybe help it :)

i-zilla said...

you hair is so pretty. you make it look effortless!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I love your style! I have yet to find a pair of TOMS that make my heart sing. Money is tight right now and while I love that when I purchase a pair - a child in need will get a pair of their own, right now I can't afford to purchase them - however when I see the perfect pair it's GAME ON!

It's SO hot and SO humid here in Alabama. I'm an East Coast Girl so I still try to remind myself humidity won't kill me. I like your way of thinking - good for the skin, maybe not so good for my hair but I'll rock the natural waves as long as I can.

I actually love winter and I miss snowboarding - there aren't many mountain resorts here in AL.

Kara said...

That looks like the comfiest outfit ever, for reals. I love the hair and I LOVE your hair tutorials, I always watch and always try!!! Those TOMS rule and I love your white top. Looks so comfy.


BuenoBueno said...

sharlyn- wow i thought it was cold in oregon!
byn- thanks so much! ive always wanted to try kickboxing! do you love it?
becca- the hair post is coming tonight at midnight:) it's so easy!
i-zilla- your sweet:) i like it really messy!
kelly- you are so good! sometimes im bad and go on a shopping spree when i shouldn't! thanks for the kind words.
kara- i only wear commfy. i wish i could branch out and wear those super tall sexy heels but i would fall on my face!
oh i have to wear 4 inch heels in a wedding! wish me luck:)

Tarver said...

Oh lordy, today in Macon it was 103, and thats cool compared to the 111 degree weather last week. I can get used to it, as long as I have a pool to get in eventually.

I love the cut offs and your hair!

Miki's scrapbook said...

I miss summer! It’s winter here in Argentina and today’s the coldest day in the year! About 6 degrees Celsius below zero, brrr!

I’ve been noticing that what we call “alpargatas” (Toms, for you) are becoming fashionable. That’s SO weird! They’re the kind of shoes that people in the country (farmers and “gauchos”) have been wearing since Colonial times! I’ve read about how the founder of Toms came up with the idea, and it all started with a trip to Argentina, haha!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

that sounds a lot like the weather here, but it's been closer to 100, and even 103 one day! the humidity is miserable, but i just try to wear the thinnest clothes possible! i actually got a blue burn out shirt like that in venice with haley!


Anna said...

I need some toms! those ones are the perfect colors!
Ohio is bipolar in weather. Its blazing hot one day & rainy & 65 the next. I normally wear boots with shorts or a skirt since the guys at work turn the ac up sky high. my little toes get cold! plus I have a bee phobia when I walk through the grass.
cute outfit, love the feather!

*Lesli* said...

1. love the hair tutorials
2. any kind of cut-offs
3. one pair of TOMS, need more.
4. hotter than hail in iowa, in the 90's and my AC is set on 66. boo yah.


my name is lauren. said...

my friend brandi is so pretty :).


Holly Knitlightly said...

I loooove your hair! Have you done a tutorial for it that I somehow missed? I currently own one pair of Toms and I loooooooooove them. So freaking comfy! I don't know how I went so long without 'em.

Sarah said...

you are super freakin gorgeous!