06 July 2010


this is one of those awesome movies that defines the 80's.the perfect slumber party movie.
this is and has been one of  our  all time favorites! you get sucked in with all the totally awesome quotes, hair-do's, and a kick ass soundtrack! oooh and how could i not mention a young nick cage. woo woo! i don't know how many times i have watched this movie but i know i drove my parents crazy! 
it ain't an 80's movie without the big hair,  douche bag boyfriend, friends that want your bf, dance scenes, stoner parents,  and fun mall trips. hahaha!

have you seen this movie? did you freakin love it!!!???
to be continued...


shelly said...

i FREAKING love this movie!!!! johnny are you queer is the best song!! now i have to go watch this, like right NOW!!!!

With Love, Jamie said...

You know I have never actually seen this?? I think I have to though! :)

CaL said...

i LOVE his hair!!! haha! i think that's the best part about these movies...the craziness that was the 80s!

Well Nice Chels said...

I love this movie so much... I am considering finding it on itunes right now to watch on the plane ride home from Spain tomorrow. Perfecto! I'm pretty positive this movie will make it fly by!

stephanieesstar said...

This is one of my favorite movies! I remember watching it when I was a young teen and falling totally in love with Nicholas Cage....sooooo good!

liz said...

i need to see this movie.

BuenoBueno said...

i love it too! i think now im going to watch it for date night!

Anna said...

how have I never seen this?! reserving it on netflix.
and I love your 80s outfit in the other post.
I miss my awesome NKOTB fanny pack & neon paint splattered stretch jeans. they were the shizzle. And snap bracelets!
I do still have a frosted mini skirt that annoys the boyf every time I wear it.

BuenoBueno said...

ajhhhhhh new kids on the block!!!
i had the sheets and pillow cases and shirt!
i want your fanny pack!

tell me what you think!
its the perfect slumber party movie

Laura Loo said...

Ahh I've never seen this movie but pretty sure I need to!!!