29 July 2010


this little lady now lives in NASHVILLE! see her perma grin. i'm kind of jealous, not gonna lie.
everytime i travel i make sure to hit up the local record stores. and since i had several friends tell me to check out Grimey's that's where we went first.
score!!! kelly got the new josh ritter album and a cotton jones album. i ended up with 3 pre-loved cd's so we could have some tunes while exploring her new city. i bought best coast (new) jaguar love (preloved) and jose gonzales (preloved). i love them all!!! now when i listen to best coast i will think of my nashville road trip with my sister, all the fun we had and the little fits of rage i got when my gps was wacking out.
if you are new to nashville or planning a trip there be sure to check it out! oh and THIS friday there will be an in store show! the jompson brothers.

1. when you go shopping for music do you already know what you are looking for or do you just go in and hope you find something you like?
2. do you usually buy online or in store?
3. name your favorite record store. where is it located?
4. name your favorite album at the moment. bc we wanna check it out:)


CaL said...

how amazing! i'm going to have to mark this one on my big-south road trip! =)
1. half & half...i know what i like & want, but if i find something else that catches my eyes i'll get it.
2. i buy online when i cant find what i'm looking for in store.
3. rhino records, clairmont, ca & the mad platter, riverside, ca. they're sister stores. =)
4. little joy's self titled is still my numero uno right now. that & beatles abby road.
congrats to kelly for the big move!!! you galls are the best!

rannie said...

I hear all the hot boys are hiding in Nashville!?
Looks like I need to plan a visit soon :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

are you sure the gps was the problem, or were you driving on the wrong side of the road like you did in cali ;)

when i go shopping for music, i usually have an idea of what i want, but sometimes i just go wanting to find something, but not having anything particular in mind.

i always buy my music in store! i gotta support my local independent record store!

the record store i shop at is called speakertree records. the guy who owns it is really nice and will get anything i want, plus he knows just about everything there is to know about music!

my favorite albums right now are songs of shame by woods and beneath waves by karl blau (they're also among my favorite musicians)!

now that kelly is about 6 or 7 hours from me, maybe the next time you take a trip to nashville i can come too and hang out with you guys for the weekend!

love you, b!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I love this! I will have to go there next time I'm in Nashville!!!

When I go shopping for music I usually know what I want but i used to frequent a place called Record and Tape traders when I lived in Maryland and I would browse the new and used isles for hours! I often times would purchase an album unknown to me because I liked the cover - most times I was pleased the times I weren't you have a 30 day period to bring it back even if you just HATE it they will take it back and give you fair trade or store credit! SCORE!

I also love a store in Fells Point, Maryland outside of DC I wish I knew the name but it's hard to miss - they have TONS of fun stuff in there.

I currently don't have a favorite album right now but I'm about to read your comments for suggestions... I do love the new Pearl Jam LP though!!!

ashley bailey said...

grimey's is great! it's so cozy and cute in there.

favorite album right now is mean everything to nothing by manchester orchestra. it's been a favorite for a while now, and it never gets old!

Holly Knitlightly said...

You two always look like so much freaking fun!

Stephanie said...

1. Sometimes I know what I'm looking for, other times I just go by what catches my attention.
2. I almost always buy in a store.
3. My favorite place to buy records is called Mohair Pear, in the city where I live.
4. I don't have one particular favorite album at the moment, there are too many great ones!

BuenoBueno said...

hey ladies thanks for taking time to answer the questions!
ill have to check out y'alls favorite albums:)
and danielle yes please!!! i might go next month bc i love it so much. ill let you know!
stephanie- where do you live?

theres just something special about walking into a record store and looking through all the album art and finding new tunes...it makes my day!

Victoria Mary D. said...

love it.

i have a bad habit of always spending way more than i intend to at record stores!

Tarver said...

Love this!

btw, ya'll are in my latest post on my blog!

my name is lauren. said...

i never shop for music. i'm lame.

i love that photo of kelly with her perma smile. so cute!

Miki's scrapbook said...

I LOVE going to record stores and spend hours going through their stuff!

I've only been to one in California called Amoeba Records and it was awesome because I could get new and second hand CDs.

1.- I sometimes know what I'm looking for and sometimes want to be surprised by what I might run into. I love finding records by indie bands from different parts of the world.
2.- I only bought CDs online twice, I think. I bought "The Cartepillar" by Odland (France) and if I remember correctly "Let's Get out of this Country" by Camera Obscura (Scotland).
3.- Well, I should name the only one I've been to in Hollywood, that's Amoeba.
4.- "Push Barman to Open Old Wounds" by Belle & Sebastian. I LOVE it!

Laura Loo said...

This will sound nerdy, but I love searching through old piles of records in order to find the best...BROADWAY albums!! I'm a musical theatre junkie (it was my college major, my future aspirations, etc etc) and I love finding cool records with great cover art and I have a little collection which I'm going to use to decorate one of my walls :)

Passport Smiles said...

I live in Nashville, and Grimey's has had my heart for many years now. It has THE best staff (see staff picks). Also, they have great instore concerts (Andrew Bird and Karen Elson). So glad to see it on your blog.