02 July 2010

what effect do you like best? + 15 FREE activities

just wanted to share some fun activities that you and your friends can do...FOR FREE!!! it's summer time!!! that doesn't mean you have to break your bank to have a good time. if you are on a budget, let this be the time where you get creative!
the best things in life are free...sometimes.
listen to this song while reading:)
go for a dip in the pacific
 play in the ocean. 
1. take a dip and play in the pacific. it's refreshing. 
cruise the streets.
2. go explore the streets or skate down the PCH in a backwards wetsuit. make it more entertaining by recording.
teach your friends to skate. 
3. teach a friend how to skate. laugh. have fun
surf the web. 
4. blog. email. skype. ichat. surf the web.
play in the sand.
5. play in the sand. build a sand castle. dig a hole.
dress up like the cast from 90210. 
6. dress up like brenda or kelly from the original 90210. they both dated dylan so i'm cool with pretending i'm either girl.
read some books.
7. read a book. i was reading eclipse for the second time just to get pumped up before the movie:) 
go skating.
8. take pictures of strangers without them knowing. this is one of my favorite things to do because i never know how the photo will turn out. 
laugh at your friends playing dress up.
9. go to a dinner party, try new dishes, and laugh at the host when he dresses like joe dirt....
make a feather headband.
10. make a bueno bueno feather headband. click here for HOW TO
take creative photos. 
11. get creative when taking photo's. try something out of the norm.
go surfing.
12. go surfing! if you don't surf go take photos/video of your friends surfing.
hike to trestles.
13. hike to trestles. 
twit pic.
14. tan, text and twitpic.
napping on the beach.
15. take a nap on the beach. it just feels so good.

click photos to find out what effect i used on flickr/picnik. which one do you like best?

Q. what are some of your favorite FREE activities in the summer?


*Lesli* said...

I love them all :) Just wish I lived in CA!! You guys are so creative...very inspiring.

CaL said...

barbeques, bonfires, beach days, camping, swimming, bike rides to a park with a friend, bike rides w/ my doggy & bring a book & let her run around, hookah in the moonlight, reading on the beach, reading reading & more reading & drawing/painting. phew...long list. i love cali summers! <3

Victoria Mary Daaboul said...
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Caroline said...

Either you need to visit me and we can surf in Santa Cruz or I need to visit you!! I think actually I know we would laugh our bottoms off. Love this post!!! Sending you a hug!! XO

happy owl erin said...

love hiking, the beach, bike rides and bonfires...LOVE picnik too!
p.s. so glad you share my love for the OG 90210 days. :)

oh, and something on my blog today, I think you'll like. thanks again!!!!

my name is lauren. said...

i officially need to move to a warm beach. it's so cold here! it's freaking raining and 60 degrees here right now! :(

what the heck is wrong with the weather in oregon this year??? bleh!

my name is lauren. said...

p.s. the brenda/kelly look = awesome. i totally had the complete set of 90210 barbies as a child...back when i was way too young to even be watching the show. ha!

Kassi said...

i love picnik!
i love you... and jacob too! ;-)
i love the photos!
have fun with ryder this weekend - so fun talking to you and jacob tonight - move here already!