18 August 2010

50 cents and mixtape


what are you listening to?






so these are the 50 cent cutoff's from my THRIFT CHALLENGE. some of you guessed that these were the 50 cent shorts because they were "uglier" hahaha well i love them, and i cut them this way bc they were way too long. do you still think they are ugly? you can be honest.

heart skipped a beat- the xx 
rebel rebel- david bowie
footloose- kenny loggins
dog days are over- florence and the machine
cold fame- band of skulls

what are you listening to these days? 
always in search of good tunes


Cole said...

you have the coolest style. and love your song choices. this week I've been listening to a lot of paper tongues and beach house. :)

VintageVirgin said...

hahaha, LOVE these pics! your eyes look AH-MAZING! are you going to fashion week?

Lune Vintage said...

no - not ugly. You look rad as usual. Take that stupid $50 cuttoffs.

With Love, Jamie said...

Love this post! Great photos :)

Caroline said...

You are awesome!! And I love the shorts!

liz said...

brandi you are so cute!

Reed said...

These look like American Apparel ads.

lydia. said...

haha, i only think they are uglier because they are really light denim.
which i am not a fan of, but only for me.
i think they are super cute on you, though!

CaL said...

You are too cute!

lizzie said...

lol i picked them b/c the tag was a bit brighter and i could see they were levi and i couldn't see the other tag hahahaa but i think they are cute! if i was small enough to wear shorts like that!

i'm listening to alot of weezer... they are my favorite bad ever!

KC said...

Seriously, on Lookbook NU I think you have the most original style and cutest outfits. I am also a long boarder, and surf lover and I love love love your style. You are an inspiration! Keep on keeping on!

- KC

grrfeisty said...

that couch looks super comfy and the shorts do, too :)
i never think about buying jean shorts...but now i kinda wanna make a pair of old jeans into some shorts! :D
oh and regarding roller derby - do you know which class/practice you would be attending? since you've already been and all...how long ago was it? i still have one beginner class to go before i'm "tested!"

The Twisted Cool Rocker said...

I listened music from the Gossip Girl's soundtrack: MGMT, Bloc Party and Kings of Leon. These are my favourites!

And the photos are cool!


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

no, i don't think the shorts are ugly, but that's probably because i like messy cut off shorts better than the nice, neat ones.

rebel rebel! i love that song!

x's and o's, my friend!

Anything but Bland said...

Hello! Your blog is very cute and stylish! I love it so!

Hope we can be friends, I am a new follower..

love, polly :D

Holly Knitlightly said...

Haha I love Polly (above).

I really wanna turn some old jeans into jean shorts now!