14 August 2010


if you were born in the 80's you know you had one of these shirts...and you probably wanted to wear it everyday...and you spun around and around and shook your torso bc you thought it was so cool. well it was, it was so cool that i made one for summer 2010!
grey tee
then you will cut 1 inch (width) strips & cut as far up as you want but make sure its not above your boobies.
after you finish cutting front and back, pull strips from top to bottom and start beading. it helps to use a rat tail comb or wire to shove the shirt through the bead.
i decided to go with wooden beads from my grandmas collection, but you can use whatever your heart desires.
Ryder loved the beads. he would get really excited if a bead fell,look up with big eyes and say "i Get it!"
i do want to use these hearts on another shirt:) maybe white on white:)
use 1-3 beads on each strip but make sure you make knots to keep the beads from falling off.

i love this booger
is this D.I.Y. something you might try?
if you do, send us a pic or link back to us so we can check it out:)
have a great weekend friends!


kittycat said...

i love this diy & i definitely want to try it!!

The Twisted Cool Rocker said...

Wow! I love your DIY t-shirt, it's beautiful.


Trop Rouge said...

very cool love this

Miki's scrapbook said...

That tee looks great! I love the heart-shaped beads!

Hope you're having fun in the pool!


J*marie said...

I love this diy, totally doing it after I come home from work today =] And I LOVE that backpack! =]

♥ ☮

X'tian Ou said...

so cute! definitely gonna try it on some of my old tees, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy reading your blog :)


bella vintage said...

love it! i still remember mine, pink with a glitter heat transfer that read "if you think i'm cute, you should see my mother"...oh yeah got some comments & i was scared, what was my mom thinking?!...

lizzie said...

maybe this is something i'll do for my lil girl... b/c i'm too chunky to wear a shirt like that lol

Emma Jade said...

LOVE it! Such a cute diy! I remember having one of those shirts when i was about 5!

katie said...

this is sooo cute!! i definitely want to make one!

Rachel Lady said...

awesome! I want to try this.

Rachel Lady said...
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BuenoBueno said...

yay! im so happy you guys liked this one! i love that some of you wore these back in the day:)
re living our childhood!


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

This brings back so many fun memories of the beach as a kid. I think I had about 8 different fringe shirts! LOVE this!

Aire! said...

hey brandi! i reaaally love this! haha where did you buy this t-shirt?? :)

Boiler Repair said...

Love this! What kind of shirt did you use? Looks very soft.

I'm definitely giving this a try next summer.

Amanda Sparks said...

Lovely! Great job. I love this idea and can't wait to get started on my own project.



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I love this I am going to make one for sure thanks for sharing :)