12 August 2010

flowers, feathers, and fringe

hello and good mornining peeps! today jacob took some photo's of me outside around 8:30 am and ummmm it was pretty horrible. it's like 150 degrees outside! i was sweating, the lens fogged up, we had just drank our HOT cup of jo...UGH. but it had to be done because i wanted to show you one of my favorite thrifted items from my monday treasure hunt. we did not find new/old furniture for the salon but i did find a lot of other OMG goodies. like....these dingo fringe boots. AHHHHHHHHH! i love them!  jacob and i were fixing to walk out of the store when something caught my eye. i saw white fringe underneath some ugly hiking boots so i ran over (while jacob is rolling his eyes) and discovered there wasn't just 1 pair of dingo fringe boots, there were 2 pairs of dingo fringe boots (a white pair and a tan pair)!!!! SCORE OF THE DAY!!! 
flowers, feathers, and fringe
me: jacob im starting to sweat
jacob: go grab a towel then.
me: just hurry..thank you baby.
its hot outside
me: i can't do this anymore
jacob: (laughing)
put that hair up!
me: my hair is too hot
jacob: put it up then, i love your hair when it's in a ponytail.
me: NO! why does it feel like we are in a sauna?
jacob: because we are.
stay tuned bc we will be announcing the giveaway winner sometime today/tonight.

oh and im now on look book thanks virgin for the invite:)


VintageVirgin said...

WOAH, those are the boots dude?? brandi you're killing me!!

lydia. said...

such cute pictures!
i can't even tell you were practically dying here. :)

i love the boots!

bebe bird beck said...

How cute are yall?!

So flippin cute. What a good lil husband.

BuenoBueno said...

jess- you must love them to comment hahaha
let our thrift adventures begin! haha

Lydia- really you can't. thanks girl:)

Beck- he really is a good one i can't complain...today.

Mari Ann said...

you & Jacob are just too cute! I love it (and I love YOU, B!)

Kjrsten said...

those boots are all kinds of awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love them! Can I buy them from you? My girlfriend would love them...

With Love, Jamie said...

Haha this is really cute! :)

sharlyn emily said...

you're looking so trim! i can really tell you are toning up! proud of you! :) keep up the good work!

CaL said...

Man! Those boots are too awesome! I love 'em!
...makes me want to thrift even MORE now!

shelly said...

those boots are insane! i want!!!!!

Becky Farley said...

LOVE your boots SO much :)
Furniture, smurniture lol you got cute boots!
I love the dialogue back and forth!

Veronica said...

And in your size too?! Lucky! Did you get the white ones as well?

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

your boots are awesome, and totally you!

that sounds like the heat here. it actually only got up to 98 here, but the last week we've had some of the worst humidity yet. miserable!

i-zilla said...

score indeed! those boots are fresh!

lizzie said...

yes... it's hott as a sauna outside!! i hate this heat... but i really love houston... i just wish we lived closer... texas city is nice but i think the plants here make it more hott hahahaa

Nic said...

wow. your blog is so cool

Anna said...

2 pairs of fringe boots?! you are super lucky.
no one here dresses cute so i am 99% sure I will never find anything that awesome at goodwill.

my name is lauren. said...

those boots are incredible! what a sweet score! wishing you'd be around when we make out way over to texas so we could go on a thrifting adventure :(. but seriously...those boots = UH-MAY-ZING!

and what a good hubs jacob is for taking your photo in a sauna ;).


my name is lauren. said...

oh...and p.s. how do you get on lookbood?

Holly Knitlightly said...

Those boots are AWESOME. I can not stand the heat, hahaha!