16 August 2010


i know i have blogged about this store before, but that was before i had actually stepped in. jacob had brought me presents home from one of his trips and he was just raving about how cool this one store was. 
i looked it up online and fell in love instantly. 

on my recent trip to nashville we were on our way to burger up and we passed by imogene and willie, there is no store sign that says imogene and willie, just an orange logo so it took me awhile to remember it. my friend asked if i wanted to go in but i was like no way not yet i need to eat first, so i can focus and take it all in...and i did. it's even better in person, and the people that work there are so cool and friendly.

this was what he bought me last year. we are big on scents. also very sensitive to perfumes so we are always trying different oils and scrubs. jacob did awesome bc i love this!

i really want doors like these in my future salon space.


AHHHHHHHHHH i want i want! but not for that price. i'll leave it for a cool musician.

levi cut offs.

cowboy boot heaven.

this was tottaly inspirational. i got home and started putting my beads and gadgets in mason jars.

i just love old photo's. i love to imagine who they were, what they did, and make up stories.


God- please help me find a couch like this for the salon. thank you.

if jacob and i ever move into a loft im totally hanging my jeans like this.


ill take the middle bag please!


please oh please can i have this

and this!


how cool is this? this is where they make the jeans :)

add this to your list of places to check out in NASHVILLE.


blue moss said...

lucky you
ohh so cool!! been dying to go there :)
thanks for the tour

Anna said...

That boot photo makes my heart happy! I am putting this on my list of stores to visit someday.
the cutoffs on the couch look perfect and I want a pair!

lydia. said...

i want to go here so badly!
i love it.


Kassi said...

oh geez i wish we had this store in the OC!
love it.
i want that bike
and now i want cowboy boots for the first time in my life - crazy!

ps. you look super sexy in the photos below... one smokin lady!
say hi to jacob for us.
mucho love

Holly Knitlightly said...

That store looks freaking AWESOME! Ah!

my name is lauren. said...

so cool brandi!

this store is rad. and i have a shelf in my house with mason jars filled with bits and bobs. kinda fun :).

our little love nest said...

My love and I have been wanting to go there so badly ever since our friend went there a few months back. Aren't they the best?!! xo
Lucky you!