20 August 2010


more feather accessories coming soon....
bueno bueno feather earrings

kelly's computer is back so we will be working on a lot more!
and adding much much more to the shop.
email me about custom orders on key necklaces


Holly Knitlightly said...

Uggggggh I NEED MONEY!! Haha.

my name is lauren. said...

i see you decided to sell the "g" necklace :).

and i'm still in love with those feather earrings. i'm definitely going to have to buy them. i'll be waiting 'til later though when i'm not feeling too lazy to get off the couch and get my credit card.

hope you had fun @ your reunion tonight!

oh...and just checked out all your lookbook looks just now and i love them. you're so stylish my friend. i'll try to start mine up next week!

CaL said...

When I was in Venice beach last time, I saw these feather earrings sold as one all over the place. They were hook earrings with a few beads & then long feathers, really long. I thought they would be easy fun additions to your shop. It totally fits your style & all the feather stuff you have going. Oh & I took photos yesterday w/ a friend & sported the bueno key necklace in every shot...haha. It's my favorite. =)