31 August 2010

Show & Tell Tuesday

So Thrift Store Cowboys made something...then I made this.

I was so excited about my latest design, I felt the need to share. This design was created for one of Thrift Store Cowboys songs, "Scary Weeds". They are leaving for their West coast tour this weekend and have a new album, Light Fighter, coming out October 12th. I can't wait to own a copy of it! Curious? Click on the box below to DOWNLOAD their new single, "One Gentle Inch To Nine Violent Miles". FREE MUSIC? Thanks Thrift Store Cowboys for bringing joy to my ears.

One Gentle Inch To Nine Violent Miles - Thrift Store Cowboys

p.s. If they hit your city, you need to go see them. No Excuses



my name is lauren. said...

what a rad design. you're so talented lady!

rannie said...

great design, kelly! song: downloaded.

Kassi said...

oooh i love it, kel!
great design... i can see it on a shirt, as a necklace, a poster... i love it!


Kelli said...

This design is SO GOOD! ...would make for a great tee!

BuenoBueno said...

Lauren-Thank you for always being so uplifting. I think you are an amazing person.

WANNNIE! Thanks and dounble thanks for sharing some wisdom with me the other day. You rock.

Kassi-Thanks girl! I would love to see it printed on shirts or posters, but I think its only for itunes. I'll just have to make a cool design for bueno bueno and do whatever I like with it. Love ya!

Kelli-Thank you so much! It's always fun producing something that others can enjoy. I really wish the design was for print, but like I told Kassi, it's just for itunes right now.

MUCHO MUCHO thanks for the positive feedback. It means a lot to me.