11 September 2010


so i have been sick sick sick since last saturday. i thought it was sun poisoning bc we were out on the boat all day.
but i have no idea what i had because i had chills, fever, headaches, the runs, then sunday my cramps started and i rested all day while all my friends were at the winery:( but there was no way i could go. the thought of sun, riding in a bus and wine made me cringe. i just sat and watched life time all day going in and out of sleep. i was hungry but everything made me sick. monday we all got our stuff ready to go home and i was just really weak but not as bad as i was sat or sunday. tuesday i took it easy, it was a rainy day. i woke up wed feeling like i was hung over even though i had no alcohol in me but i managed to go to work feeling ok. it was a short day at the salon and when 7 pm rolled around i was WORSE than ever. i could barely open my eyes or walk. Jacob was gone at a gig so i called my mom, my lil sis answered and i was in tears. i needed someone to come take care of me. yes i was crying like a baby.

yes i am a whimp. my dad showed up 3 min later with immodium, he was in the area and he was going to keep me company until Jacob got home. he knew i was sick when i said he could pick the channel. a little after my dad showed up my mom came and brought me sprite and chicken noodle soup but she couldn't stay bc she had to take amy home. i am a very lucky and loved daughter. i know this.

thursday anything i ate came up-friday i had high fever and i was still very weak but my food was staying down so we looked up ecoli bc my gma was worried. maybe i had that? maybe it was the worst flu ever.
 jacob spoon fed me all my meals, rubbed my back, went on many errands for fudge popsicles, cantelope, redbox, and theraflu. i pray that when your sick you have your very own jacob to take care of you.

FINALLY SATURDAY 9 a.m. my fever broke but im not 100 percent myself yet.
P.S. i hate immodium! don't take it. i would rather have the runs than not be able to go AT ALL!

let this be a warning to all of you! take your vitamins the FLU is here! eat healthy, get your 8 hours of sleep per night. when i got sick i was on about 4 hours of sleep per night. NOT GOOD.


happy owl erin said...

hi friend,
poor thing!! you're too cute though. I had to blog about you today.

CaL said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry girl...that sounds so painful! I really hope you feel better. & I totally agree that having the runs really outweighs not being able to go at all...ouch. Take it easy & feel better pretty lady.

Kassi said...

jeez, i had no idea you were so sick! i would have been praying! glad your fever broke and that you have such an awesome family to take care of you - praying that you feel 100% better by tonight. love ya.

Jessica said...

Aw, that sounds horrible! Getting sick sucks! :(
I hope you feel better soon.

my name is lauren. said...

B! that sounds awful!

sorry you were so sick, but so glad you have a jacob (and a mom and dad!) to take care of you. i hate being sick - i turn into such a baby. and i hate immodium too. i actually heard (at a first aid/CPR certification class) that you shouldn't take it because if you have the runs that means your body is trying to get rid of something and you should let it. who knows.

glad you're starting to feel better and hopefully you just keep getting better!


love you friend!

Anna said...

that was me last week! glad you are feeling better now!

Tea and Love said...

that sounds awful!!! I hope you feel better...sounds like an amazing family and better half to take care of you.


bebe bird beck said...

Aww, that sounds horrible. :[
I'm glad youre finally feeling better though.

Lune Vintage said...

oh no! I'm sorry you were so sick. I feel for you. Get better soon baby!

BuenoBueno said...

thanks friends! sorry for the TMI!!!

Rachel Lady said...

aww :( glad you're feeling better now :) I'm a wimp when it comes to getting sick, too.

ps you rock, brandi :D

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw Brandi, what a huge huge bummer! That sounds terrible... I hope that you are feeling so much better now and you have an amazing weekend!