07 September 2010

how brandi lisenbe picks out her outfit.

messy bun with braid.
i usually start with my hair. do i have time to fix it? what can i do in a hurry but still look put together?
ahhh messy bun day?... add a side part and a braid tied around and it looks like a little more effort was done.
then i look through my closet and see what looks comfy, but will look good with my hair do...so i pick a collar shirt...my "1975 preppy surfer shirt."
hmmm what shoes will look best? what shoes would you pick?
all these lovely shoes were thrifted. 
this is one of my favorite purses. 12.99 from hollister.
all depends on the purse? this is where my A.D.D kicks in. oh the possibilities!
i love love love this bag. (thrifted) 
sorry so blurry, jacob was making me laugh. 
or should i just rock the bedhead?
oh boy! choices choices! i'm the worst at decision making! which one do you like best?


BuenoBueno said...

you look email capable to me.

Lonnie Webb said...

Number 2!! I like that one! :)

CaL said...

i like the flats & messy hair. =)

Miki's scrapbook said...

I love your thrifted bag and sandals! You've chosen a cool outfit!

You look super slim, by the way.



Meghan said...

Numero uno all the way! Love those sandals. You look fab in both, though, of course!

Caroline said...

Both outfits are great!!! I love the outfit with the shorts though ... you look comfy and stylish. Love this post! xo

Mandi said...

I love love the last outfit. Looks comfortable yet adorable. Perf.

connally said...

goodness, those are all fantastic! but i would have to say the skinny jeans with the thrifted seagull bag was my absolute pick! ♥

and super cute messy bun, but i love it when girls rock the messy second-day hair! :)

lydia. said...

the first is my fave!
but i love them both. :)


morgan said...

I love them both! but I think the first is my favorite.


Paislea Elyse said...

i adore this blog!!! i have seen your button around on numerous blogs so i decided to take a peek! and i fell in love. i'm a new follower! i hope that you'll come by and see my blog as well!!


Rachel Lady said...

I can't pick :) I like both!

JMay said...

Those shorts are rad. You could wear about anything with them, loveee!

Becca said...

Wow I love how you have so many choices! Thrifting is the best. The first pair of shoes is my favourite, with the jeans and the bedhead? It's all great.

Ashley said...

i think i'm in love... that cream thrifted bird bag is AMAZING! super cute outfits :)