11 September 2010


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this kit includes: hair resort, hair net, 8 clips, static free texture comb.
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1. take small amount of hair resort. quarter size and smooth through DAMP hair (middle to hair ends)
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make sure it's in good.
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2. blowdry throughout making sure all hair is dry. it will not work if it's not 100 % dry.
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3. take kevin murphy's static free comb and make sure there are no tangles.
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take your clips out
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4. start clipping hair like so...
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*this is a messy look so don't worry about it being perfect.
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see what i mean:)
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get the back too.
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5. put your lunch lady hair net on. this will help with fly aways!
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6. now BLOWDRY for 5 min on high.
i sat and downloaded the urban outfitters sampler #11 while i was blowdrying.
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7. after 5 min is up take off that net girl!
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8. then take out clips.
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NO you are not done!
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9. shake hair upside down and flip up. wooooooooo HEAD RUSH!
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10. i put some sea salt spray in and scrunched a little for my final touch up.
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Thanks to all the lovely models! you guys rock! and thanks to CRAFT salon for having this awesome and fun KEVIN MURPHY class! i loved it.


Batzy Shop said...

aww !
Thanks for sharing!! Im so gonna try this tomorrow!


BuenoBueno said...

ur welcome let me know how it turns out!

lula honey said...

you always have the raddest hair tutorials brandi!!

Miss Wendy said...

So I totally need this in my life, how on earth would I go about making that a reality? I'm in such a hair rut and this would be so fun to try!

Kassi said...

i pretty much have the super messy version of this look naturally but would love to buy this so that i can have the 'brushed' version. i've looked all over online about where to buy it and can't find anything... nor it's price... do you know where to get it and how much? however, i did find a great video with kevin murphy giving a tutorial similar to yours!
anywho, you look gorgeous (as always) and i would love it if you would let me know how to get the kit or at least the product...
x to the o yo!

BuenoBueno said...

it's 50 at my salon...
you can'y buy it online on the kevin murphy site?

lemme ask the rep where you can buy it in california:)

lizzie said...

so flipping cute! now i wish i didn't cut all my hair off the top... urg!

Anonymous said...


Joseph said...

Can you just give me a perm? I should get the same results right? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Mel said...

I've looked ALL over, can't find it anywhere online..maybe a local salon around here carries it? Hmm...

Kelly's Adventures said...

I'd love to get a kit too and I couldn't find it online, and I'm in California!!