27 October 2010


okay so photo 1 is what i wore today. my hair is a little flat because i was wearing a feather headband all day.
top- K&J from chicle de anya boutique.
shoes- F21
hair- DAY 3
i love this lacy tank and the lady working the dressing room, she was cra cra and kept making us laugh.
seriously i think she did crack rock. she got mad at Rannie for saying that a "REAL MULBERRY" cost way more and the lady snapped back "THIS IS A REAL MULBERRY,  I worked at LV for a long time at Neimens!" 
 no it's Mulberry for Target, but whatev's.
you know i got this top too.
ew i am glad i didn't get this black dress. it was way too long, in this photo i had folded it up to make it shorter.
MULBERRY for target. Rannie snagged the last one..so we thought, then the lady that found this one for her came up to us 30 minutes later and brought us a black shiny one too. Rannie left a happy lady with 2 new purses.
granny chic. i didn't get these but i was tempted. i have way too many sunglasses.

I also got a lace cardigan and 3 pairs of thigh highs.

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Lil Muse Lily said...

target fitting room always makes for a good fitting! ;)

Maddy said...

Target is my favorite place to shop, ever. My Target didn't have those awesome bags though! Glad you found some thigh highs!!

Awesome Alicia said...

I love your original top that you wear for the day - you look so comfy & adorable.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love all of those things you tried on, and the granny sunnies are so awesome! i actually need new sunglasses because all of mine have scratches (i'm so rough on sunglasses). the lasy at the target dressing room here is from somewhere up north, and she's kind of old, but she can be crazy like a crackhead, too!

i like getting stuff from target because they actually carry size xs and most places don't.


MJTheBossLady said...

Did they have anything CUTE for women that have soccer ball bellies? I love the lacy tank too!

Miss Haley. said...

Hahaha, I sooo have those sunglasses!
They have some just like that at American Eagle too, apparently.

Sarah said...

All so so cute!

BuenoBueno said...

actually i tried on a maternity swimsuit too beacuse it was old school. hhahaha


Ms. Megan said...

I LOVE target!! They seriously have EVERYTHING!!!! Those sunglasses are so adorable!!! I want a pair!!!
Happy hump day,

JLYoungsma said...

I feel like I LIVE in the Target dressing room!
I'm feeling that denim shirt. xo

plantmyappletree said...

I so love your faces ;-) and the white top is lovely, cute choices all together!

SomisSurferGirl said...

all of it is awesome!!!!!! i love going to target and enjoying all the amazing things they have to offer! Absolutely love all the amazing choices!

Sarah Kinsey said...

I love, love Target! It's practically the only store I shop at! Haha. :)

Jessica G. said...

Mulberry for Target...I didn't know! Wish I lived by a Target so I could get in on that action.

Oh, and I love the dressing room pics!

Lydia Marie said...

Target is my absolute favorite! I haven't been lately, I'll have to go check out those Mulberry bags. Your outfit up at the top looks super comfy, and I love those shoes!


Em-Jae said...

Yay for Target! I went today (bc my poor old mouse broke) and also bought socks and a tee -- but it was SOOO hard not to buys a ba-zillion things. WAY cute clothing right now...!

Rachael said...

Hehee! Cute outfits. All of 'em! If that's flat hair, I am super jealous. Mine looks like that only MAYBE on a good day.

Bevin Albright said...

Love it! You are so cute!

♥/Bevin @ All is Bright