25 October 2010

OMG I HEART: Gillian Zinser's Style

This is one girls style that I love, I usually don't like what girls wear on t.v. shows because it's just never my taste, too overdone, too dressed up, too blah, not Ivy's character though.  One episode of 90210 Ivy rolled up on her skateboard and Kelly looked over at my big grin and just started laughing and rolling her eyes.
She's just so cool! 
P.S. please don't judge me for watching 90210


JMay said...

Her style is FIERCE & she is the cutest thing!

P.S. 90210 is my guilty pleasure on hulu...shhhhh! ;-)

BuenoBueno said...

Jmay YES!!! i am so glad we have the same guilty pleasure! xo too bad we cant watch it together!

kelcy said...

i love her!! i really wish i could copy her style :)

CaL said...

She has amazing style!!! WOW! That's awesome! I totally wont judge for watching, but I cant say I wont giggle a bit! ;)
P.S. You need to come back out to Cali!

my name is lauren. said...

dude! she's totally your style twin! love it!

fashion trends said...

Current Gillian-obsession across the net it seems.