25 October 2010


ok so i was going to do an outfit post and now i am going to join this fun
fall fashion week!
this is one of my favorite vintage jackets because of the color and the hood. 100% leather made in argentina.
scored this baby for $9.00
unfortunately, i can't dress for FALL right now because i live in Houston and Houston still thinks it's SUMMER! Bye Bye jacket I will see you soon (hopefully)
NO WAY am I giving up my THIGH highs, especially indoors since everyone puts the  A/C at 69 degrees. Did you own a pair of these GUESS boots in middle school? I did!!! I wore them out until my mom threw them away and then last month while thrifting I found the same pair BRAND NEW for $3.00
Today at the Hospital a nurse followed me into my Grandma's room to ask me where I got these because she had a pair like these when she was 12. HAHA! She was wishing they came out again.
I need more of these Target thigh highs I wonder if they still have them. I got them a long time ago.
Do you know if Target still carries these? They are not online:(
denim shorts-RUEHL
vintage fish cuff- my friend Erica gave me this from her Grandma's stash.
key necklace- BUENO BUENO
i want black, navy, and cream colored thigh highs. Can you tell me where to look? not the thin panty hose ones but the thick sock material.
This is what we wear until December when it starts getting cold...
in my hair-HAIR.RESORT
going to be announced at midnight (in 2 hours) via twitter.
make sure i have your email address.


my name is lauren. said...

yes. target still has over the knee socks. i bought some. about a month ago. i love them. a lot.

also...there's a fabulous sock place here in portland (they sell online too) that has every sock you could ever dream to own. it's called "sock dreams". google it sucker. you'll love it. i have over-the-knee socks from them too.


p.s. i would think those boots were really ugly if i just saw them while thrifting, but on you they look genius.

BuenoBueno said...

oooh i am googling as soon as i stop THANKING YOU for the heads up!!!
i need them to cover my chicken legs!!!

i love ugly things, it's a challenge to work them into my wardrobe!

kylee said...

i would love to be in a place where you're getting weather like that. snow is not my cup of tea. and that song you posted. looooved it!

faeriewboots said...

Hey! I know someone mentioned this but I got 2 pairs of otk socks on Sockdreams.com. They have free shipping and they arrive in about 3 days!! Super awesome


TiffanyAnn Detweiler said...

You ROCK those over the knee socks! Fabulous!

leila ann said...

for realz... i live in Louisiana and its still so HOT!!! i cant wait for cooler weather. love the socks

Rachael said...

You're sooo tan! You look absolutely beachy-great. I can't believe what a great jacket that is and I hope you get to wear it (for reals) soon!

Bevin Albright said...

Love the socks! Super jealous of the tan. =D

Love, Bevin @ All is Bright

Caroline said...

Love your shoes!! You know you are simply GORGEOUS! xo

Anna said...

they still have them at our target. they are on clearance!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Yay, our leather is said to be the best one in the world ;); great purchase! And super funny pics!


rannie said...

i TOTALLY had those shoes too!!!!!!
what a great find.

Tea and Love said...

i got my knee highs from urban outfitters. theyve got all the colors you want


CaL said...

OMG you're too cute!!! So, I'm pretty sure Target still has them cause I almost bought those SAME socks & forgot & set them down somewhere in the store...duh! But yeah, you should email me...or, I'll email you, cause I'd love to do a fact/store opening post on here. You're such a peach for suggesting it. I also really want to sponsor your blog I just need to get my funds together before I commit to it. Muah!

Kassi said...

keely said it was 90 yesterday... ick!
i think you are the only one i know who could pull off those shoes with those socks - you rock it!

love the bracelet!
x to the o yo!!

Charlotte said...

love the jacket (such a great thrifting find!) and the bracelet. they look awesome together!

Rachel Lady said...

I hunted for some shoes like those today to no avail, they are quite spiffy! I love your style, Brandi :o)

Lauren said...

I know others have mentioned it, but Sock Dreams is amazing. I've ordered from them several times. I love your outfit!

Michelle (michabella) said...

SEXY WOMAN! LOVE that feather key bueno bueno necklace! Thanks for the giveaway mention <333