20 October 2010



i am upside down, HELP ME HELP ME! excuse my dumb green eco friendly phone over there.
I have been on the waiting list since the EVO's first came out.
Don't judge, i have hat hair!

no this is not a facebook pic.
i love these shoes. F21 has some great shoes:)
this brush is the BOMB!
um your using a heat protectant when you apply heat to your hair right?
holding my breath because i have been sitting way too long and I want to run around the room.
brusha brusha brusha this is foreign to my hair.
oooooh cool pic, we are sooooo creative. haha
...I got Bette Davis eyes  HAIR.
So this time i was the model because the class was full and I waited to long to sign up it.
It was super fun! I love love love  hair classes! and I love hanging out at Craft Salon. I drank iced coffee, ate cheesecake, and enjoyed learning the screen siren kit with my friends. I may be kind of annoying because it's very hard for me to sit still.

click here to see Kevin Murphy's SURFER GIRL KIT post

Have you ever used Kevin Murphy Products?
My clients are loving them!!

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if you have hair questions ask away:)


Stephanie said...

OMG I am SUCH a sucker for pre-packaged kits like this and the beach hair one. Seriously. I wish you could live in my bathroom and do my hair every morning for me- I'm too lazy. hahaha.

s a m said...

Brandi - I love the understated chic'ness of this!

one question: how did it hold up? sometimes i find soft waves just keep getting softer until there are none at all.

amylou said...

very beautiful!
i loved all of your captions.

fashion trends said...

I love playing around with my hair, but it gets frizzy and dried out pretty easily. How can I keep it in-check?

BuenoBueno said...

hey ladies thanks for the feedback :)
ok so this style held for sure and the next morning it still looked great!
and the kit gives step by step instructions.
product is a must!

Frizzy and dry hair- you may need a deep condition treatment. is your hair curly frizzy or straight frizzy?
avoid products from grocery store.
try moroccan oil for your ends. can you send me a pic?

BuenoBueno said...

Mara- i cant cut my hair:( YET

my name is lauren. said...

i love your hair (as always), but i'm seriously in love with those shoes! f21 shoes are seriously stepping it up!

come to portland! we'll eat delicious things and have lots of fun :).


chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

dang!! this looks amazing and foxy! werrrk it.

elizabeth said...

i LOVE your hair!

JMay said...

oh my gosh, I LOVE your hair with those curls. So beautiful & classy!!!

P.S. Those shoes are adorable too & At F21, who knew!